Monday, December 27, 2010

Advent calender contents (FD)

It's always fun finding out what chocolate shapes will be hidden behind the door of your advent calender each day. Will it be a Christmas tree? A candle? A bell? An angel? A rocking horse? Perhaps a snowflake? You don't know until you find your little door, get it open, and pull out the little chocolate shape. For some reason I always wonder about listing what I have in my advent calender as I'm counting down to Christmas. Well, this year I actually made that list, so, just for the fun of it, here's the list of what chocolate shapes my advent calender contained - in order - this year:

Christmas tree
Toy Soldier
Bird (Robin?)
Rocking Horse

Candy cane
Santa hat
Walrus wearing Christmasy scarf type thing (at least, that's what it looked like to us)
Christmas stocking
Christmas reef
Teddy bear
Father Christmas
Christmas present
Gingerbread man
Moon and stars
The Christmas Star
Holly with berries

I was lucky enough to get an advent calender that included Christmas day this year (not all of them do include Christmas day. Some do, but many don't... Some even go until New Year's day, but very few do that). I'm pointing this out for the benifit of anyone who may have counted the number of items in the list and noticed there were 25 chocolate shapes in the above list rather than the 24 there would have been with most advent calenders.


Rita said...

That's a lot of chocolate shapes! I bet they all taste the same, tho--yummy! ;)

AliceKay said...

One question...are they all the same size piece of chocolate?

Intense Guy said...

I think they had 25 items on this years calendar so they could slip in and unload the "Walrus wearing Christmasy scarf type thing"


:) Just teasing ya.

Deanna said...

Ok dear, now I need a chocolate fix! I hope you get one that goes through New Year's next year!

Toriz said...

Yeah, they all tasted the same... Very nice! ;)

Yes, Sometimes you can get calenders with different sized pieces, but the ones I usually get usually have pieces at least almost the same size. At most there's a milimeter or so size difference, kind of thing.

LOL! Maybe. ;)

Hope you got your chocolate fix.