Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday's random chit-chat (FD)

I did get my tree put up on Thursday. I put it up while listening to Christmas music, then sat by the tree to listen to Christmas music and eat the piece of cake my Mam had brought me from the cake she made earlier that day. I expected to be waiting until today to put up the rest of the decorations, since they were in my parents' attick, but Kelly brought them back with him when he ggot back from an appointment Mam took him to Thursday, so they got put up Thursday evening. There aren't many... Some snowman lights, a string of plastic bells, and a couple of other bits, that's it... But I wont be bothering to get any more this year. We're just going to make do with the few that we have for this year, then maybe we'll get some new bits next year. As much as I love Christmas decorations though, new Christmas decorations aren't at the top of my list of priorities for this year.

My Nan also made some cake... Some kind of nut cake she makes sometimes... I'd like to have the recipe for that cake, but I can never convince her to give me the recipe for some reason. There's another cake recipe of hers I'd like to get my hands on too. She has the recipes in a little notebook though, so when - at some point in the future - her stuff is handed down to people, I can try and get my hands on that notebook, or at least ask whoever does get the notebook if they'll give me copies of each of those two recipes.


I've been watching several Christmas movies lately, so there will be a lot of Christmas movie reviews appearing on my blog in the next couple of weeks. Sorry most of my posts lately seem to have been movie or book reviews, but I seem to have been watching a lot of movies that I haven't seen before lately. I blame having Sky movies. LOL!


Little Emma-Jane has learned some new words. She now says, "hiya," "ta," "Ka," (what she calls my Mam) and "E-emm-maa," (how she says her own name) on top of the other words she could already say. She's also learned to cheer and clap her hands (without missing when bringing her hands together). Unfortunately, she's also learned about climbing things, which - unlike the rest of the things she's learned to do - is not good.


We had my Dad here for dinner yesterday evening. Kelly and Dad had some breaded chicken with roast potatoes and peas, and I had a cauliflower cheese grill with roast potatoes and peas. Then we had a roleplaying session. We were playing Dungeons And Dragons, and I was a Halfling Cleric (healer). Kelly was playing two characters to make up the numbers a bit... He had an Elf Rogue (thief) and a Human Mage (wizard). Dad did play an Elf Fighter, but only to help make numbers up a bit, since Dad was the DM (Dungeon Master) and most of the time the DM or GM (Dungeon Master or Games Master) doesn't play an actual character, but with it only being the threeof us - and the fact playing more than one character is complicated for me - we decided it would be an idea for Dad to bring a NPC (non-player character) in to make up the numbers to give us a better chance of defeating the monsters rather than being defeated by them. We have another roleplaying session planned for next week... weather and other things permitting.


It rained yesterday, and that made a lot of the snow go away. There's still some around though, and no end in sight to the low temperatures, so it's qquite likely more snow - or, ice at least - will be showing up really soon. Snow would be a good thing (well, it would be a good thing to me, anyway) but ice would definately not be a good thing.


It's my Grandad's birthday today, so happy birthday Grandad! Not that Grandad will read this message, since I know for a fact that my Grandad doesn't read my blog. But I wanted to wish him a very happy birthday on my blog anyway.


I think that's all I have to say for today.


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a couple really super-yummy cakes your nan makes!

Emma sounds like she is growing like a weed as they say... Soon (the way this world is spinning so fast) she's going to be a teenager...

AliceKay said...

Happy birthday to your Grandad. I hope he's having a special day.

When I stopped at my sister's house today to leave off work papers, she was busy putting up her Christmas tree. It's been snowing on and off most of today (nothing really accumulating tho) so it feels a bit like Christmas.

My grandmother used to make a couple of very special cakes. One was an orange cake with orange drizzle icing. It was my grandfather's favorite, and oh boy, was it ever delicious. :D

Emma-Jane is really growing up fast. I remember that climbing stage. Ryan is in the getting-into-things stage. When he walks thru the door, we get certain items out of his reach. LOL

Terri and I watched "Toy Story 3" last weekend and enjoyed it. It was a bit violent in spots, but I guess that's the way movies go these days...even movies for kids. I'll be looking for your movie reviews. :)

Toriz said...

Both my Mam and my Nan make really nice cakes!

Yeah, Emma-Jane is growing up really quickly... Too quickly!

Toriz said...

That sounds like a really nice cake!

Yeah, we've started the, "the baby is coming... What's within her possible reach that shouldn't be?" thing. But, that's what has to happen between when they start to be on the move, and when they learn that certain things aren't there purely for their enjoyment, isn't it?

Toriz said...

Oh, and... As for the violence in movies... Yeah, for some reason there always has to be violence in all movies. And then they wonder why all the children are immitating it. I mean, when I was younger, all kids shows with violence in them - like Power Rangers, or something - would have "Do not try this at home" warnings appear before, during, or after them. Now they just shove the shows on - most of them involving violence - without more than an occasional "the following may contain scenes of violence" (if you even get that much).

Louise said...

We put our decorations on the 11th of december as its nans birthday, always have put them up on that date and always will.

Its a shame your mum cant send some cake to me :)

Happy birthday to your grandad, i hope he had a lovely day.

Most of my snow is gone, i love snow and so do daisy and millie!


Rita said...

Happy birthday to your grandpa. I hope you get snow and not ice. Glad the tree is up--accompanied by a little Christmas song. Now you'll have to keep EmmaJane away from it--hehe! Those sound like great cakes you need the recipes for. ;) It's nice that you can play smaller games with your dad. (I think I'd always choose to be a healer.) Hope you're having a great weekend!! :):)

Rita said...

We had violence in cartoons when we were little--Tom and Jerry, The Road Runner, and even Bambi. Just seems like there is more of it, tho--and even in the cartoons it is a different kind with humans or human-like characters.

Toriz said...

Well, I guess you'll have to make your own cake.

Yeah, that's where it's kind of good that Emma-Jane isn't here all the time... I get a break from defending the tree. ;)

We ended up getting a little more of each... Some snow, and some ice.

Healers never used to be any good... If you were a healer you were lucky to be able to survive more than one hit if you didn't heal yourself quickly, and your abilities were useless if nobody needed to be healed, so you had to sort of stand in the back waiting for someone to need to be healed, all the while trying to avoid being attacked yourself.

I think more than anything it's the amount of violence. I mean, there were some cartoons with violence in that just came on with no violence warnings. But my point was about the fact all shows seem to have to havve some violence these days, and it's when kids are seeing people involved in the violence that they're likely to try to immitate it (especially with the amount of time kids spend shoved in front of the TV these days). I understand some violence, but they always have to add so much of it, not to mention the swearing. Like the Harry Potter movies... Not once in the book is a swear word mentioned, so why do many of the characters - Ron especially, I've noticed - have to swear so? I mean, he could just say, "that's brilliant," but they insist on having him say, "that's bloody brilliant," instead. Now, I know "bloody" is far from one of the worst swear words, but there's still no need for it to be included. And once you start with things like, "damn," "bloody," and such it's only a matter of time before you progress to the worse ones.