Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ever tried pushing a pram and leading a dog at the same time? How about doing those things when you can't see where you're going?

Actually, as it turns out it's not all that difficult to do. Seriously. I just did it, and I can't have done too badly, because Emma-Jane is so sound asleep that she didn't even wake up when Kero went mental because someone walked near the pram when we were heading back home. Bearing in mind that was almost half an hour ago, and she's still sound asleep in the pram a few feet away from me.

I'm babysitting her for the day today.


Intense Guy said...


So Kero is protecting his human cub?

I'm glad you are enjoying having the little one about - I bet Emma Jane sleeps so well knowing she is safe and secure and well-minded.


AliceKay said...

Emma-Jane sounds like a good little baby, and you sound like a very good babysitter. Kero was being Kero...protecting his humans the way he knows how.

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)

Toriz said...

Iggy and AK:
Yep, Kero was protecting her alright. He might not be 100% sure what she is, but he definately knows she needs to be protected.

She's a good baby. She woke up just after I finished writing this post, and then - after food, play time and a change, went back to sleep.

Rita said...

Oh, that Kero is a good dog! :):)
Emma-Jane sounds like such a contented little one. But, Kero is right, she needs protecting. And you two are just the pair to do it. ;) What a great day!!

Toriz said...

Yeah, she's a really happy little baby. Sleeps really well, and is laughing and smiling most of the time when awake. Even now with her teeth coming through.

Yeah, between the two of us she'll be very well protected.

Karen said...

I would just like to say well done honey. you did really well and to master pushing the pram as well as walking Kero fantastic I'm so proud of you xx Emma seemed to of enjoyed her day and was in bed sleeping by 7 pm (our time).
Thank you very much for showing me how to get around some obsticles xxx

Toriz said...

No problem. I enjoyed having her. :)