Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 craft update: Giveaway and new projects

OK, it's time for June 2010's craft update.

I've finally finished the items for the handmade giveaway thing. I had hoped to do more, but with how long it's taken me to make this many items I'm going to have to just leave it at that. I plan on posting them soon, but want to post them all at the same time, and I'm waiting for the address from the only person who signed up who I don't have a mailing address for. I want to give that person a little longer to respond, but if I don't get a response soon then I will go ahead and send everyone else their packages. So, it shouldn't be much longer before those of you who signed up to the handmade giveaway thing get your stuff.

I've also made a start on making some baby toys ready for Christmas for baby Emma and little Michael. And, once I've made those, I will be making a start on other Christmas presents I want to make to give as gifts so that I can get them done in plenty of time to get them to the people who wont be with me over Christmas, but who I want to give handmade gifts to.

So, there you go, that's this month's craft update.


Intense Guy said...

My goodness. It's July already... Christmas is around the corner.

:) I hope you enjoy making the baby gift craft items.

AliceKay said...

I bet whoever you send your crafts to for the handmade giveaway will enjoy them. They come from the heart, and that's the most important thing (in my opinion).

I had to laugh at what Iggy said about Christmas. There was something on the TV or radio the other day that mentioned Christmas was "only" 6 months away. :)

I hope you're having a great Wednesday. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Iggy and AK:
Christmas is six months away, which is a long time. But when you want to make handmade items to give as gifts - especially when you want to do so for several people - you do need to start early.

Rita said...

You've been really busy! I'll be waiting to see the pictures.

I was just thinking about needing to get started on Christmas cards, so I know what you mean. When you make them by hand you need to start early. ;)

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement with Rita*