Monday, May 10, 2010

Animal mating ground (PTMI)

My Dad told me that when he came down to the flat with Mam one time during the time we were at their house, there were two frogs mating in the drain in our back garden.

Eleri told me that there were two huge spiders mating on our window sill a couple of weeks back.

And - despite the fact he's been neutered since he was 7 months old - Kero thinks the garden is a good place to try and mate with Daisy and Poppy (he's not fussy about which of them he tries).

Hmmm... When did our home turn in to an animal mating ground?


Intense Guy said...

LMAO. Its probably always been that way - but prehaps they were just more discrete about it.

Whew! The things they do in public these days!

AliceKay said...


Love it!

Toriz said...

Yeah, that must be it. ;)