Saturday, May 01, 2010

Starting May with a catchup post (LBE & FD)

It's May already, can you believe it? Most of this year seems to have just gone by in a blur! Anyway, enough of that, I promised you a catchup type post today, so that's what you're going to get.

Ready? OK!

I'll start with last Saturday evening, and go from there...

After I got done doing the post I did Saturday, I went and had dinner. Then Wayne and I watched Futurama, after which Kelly and I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. Once that was over, Wayne and I sat watching The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody while waiting for Dad to be ready for Wayne, Dad, Kelly and myself to watch a movie together. I wont review it right now though, because I have the review scheduled for another day. By the time that was over, it was bed time.

Sunday morning I made mine and Kelly's tucks for club. I always make up tucks for us, because of how long we usually end up there. Usually it's some sort of sandwich, some fruit, some kind of snack (be it a chocolate bar, some nuts, a piece of cake, or whatever), some kind of yogurt, and plenty of drink.

Then I sat outside with the dogs for a while, walked the dogs with Wayne, and got all I could of the rest of our stuff packed up. I also made sure all our laundry was clean so we could take it with us Monday. Oh, and I watched another movie, but this time just with Wayne (well, Dad came and watched bits from time to time, but you can hardly say he watched it when he saw maybe 10 minutes of the whole film). There's a review of that movie to come soon too.

Sunday afternoon was club. We had a good turn out last Sunday. Well, good compared to recent weeks. There were seven of us at the club. Poor attendance considering the number of members, but good considering the number of regulars the club has. Anyway, I spent the afternoon working on some of the stuff ready for the roleplaying campaign I'll be running, then we had a roleplaying session in the evening. It's Star Wars that's being played right now. I was a wookie in the campaign we originally started, but we changed because of getting access to newer and better rules, so now I'm a human jedi... With a purple light sabre, of course. :)

By the time we got home on Sunday it was time for bed. I didn't sleep much though, because I kept thinking about all the things I still needed to get sorted. The result was that both Kelly and I were up by around 7:00 am. No problem though, because it then meant I was able to get our clothes from Sunday washed and dried to take home with us too. Most of Monday morning ended up spent making sure we had everything, loading the car, driving to the flat, and then unloading the car again. Then Mam, Dad and Kelly went to do the shopping, while Kero went around the garden marking his territory, and I started putting stuff away.

In the evening I started trying to sort the internet. But you know how that turned out (if you don't, see Thursday's post).

On Tuesday, Kelly went back up town to get the bits that had been forgotten in the shopping, and I bathed Kero (as you probably know from his post, if you read it). Once Kelly was back I could make up the homemade trail mix type snack I planned to make myself. It contains:

Yogurt covered raisins
yogurt covered strawberries
Yogurt covered raspberries
Chopped mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, and I can't remember now which other nut is in the pack I buy)
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds

I did also want other dried fruits in there, but either there were none in the shop, or Kelly couldn't find them. It doesn't matter though, there are plenty of things in there anyway.

There were extra peanuts and raisins left after making up the mix in quantities I wanted, so I made a small peanut and raisin mix too. I've eaten that now though.

Tuesday afternoon we had the "new or returning patient" appointment at our doctors' surgery. It was what I thought it would be. You know? "What are you taking? And why?" "Has anything changed in the past couple of months?" Etc, etc. While we were there I ordered the pills I needed more of. They were meant to be ready to pick up on Wednesday, but when Mam went to grab them for me Thursday they STILL hadn't been even ordered. So, she put the order in for me. In theory, I should be able to pick them up on Monday... I said, in theory!

Anyway, when we got home it was dinner time. Kelly has been cooking, which is fine by me, since I only like to cook when I feel like it, not every day. He made me cauliflower cheese with potatoes and green beans on Tuesday. I don't remember what he had, but you can bet it wasn't that.

After dinner I washed the dishes, then tried to see if I could persuade the wireless internet to work. Like I said, you know how that turned out. So, I went to bed to listen to an audiobook instead. Yes, there's a review for that coming soon too.

On Wednesday, I got caught up on laundry. I had done some on Tuesday, but I'm sure you all know how long it doesn't take for laundry to pile up again. LOL! Anyway, I did that, unpacked some stuff - decluttering as I went - and then sorted out the veg for Wednesday's dinner. I did enough for Wednesday and Thursday, since I figured it would be easier. For one thing, with only two to cook for, it works out easier to just cook for two days when doing a roast dinner. For another thing, with the guy coming for the internet "any time between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm" I didn't know what time I'd have Thursday, since I also wanted to get caught up on everything Thursday if I could. Anyway, after dinner I did the dishes.

Kelly goes to another gaming club wih my Dad some Wednesdays, but I don't go to that one. This week was one of the weeks for him to go, so I took the oppertunity for a nice, long, bubbly bath. Then I ate some apple crumble, and finished listening to the audiobook mentioned for Tuesday. After that, I went to sleep.

I got up around 7:45 am Thursday morning. Yeah, the one morning I'm sleeping until a decent time, and what happens? Well, I could have done with being up earlier, that's what! When the guy phoned to say he was on his way at 8:10 am, I was eating breakfast. Luckily, I was dressed, etc, I just hadn't had time to sort stuff like eating breakfast, washing breakfast dishes, putting laundry on, etc. So, I did what I could quickly before he showed up, then finished up when he went off to sort the problem their end. So, by the time he came back, I even had my cup of herbal tea made, and was working on drinking it.

