Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Before and after bathroom photos

And here are the before and after bathroom photos.

First, the before photos.

Now the after photos.

If you noticed the absence of the cabinet in the after photos, then that's because it isn't actually up at the moment. It's waiting to be put back up, but there's no point putting it back up just to take it down again to do the paint work, hence it not being up yet. There's not much paint work to do in the bathroom mind, since most of it is tiles. The wall to the right of the sink needs to be painted though, and the cabinets will have to go up on that wall, since where they were the shower is now, so they can't exactly go back there. And it's because of the shower needing to go there that they were taken down in the first place (we only had a bath before), now we have a bath with a shower over it... Considered posh over here, since - until recently - most places only had one or the other (either just a bath, or just a shower) not both.

The toilet is seporate from the other bathroom stuff, though right next door to it.

We did get a new floor in there and a new toilet and toilet seat, but it doesn't really look any different, and wont until we do the repainting work. As with the kitchen, I'm not 100% sure when the painting will happen. I'm hoping the bathroom painting gets done reasonably soon though, because I would like to be able to put the cabinets back up, because then I can put the shampoo and other things back in the cabinets where they belong.

At some point soon - well, soon-ish, I guess - I will get you the "before" photos for the other rooms. There wont be any "after" photos until the paint work is done with those though, since the only big changes are extra sockets - which aren't easy to see in photos anyway - and the new fire and fireplace, which I posted a photo of back in August (the first Wednesday, I think it was) so I wont post that again until doing the "after" photos when the painting is done... Whenever that ends up being!


Intense Guy said...

Oops. Sometime soon-ish I better email you the rest of the before pictures!

The bathroom tile looks really nice - a natural looking green swirl. I like it a lot!

AliceKay said...

Yes, the bathroom tile does look nice in there. I hope the painting gets done soon so you can get your cabinet back up and put your things where they belong.

Looking good! :)

Rita said...

How totally posh!! Really looks nice, but I'm sure you miss your cabinet. So nice to have windows in the bathroom. Thanks for posting these and thanks to Iggy for sorting them for you. :):)

Deanna said...

What nice updates! I hope you are enjoying all of the newness of everything.

Toriz said...

Yeah... When you have time. And thanks for sorting these photos! :)

Thanks... Glad you like it.

Yeah, Iggy's a star!

And, yeah, I do miss my cabinets.

Glad you like it. :)