Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fluffy socks and gaming club

If how much the temperature seems to have dropped lately is any indication we're in for quite a harsh Winter again this year. Even the sunny days over these past couple of weeks have been quite chilly, and Saturday evening we actually put the electric fire on for a bit because it was so cold once the sun went down. OK, we only had it on for a bit to take the chill out of the air, but I'm sure you get the point. And - as suggested by the title of this post - I've already had to break out some of my fluffy socks.


I didn't go to club on Sunday, because I didn't want to. I don't plan to go this coming Sunday either. As much as I've been enjoying playing the games, I feel that I need a break. Besides, I could do with those extra few hours to work on craft stuff. And a little "me time" is always a good thing. Especially for those of us who enjoy alone time and aren't generally quite as eager as others to be in noisy social groups. I don't know how long I'm not going to club for. Until I feel like going again, I guess. And I don't know what brought this on. My best guess though would be a case of my feeling that so much has been going on lately that I just need some time out... Some me time.

That's the extent of stuff worth mentioning from this end. Yeah, I lead a really exciting life... Not! But, being honest with you, with all the stuff going on recently with club and home renovations, I'm actually extremely glad of the calmer routine of the past week.


Rita said...

Oh I totally get needing the "me" time! I have always needed solitary time to regroup and recharge ever since I can remember. But then most of what I enjoy doing are solitary pursuits, too--like writing, reading, crafts, painting...and I used to do sewing, crewel embroidery, hand-painted ceramics, etc. Of course, I get TONS of alone time now, but back when I was married and working and such--if I had been running too much for too long I felt all off kilter and would get out of sorts if I didn't have some down time--alone time. In my experience, people who don't enjoy time alone, don't really get it--don't understand how you don't feel lonely.

Enjoy your alone time! Recharge, relax, reboot, regroup! Create, have fun, and you'll go back to gaming when you feel like it. Gaming should be fun. When it gets to feel like a chore, then you need a break. Soak up all that calmness and quiet, Lady!! :):):)

Intense Guy said...

Some quiet time sounds like a good idea. I would think depending on your ears like you do - some quiet would be bliss.

I'm sure you will feel like swinging the battle axe, magic wand, riding the dinosaurs and watching the fire breathing dragons again soon -


AliceKay said...

I hope you enjoy your "me time". We all need a little quiet "me time" once in awhile or else we would go a little nuts. Speaking for myself, of course. :)


Toriz said...

Most of my hobbies are solitary hobbies too.

Yeah, sometimes too many noises give me a headache.

Yes, we all need some, "me," time.