Friday, September 24, 2010

Kero's korner: nicknames

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

I'm really sorry that my post for this week is so late today, but the ending part of this week has been rather hectic, so it's only now that Mami and I are getting near the computer. Anyway, Gwydion was talking about nicknames on Sunday, so I thought that I would share my list of nicknames too. So, here is the list of names and nicknames I'm known by:

Castellan Keroberous
Kero B
Kero Dog
Cubby Dog
Cubby Boy
Cubby Puppy
Big Tough Polar Bear
Polar Bear Pup
Mama's Polar Bear
Mami's Little Arctic Fox
Tubby Dog
Tubby Cubby
Angel Dog
Angel Pup
Angel Cub
Angel Boy
Mami's Little Angel
Precious Boy
Puppy Cubs
Mr Bark Bark Doggy
Mr Bark Bark
Mr Noisy
Noisy Buggar
Keroberous, Guardian Westie
Terror Of A Terrier
Trouble With A Capital K
Kero, Mamgu's Hero
Kero, Mami's Hero
Kero The Hero
Fluffy Boy
Silly Cubby
Nutty Puppy
Handsome Boy
Handsome Man
Gorgeous Boy
Cute Cubby Puppy
Mami's Boy
Mami's Little Baby
West Highland White Terror
Waggy Tail Puppy
Mami's Little Sunshine
The Dog
The Little Man
Baby Boy
Darling Boy
Honey Cubs
Honey Pup
Sir Barks Alot
Mouthy Buggar
Mucky Pup
Hyper Hound
Hyper Doggy
Happy Puppy

I also think "Damnit" might be another name for me, since it's not unusual for Mami, Dadi or Mamgu to shout, "shut up, Damnit," and "do as your told, Damnit," or sometimes "get in here, Damnit," when I'm not shutting up or listening to them, or am refusing to come indoors.

I think I got all my nicknames written down, but I have so many of them that it's perfectly possible that I forgot at least one of them. And, yes, I do answer to all of them. Well, when I want to answer, anyway, since I often just ignore humans when they call me. I mean, I can't help it if I'm really in to something I'm sniffing or chewing on, can I?

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

I left a comment a minute ago. Service unavailable ate it. :\

Rita said...

I am thoroughly jealous that you have so many more names than I do!
Love, Karma

AliceKay said...

Will try a comment for this entry again....

That's a very long list of nicknames, Kero. And by the way, I think we've all been called that last one at least once in our lives. LOL

Deanna said...

Wow that is quite a list of nic names!

My daughter, Julie, always thought her nic name was "little shit" because that is what her grandpa always called her.

Intense Guy said...

Holy cows! That is quite a list of names!! I think there are a lot of dogs (and People) named Dammit - it must be a popular one.

Which name do you prefer though?

Keroberous, Guardian Westie is a mouthful - your poor humans would ear out there tongues if they had to use that one.

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Sorry you had so much trouble with commenting. My Mami has had trouble with Blogger lately too.

Anyway, yeah... It is quite a long list, isn't it?

I don't know... Your Mami probably has lots of nicknames for you too.

What an unusual nickname for your daughter to have.

I quite like being called a polar bear, because they are huge, powerful hunters. But I think my favourite nickname is "Cubby"... Which is actually the one used most by the humans.

Licks and sniffs,