Thursday, September 02, 2010

The story of Jayde and Lucy

Tomorrow (September 3rd) marks the 5th birthday of two little dogs who are very, very special to me. One is Jayde Bramblerose, the other is Lucy Blackthorn.

The stories of both are intertwined, though different.

Jayde was to be my dog. She was promised to me as a 21st birthday present before she was even born. I had pick of the litter, and fell in love with Jayde. She was named before she was even born. As soon as she was old enough, she came to live with me. She got on well with Kero and my cats, and was a really sweet, intelligent little puppy.

Lucy is her littermate. Lucy was sold to my next door neighbour, but the neighbour decided not to keep her. I wont go in to details, but the result was that we brought Lucy off her, and had both of them. Lucy was very quiet, very sweet, and very smart... In every aspect other than "potty training" anyway. She was one of those dogs that people would have to see to know she even existed, because I think I heard her bark maybe once in the entire time I had regular contact with her (so from birth to almost 6 months).

I had permission to have two dogs in my property. But I'd ended up with three. I did plan to inform the relevant department - as was procedure where I lived at the time - and explain the circumstances which led me to have a third dog, but we got Lucy right on top of Christmas, so I hadn't had a chance, so someone got there before me, and - I suppose assuming I was making the story up to cover my tracks - I was told I had a choice. Voluntarily get rid of both puppies, but get to keep Kero. Or give up all three dogs by force. Both puppies was so there was no way I could secretly keep one and only take one out with me at a time, I assume. I'd almost lost Kero once, I wasn't going to risk that again. So, I rehomed my girls.

Jayde already had an admirer who had asked for her if for any reason I couldn't keep her any longer. My Grandma. So I immediately made arrangements for Jayde to go and live with my Grandma. As far as I'm aware, she's still there now. Though since I haven't spoken to my Grandma in over a year... *Sigh*... Although, I expect she would have at least told my Nan if anything had happened to Jayde. So, I'm going with the option that Jayde is still living a very happy life with my GRandma, where she is absolutely adored, and spoiled rotten. Just like she would have been if she'd been able to stay with me.

Lucy went to live with a friend of a friend. The person had wanted a new dog after the loss of their old one, and the depression it caused her, so it seemed like a good option for Lucy. It turned out that it was a good option for both of them. Lucy was just what the woman needed to help with her depression, and Lucy is now living a more pampered life than she would have even gotten from me. I last had an update on Lucy about a month ago, and she seemed to be having a wonderfully happy life with her new family.

I miss the girls, but I know they are being well looked after. My only regret?

Lucy was meant to be leaving the evening of the day I was coming home after handing Jayde over to my Grandma. I had gone there by train, and stayed for a couple of days to settle Jayde in. I was due to arrive home around 5:30 pm, or just before, and Lucy was due to be picked up about an hour or so later. Only... When I spoke to my Mam just before getting on the train to go home, I discovered that Lucy had already been picked up by her new humans. I never got to say goodbye to Lucy properly. And I haven't seen her since (though I do get updates on her from time to time).


Happy birthday for tomorrow, Jayde and Lucy!


AliceKay said...

Pet separation of any kind is hard. I think you made the right choice, but I know it must have been hard on you. I hope both Jayde and Lucy are having fun, running and playing, just as they would have with you and Kero.

Hugs to you today and a happy birthday to Jayde and Lucy tomorrow.

Toriz said...

Thanks AK.

Deanna said...

Awwwww, I am so sorry you weren't able to keep Jayde and Lucy. They are very sweet looking dogs. AT least you know they are in good homes and loved. But I know it was still very difficult to see them go.

Intense Guy said...

Happy birthday to Jayde and Lucy. If I had a candle and a birthday wish to make - I would wish your Nanna would call and tell you how Jayde (and herself) was and how they missed you.

Toriz said...

Thanks Deanna and Iggy!