Friday, November 12, 2010

Furkid Friday: "fire works" and a "punk-kin"

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

Well, Kero told you last week about the really scary "fire work" things that have been happening almost all the time lately. So I don't have to. I will say one thing though... They're still happening, we're still both scared, but for some reason the humans - Mami especially - are loving them. Is that a common human thing? Or, do we just have weird humans? Us furbabies definately don't do those "fire work" things!


Almost two weeks ago Kero and I met this orange ball thing that the humans say is called a "ppunk-kin" (or something like that). The humans took photos of us with it for some reason (not that I blame them, since we're really cute, and everyone should want to take photos of us). And here are the photos. First me with the "punk-kin" then Kero...

There's not really anything else to say. So, I'll let this do for today.

Squeak soon,


AliceKay said...

Gwydion, you'll find that humans do a lot of strange things that will make you wonder. Fireworks and punk-ins are just two of those things. LOL

Cute pics of you and Kero. Enjoy the coming week.

Rita said...

I agree. Humans make no sense part of the time. Glad the pumpkin didn't move or anything (kind of looks like it could), but I wish the fireworks would stop so you and Kero aren't being scared anymore. Fireworks are awful! I have humans on the roof making lots of noise. I am exhausted.
Love, Karma

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...


Glad it's not just Kero and I confused about humans.

I hope you get some decent sleep soon. That must be awful for you not getting all your beauty sleep in!

Squeak soon,

Intense Guy said...


Too cute!

I bet Kero was wondering what the heck!! Is it a ball? can I play with it?? it smells funny (for a ball)

Not sure what Gwyddy would make of it - did he sample a bit of it? I'm sure he'd taste test it to see if he'd like it.

Toriz said...

Kero said...
That punk-kin thing is weird. Is it a ball? I don't know! But it smells funny, it tastes funny, and it looks funny!

Licks and sniffs,

Gwydion said...
It was so scary! It looked at me... I figured not moving was safest... Maybe then it would keep back and not attack?

Squeak soon,