Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (FD)

It was a bit cooler Tuesday than it has been recently, then, yesterday (Wednesday) it started to rain in the afternoon. It didn't rain long though, and I'm not complaining. There's nothing wrong with rain. Anyway, it has so far been dry today, and it's a cool day. Not cold, but cool... I think around 12C (56F).

Kelly went shopping Tuesday while I did some chores around the house. Then I took Kero for his walk. An Iceland opened in town back in February, and he went there. It's a great place, because prices tend to be quite low, and if you spend more than £25 then they deliver your shopping for free. So, he did what he could of the shopping there, then got what he couldn't get in Iceland in other places... Like Tescos. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning it is that he did spend more than £25 in Iceland, so they were bringing our shopping between 3 and 5 pm. Which worked out well for me, because they showed up while I was just fiddling online setting up a couple of blog posts with some photos that Iggy very kindly sorted for me recently. One of them being yesterday's post. So, after the shopping came we had dinner, then I made sure I was caught up on blogs and e-mails, then went to watch some TV. After a couple of hours of watching TV, I went to bed.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had dentist appointments, I went in first, so when I was done Mam and I went for a walk up the road a bit to take a look at the shops. There aren't many shops near the dentist, but we found a cafe/bakery that had a pretty decent variety of vegetarian foods. It was lunch time, and we were hungry, so Mam brought us a piece of cheese and broccoli quiche each. Then we went back to stand by the car to eat it. When we were done we went to find a bin for the rubbish, and had not long gotten back to the car when Dad and Kelly showed up. So, they took us home, and picked up Wayne (who was looking after Kero for us). I did go to put the laundry out to dry, but it was about then it started showing signs that rain was coming, so I put the clothes on the airer inside instead. Good thing I did, since the rain came soon after.

After putting the laundry up, I had a bowl of berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries) then did the rounds on the blogs.

Soon after dinner Kelly went to the Swansea club with my Dad, leaving me and Kero home alone for the evening. I decided I had no intension of doing anything other than spending a quiet evening relaxing. So, that's exactly what I did.

And today?

I got up around 7:00 am.
Let Kero out in the yard.
Had breakfast.
Got washed and dressed.
Got Kelly up.
Grabbed the now dry laundry off the airer.
Did a bit of tidying up around the house.
Washed the breakfast dishes.
Checked some blogs while Kelly went up the road.
Fed Kero.
Walked Kero.
Helped Kelly order something he wants with some of the money I gave him for our anniversary.
Finally got around to having my cup of nettle tea.
Checked the rest of the blogs.
Sent Kelly out to the ice-cream man so Kero and I could have an ice-cream each.
Ate my ice-cream while holding Kero's for him to eat.

And am now working on this post.

My plans for the rest of the day are:

Have lunch.
Wash lunch dishes.
Put away the laundry I didn't finish putting away earlier, because I got side-tracked.
Clear out the dead plants I haven't gotten around to clearing from my attempt at growing stuff last year.
Finish sorting the couple of boxes that never got properly unpacked before.
Have dinner.
Organize the recipes on Dad's forum, like he asked me to do.
Watch some TV while working on knitting.
Have my milky drink, and maybe a bit of supper, if I'm hungry.
Go to bed.

Whether that's exactly how the day will go or not remains to be seen. But that's the plan. :)


Intense Guy said...

Just writing that list of things you are to do today would have taken me a good half hour!!

So many odds and ends! Your cooler sounds delicious - and just the right kind for Kero Walkies!

Deanna said...

I need to begin planning out my days like you do, rather than just let everything happen.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

AliceKay said...

I'm tired out. Karen and Ryan drove in just as I was getting home from work, and they just left here a short time ago. I need a nap. LOL

I hope you accomplished what you had planned for today. If not, there's always tomorrow. :)

It's 88F and hot on my front porch as the moment. We have clouds of pollen blowing off our pine trees but hopefully rain will come soon and wash some of it away. We're under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9PM EDT. (we need the rain but not the thunderstorms)

Rita said...

Isn't it funny how fast the days can go by! Sounds like nice days to me. What is an airer, BTW? Is it like the tumble dryers we have in the states? I'd love to see a picture. Hope you got your things done on your list. :)

Toriz said...

Yep, it was perfect weather for walks. :)

Plans are good, but be warned, they don't always work out.

Sounds like a hot and busy day. Thunder storms are nice. :)

It's a sort of frame thing for hanging clothes up to dry on... I'll get a photo for you as soon as I can.

Rita said...

Sounds like it could be like the wooden folding drying wrack my grandma had! ?? I can hardly wait to see a picture. Such a VERY practical thing that we don't see around here anymore. Well, maybe could find them on the web someplace, I'm sure. You can find just about anything online--hehe! ;)

Toriz said...

You used to be able to get wooden ones here too. I don't know if you can now, but you might be able to. I know they still do the plastic ones. Mine's metal though.