After the guy left properly, I spent several hours getting caught up with stuff online. I stopped for dinner, and to talk to Mam a bit when she came to drop of the Sky box, but other than that I was working on catching up well in to the evening. Including sending the photos to Iggy to be sorted (thanks again, Iggy!)

I then went and ordered a figure to represent my character in the Star Wars roleplaying campaign. After which I went and started listening to another audiobook.

It was raining most of Thursday and Friday. It had been lovely and sunny until then - apart from a sudden, though short, downpour on Sunday - but it suddenly went from shorts and t-shirt weather, to jacket and wellies weather. Ah! Welcome to Wales, and the joys of Welsh weather! ;)

Anyway, on Friday (that would be yesterday) I got some more stuff unpacked and sorted, walked Kero, made sure Kero's post was sorted, sorted blogs and e-mails, and did some fiddling on my blog. You may - or may not - have noticed that the links that were on a links page, are now on the sidebar of my blog. The links page no longer exists. I also set up the reviews for the movies and the audiobook I watched and listened to recently.

Then I went to bed, and listened to more of the audiobook. I've finished it, but not sorted out a review yet.

Today (Saturday) I finished getting the stuff on my blog sorted (hadn't finished moving all the links). While I was doing that, my Star Wars figure arrived. The light sabre apparently looked purple in the picture, but it is actually blue. No worries though, because Kelly painted it purple for me. :)

Other than doing the rounds on the forum and the blogs, I haven't done anything else today, really. Oh, no, wait, I have. I ordered some more units for my Monsterpocalypse army, because you're officially meant to play with 15 or more, and I have four (12 when the ones I've so far brought arrive). I still need to get another booster pack to make up the others I need, but for now the 12 will have to do, since the Star Wars figure and the two booster packs of Monsterpocalypse units (4 units come in each booster pack) used what spare money I had for things like that this month. Next month I'll get the other booster pack.

So, there you go. That's you basically caught up. Oh, and - if you're interested - it's one of those "I can't decide if it's going to be wet or dry" type days today. One of those days where you just start to think you can put washing on the line, then it rains some more. So, I decided not to bother trying, and our washing is on the indoor airer instead. No, I don't own a tumble dryer. And, no, I don't plan to get one. I'd rather stick to using the indoor airer. Replacing the dryer with an indoor airer when it died was my choice, and I don't plan on changing my mind any time soon.

Anyway, hope you're having a good weekend so far. Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)


P.S. Happy birthday to Mam's good friend Emma, who has her birthday today. I hope your hubby and your three boys spoil you. :)

P.P.S. Happy May Day/Beltane to all! Today marks the official start of Summer in the old Celtic calender, so, welcome to Summer! *Notices its raining again* Erm... Sort of!


Deanna said...

That was quite a catch up post. Hope you are all settled in. Will wait patiently for the movie reviews.


Toriz said...

Well, I could have made it longer if I'd been more detailed. ;)

We're just trying to sort ourselves out in to some kind of routine. A task that would be simpler if this week wasn't filled with appointments of various kinds. The following week things should start to calm down a bit though, so I'm sure we can start working on the settling in to a routine ting then.

Toriz said...

*ting = thing. But you probably got that. LOL!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad the move back to the flat went okay. Moving from one place to another is a chore. I hope you'll get back in a routine soon. I think most of us need routine in our lives. (i know i do)

We've had some crazy weather here, too. It's been in the low 30sF when we get up in the morning, and then Tuesday and Wednesday we had snow/sleet/hail/rain mixed. Would you believe that today it's mid 80sF with sunshine and clouds? We have thunderstorms heading our way, though. There's a lot of bad weather to my west and south.

Toriz said...

Now that's what I call crazy weather!

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like you are now ready to "get comfy" at home... A guess a week's time for moving isn't that bad really.

I'm glad it went more or less smoothly. There always seems to be a hickup somewhere doesn't there?

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement with Iggy*

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow that was a lot of writing to do, how are your fingers?! I have arthritis in my hands, so inherited, so mine ache after awhile!
I was so glad you explained mostly what a tuck was, I was lost at first, I was thinking...another name for sandwich maybe? LOL!

That is a cool sounding trail mix, I had no idea they even had yogurt covered raspberries! And what IS cauliflower cheese?

Toriz said...

Nah, my hands are fine. But then, I don't suffer with arthritis or anything. Thankfully!

A "tuck" - as you probably figured from my describing the usual contents - is a packed lunch. I did wonder if those not from the UK would know what it was, which is basically why I gave info. I used "tuck" though, because I don't think it's appropriate to say "lunch" when you're eating it somewhere between tea time and supper time. LOL!

Cauliflower cheese is basically cauliflower in cheese sauce.

Toriz said...

Oh, and as for the yogurt covered fruit...

I know you can get strawberries, raspberries, raisins, blackcurrants, and cranberries. I've also seen mixed fruit packs with some of the fruit yogurt covered, and I think they had goosberries (not sure if I spelled that right), blueberries, and something else yogurt covered in them... Possibly mango? Anyway, you can also get some fruits chocolate covered. For example, raisins, strawberries, goosberries, blueberries, and probably others, but not that I've tasted yet.