Wednesday, November 03, 2010

100 greatest toys

Channel 4 (one of the main TV channels over here, for anyone who doesn't know) are doing a show on the 10 most popular toys. They've given a list of 100 toys to choose from, and people get to vote on which 10 of those are their most favourite. If you want the chance to have your say, go here and vote for your 10 favourite toys from the list. Your absolute favourites might not be there, but I'm sure you can manage to find 10 toys you loved - and, perhaps, still love - among the 100 toys from the list they've made.


AliceKay said...

There are lots of memorable toys on that list. I'll have to go check out that page again when I have more time. :)

Rita said...

I voted, but I am older--hehe! My favorites we things like Tiny Tears, Etch a Sketch, PlayDo, etc. That was fun! Now you'll have to tell us what the winners are. :)

Toriz said...

No problem! :)

There's nothing wrong with those toys! :)

Will try to remember to post when I know the winners.

Intense Guy said...

Mouse Trap Game
Mr Potato Head
Lego (and Lincoln Logs)
Yo Yo

:) I'm not sure I could pick a favorite...

Toriz said...

Great choices, Iggy! :)