Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow photos from last Friday

As I mentioned in passing in comments and posts recently, we got some proper snow on Friday. We didn't really get a lot of snow, but we got enough so that those of us who enjoy playing in the snow - basically, the local kids and I - could have fun with it, without it stopping the not-so-snow-loving people from getting to wherever they have to get to. Anyway, I took these photos out of the front window not long after it started snowing:

Shortly afterwards I took these photos:

We didn't get much more snow after that, but it's definately hanging around. There's still snow and ice all over the place. And the temperatures are still extremely low, with predictions of more snow in the not too distant future. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in my family who's pleased about the predictions of more snow mind you. LOL!


AliceKay said...

Yep, that sure looks like snow to me. (keep it over there) LOL

We had flurries in the air again today. It's supposed to be cold with temps in the 30sF for daytime highs and 20sF for nighttime lows for the next 6 or 7 days. Flurries are forecast but no major snow predicted yet. (thank goodness)

Toriz said...

I'm happy to keep it here. LOL! ;)

Rita said...

I know! I think I am the only person in my family who is happy to see snowflakes, too. :)

We have quite a bit over here already. For your sake, I hope you get more before Christmas!! ;)

Intense Guy said...

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! in Wales, Fargo and other places...


Toriz said...

I hope so too. :)

Yeah, that's right... Encourage it to snow with me and Rita! :)

Aunt of 14 said...

It snowed here for one day. One DAY. And then it all went away. I WANT THAT SNOW BACK! It just makes me feel like it is okay to snuggle up in a blanket with hot cocoa and watch TV.

Toriz said...

I'm sorry your snow didn't stick around. I hope you get some more soon. I think it would be OK to curl up in a blanket and drink cocoa even without the snow though. :)