Sunday, January 30, 2011

News... If you can call it that

It's really cold here. They say there'll be more snow soon after we get in to February. I do love snow, but I kind of hope no more comes, because the roofers and other workmen are actually doing some work, and I'd like to keep it that way until they've completely finished.

Kelly reatatched the bit of fence that stops Kero getting around to the front garden, and we're hoping the workmen get the hint and leave it alone. Still, at least during this weekend Kero can have free run of his own garden, since the workmen don't work on weekends. I think Kero's pleased to be able to run around in his garden properly again.

I've almost finished knitting baby Max's blanket. I'm hoping to have it finished in the next couple of days so Jane can take it to Pia when she goes to see her next weekend.

And, unless you want to hear about how I came to hit my head on the washing machine, or how I came to drop a solid wooden table top on my foot, then that's the extent of the news from my little corner of the world. Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post about. Also, I'm sorry I've not been around the blogs properly recently.


Rita said...

Head to toe bruising--oh my! I know what you mean about not wanting the snow to stop the workmen. :( If this keeps up you'll have to send Kero to school to learn how to guide you around the scaffolding--hehe!

I think the winter blahs have taken hold with a lot of people. Glad you've been working on the blanket, tho. Almost done! Then you can work on yours--tada! :):)

AliceKay said...

You did what??? :( That sounds painful...both of them. *hugs to you*

I hope you're able to take a picture of the blanket for Max before you give it to Pia. I would really love to see it. :)

And I hope those workmen get that job done soon so things can get back to normal around there.

Have a great Monday!

Intense Guy said...

Ouch.. that head of yours... it must be all lumpy.

And tell us that the washing machine got the worst of it...

*Hugs* hope you aren't too bruised and the work dudes actually get things done (and done right).

Deanna said...

When my grandkids hurt themselves, I always ask if they hurt whatever they hit. I won't do that to you, though. I hope it was just a small bump on the head and you didn't do any serious damage to your foot. Be careful!

I'll bet Kero is very glad to be able to run again - if only for a little bit. Maybe the workers will get the hint. We can only hope.

They are calling for us to get dumped on by snow tonight. I hope they are wrong! Spring, where art thou?

Toriz said...

Oh, I'm usually bruised somewhere from something. Thing is, it's not always easy to avoid things when you can't see them. I mean, it's sometimes hard to avoid coliding with items or dropping things on your own feet when you can see, so I'm kind of fighting a losing battle.

LOL! Well, if Kero concentrated properly he could lead me around the scaffolding poles. Problem is, he's too easily distracted for me to trust him guiding me.

Yeah, a lot of people are feeling the Winter blues big time this year!

Yes, now that I'm done Max's blanket I can work on mine!

Yes... Very painful!

The blanket is done, the picture has been taken (and sorted by Iggy) and the post is going up on Thursday.

I hope they get the work done soon too!

I've almost always got some kind of bump, cut or bruise on me... Often a combination... And often on my head. It's a wonder there are any brains left in there... You'd think I'd have knocked them out of there by now!

I'm afraid the washing machine didn't even seem to notice my head hitting it. It didn't even ask if I was OK... How rude!

I'm not as bruised as I could have been, and don't really hurt much now. Mind you, it doesn't help when I then drop a full can of pop on the toes of the foot the table landed on...

Ouch.. that head of yours... it must be all lumpy.

The workmen doing the job properly? LOL! That'll be the day!

No serious damage done. I don't even hurt that much any more (except when I forget myself and curl my feet under myself so that I'm leaning on the bruised part of my foot).

Nah, they didn't get the hint. Last night Kelly had to actually look for the piece of wire to put it back. *Sigh*

Spring is coming... Honest!