Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Easter weekend (FD)

As mentioned in Kero's post, Kero, Mam and I went to sleep down the flat Friday night. We haven't let it go yet, because we want to give a few months of us all living under the same roof to see how things go before giving up the flat. Anyway, we figured a "girls only" night would be nice, but took Kero because it would be cruel to the others to leave him with them. Why? Well, because Kero has seporation anxiety, and he has a tendancy to howl on and off the entire time I'm gone. Meaning that people prefer me to take him with me when possible.


We had some hot cross buns for lunch with everyone else. Well, I say, "everyone," but it wasn't really everyone... Kelly doesn't like them, because he doesn't like currants. But, anyway, we had the hot cross buns, then we went down the flat. Stopping in Tescos on the way to grab a couple of things we needed, and a couple of things we wanted even though we didn't really need them. Only Mam went in Tescos, Kero and I stayed in the car. Poor little guy thought we were taking him to the vet, so Mam brought him a treat to make him feel better.

When we got to the flat, I went to see Eleri and give her the treats we'd brought for her, Faye, and the dogs. It was just her and the dogs there, and Mam was making ginger cake, which she said she loved, so we invited her in for some while the dogs played together.

Since it was a nice day, we left the back door open, and the dogs ran in and out, in and out. The garden was muddy from the rain we've had recently, so the kitchen floor - and all three dogs - ended up absolutely filthy! Poppy and Kero seemed to be enjoying themselves most. They found a ball of Kero's that I'd forgotten was in the garden. Well, actually, Poppy found it. And they had a great time with it. Kero got bored first, but then he's 5 years older than Poppy (Kero turns 6 in May, Poppy turns 1 at the end of April). Any more to share about the dogs' play time will be in Kero's post on Friday.

When Eleri, Daisy and Poppy had gone, Mam made us what we're calling a "veggie's fry up." Which is basically a full English breakfast, only without the meat themed stuff. Which basically means we had fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried eggs, and beans, and the whole lot was served on toast. That was what we fancied for dinner, so that was what we had.

We then spent the evening talking and messing about. Then we had supper. Being totally honest, we did pig out a bit at supper time. We each had a small desert - mine was apple crumble, Mam's was lemon mirangue pie - and we ate some chocolate. One of the chocolate things we had was a kinder surprise egg, which we'd gotten for the fun of it. So we ended up spending a while trying to figure out how to put the toy in mine together. It was some sort of plane or spaceship type thing, and it took AGES to put together! While we worked on it, we gave Kero the little plastic egg the toy came from, but we put a small dog treat in it for him to get out of it. It took us a lot longer to put the toy together than it took him to get the treat from the egg though. LOL!

After that we had cocoa, then we went to bed.

We spent most of Saturday just lazing about. We didn't even get dressed until just before we were leaving the flat to come back to the house... We just stayed in PJs. Mam did make a veggie bake though. We ate most of it, then put the rest in a container for me to have Monday, since I wasn't having what the others were having for their dinners. She also made me a boiled egg sandwich, and there was another little lemon mirangue pie, so Mam let me eat that.

We got back to the house not long before roleplaying, and by the time that was over it was bed time.

Sunday morning, the first thing Mam, Nan and I did was sort out Easter eggs, putting everyone's chocolate stuff on their mats at the table. Then I packed mine and Kelly's tuck bags, because we were still going to the gaming club, so we needed stuff for tea time as normal. I put a little chocolate egg in each of our tucks. Mine was a proper Cadburys cream egg, Kelly's was the mint aero one, because he doesn't really like cream eggs.

I did well for chocolate. Two chocolate bunnies, a chocolate chick full of chocolate buttons, about a dozen cream eggs, two ordinary Easter eggs, and a few little sweets (caramel bunnies, mini eggs, etc). And all I've eaten of them is half an Easter egg, and 3 cream eggs.

Anyway, the rest of Sunday was a normal Sunday for me: walk the dogs with Wayne, have dinner (it's almost always a roast on a Sunday) and go to club. We were a bit earlier than normal home from club though, but that was due to tiredness rather than anything else.

Then yesterday (Monday) I woke up WAY too early. I ended up getting up at 2:30 am, so was starting to get tired when everyone else hadn't long gotten up. Elizabeth came up to see us for the morning, and we were meant to all watch "Open Season 2" only I was just too tired, so I went to sleep instead. The others watched it though. I think they were going to leave watching it because of me going to sleep, but I told them to go ahead and watch it without me. No sense them missing out on watching it just because I was tired.

I got up in time for lunch, then Mam and I went to Asda for a few things. We noticed that the Easter treats were already at reduced prices, so we grabbed ourselves a couple more things to add to our chocolate stashes, and I brought Mam a chocolate bunny, because nobody had brought her one, and she wanted one.

Then we came home, and I spent the rest of the day alternating between sorting e-mails and such, and working on the write up for the roleplaying session we had on Saturday evening. Doing the write ups doesn't usually take long, but between the fact we'd had quite a long session in which a lot had happened, and the fact I kept getting side tracked with different things I wanted to be doing, it took me until well in to the evening to finish.

So, that's my Easter weekend. Yeah, I know, not really all that exciting really. No family BBQs, no family picnics or buffets. But it works for me, and I had a good weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend! Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Intense Guy said...

It sounds like you had a nice Easter weekend, and I'm sure Kero did once he a) figured out he wasn't going to the Vet b) got to play with the dogs and run around in the garden c) got his plastic egg opened!


Deanna said...

It sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend to me. Simple and chocolate just go together.


Toriz said...

Yes, I'm sure he did. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Thanks for sorting his photos for me!

Absolutely! :)

AliceKay said...

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate....and lemon meringue pie. mmm mmm mmm Who could ask for a better weekend? :)

MarmiteToasty said...

ps...... Im making hotcross buns this morning :)


Toriz said...


Is it too late to come and have some?