Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scattered thoughts (FD... Kinda R/WP)

I'm still not feeling 100%, I'm still not sleeping properly, and I'm feeling like 2011 is so far not my year. This is why I've not really been around the blogs... I've been feeling really down, and I don't want to bring you all down with me. Plus, when you find yourself feeling as I have felt lately, you don't tend to want to do much of anything.


Nine times out of ten I have either the radio, the TV or an audiobook on in the background. With the TV and radio I'm not always paying proper attention to them, but the noise is a comfort to me, especially when Kelly isn't home. It's not essential that I have them on, but it helps with the "monster" issues, and sometimes there's even something decent to watch. LOL! There are times when I don't have the radio or TV on, but it's always my choice. Anyway, with that in mind - not to mention the fact I worked out it costs me about £2 (somewhere between $3 and $4) per day for my Sky subscription - I'm sure you can imagine how unimpressed I was when the guys came to put up the scaffolding to do the outside work last week, and they didn't bring anyone to move the dish (like they did when scaffolding got put up at my parents' place) so the scaffolding blocked my Sky signal, and left me with no TV. I was even more unimpressed when I found out that they knew they'd blocked the signal, but it took my Mam having a go at them to get them to care about it. They assured her - almost 24 hours after the scaffolding had gone up and blocked the signal - that by the time her and I got home we'd have our TV back. It was another 24 hours before someone sorted it though. Had they taken any longer I'd have been contacting them and complaining. Like I said, it's not essential I have my TV, but the noise is company for me, and I like it to be my choice if I don't have the TV on. Plus - as I also said - it does cost me about £2 per day! It was a week ago Monday the scaffolding went up. I think they've done maybe 3 days of work since then. No, they aren't fixing the roof, they're doing something to the walls (something about weather proofing). I wish they would get on with the work so they can get the scaffolding down. For one thing, it means I can't go out on my own, because it's too easy for the cane to miss the poles, and me to end up walking in to them. For another thing, they removed our bit of fencing stopping Kero getting around to the front garden, which means that - especially since nobody seems to know how to close gates - Kero can't just be let loose in his own garden or he'll be off in to the neighbour's garden (or worse... Off down the road) so we have to clip his lead on just to take him in the garden. See, I wouldn't mind most of this if they'd said something. But we only found out about the TV because we had no signal and when Mam asked them if they knocked the dish they admitted the scaffolding blocked the signal, we only found out about the fence being missing because I let Kero out and heard the sound of his tags disappearing in to the distance (I had to fetch Kelly, who caught up with him just as he was heading out of the open front gate). Plus, we only found out that the scaffolding was going up because a couple of the cars belonging to neighbours were in their way, so they knocked on our door to ask us who they belonged to and told us why they needed to know (the cars were in the way of where they wanted to park their van). It turned out it was lucky my sleeping pattern is all over the place, because if I'd been sleeping at night for a change then about when I was heading home from my walk with Kero they'd have been starting to sort the scaffolding, so I'd have come home just right to fall over it, walk in to it, or whatever. Mind you, the council themselves don't help matters by neglecting to mention to them about the fact the people in most of the properties in this area are either elderly, disabled, or both. *Sigh*


I went clothes shopping with my Mam last week, because Kelly and I both needed a few new bits of clothes, and I wanted to take advantage of the January sales to get us some. Among them were some Minnie Mouse PJs, and some Tinkerbell PJs that I got myself. It was a nice outing - well, as nice as clothes shopping can be for someone like me who hates clothes shopping - but lunch wasn't as nice as it could have been. Not either of our faults. Asda used to do a really nice Mac and cheese as their vegetarian option, but they changed it to a bean chilli. I don't like chilli, because I find it's usually too spicy for my liking, so I asked if they had anything else. To cut a long story short, I ended up just having some chips (as in fries) because they seem to be convinced - like many other places - that all vegetarians like spicy food, and that vegetarians eat fish (their only other option that wasn't actual meat as such). Most places seem to assume that for some reason. It's extremely annoying. Not to mention that you'd think a shop that sells a large variety of vegetarian meals - like Asda does - would think to provide a variety of vegetarian options in their cafe too.


I've been working on knitting the blanket for baby Max, and - despite how I've been feeling lately - I've managed to get about a third of it done. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of February, then I can get on with finishing knitting my own blanket.


With Gwydion living indoors now we needed to get him an indoor cage. For one thing, we're ending up with sawdust and hay everywhere because he keeps pushing it to the front of his hutch as he's running around, so it falls through the bars, or falls out as we open the door to feed him or get him out, where as the indoor cages have a plastic base that's a few inches deep, and which it's difficult for sawdust and hay to be pushed out of the cage (we'd have to have it pretty deep for it to end up getting through the bars further up). For another thing, the hutch - which was "meant to be" weather proof - is in really bad shape already from all the rain it's been exposed to. So, I ordered him a new cage on Monday, and it arrived today. It took us a bit to figure out how to put it together, but we got there. I got a little stand for it too, because I figured - since they had one for the exact cage I was getting - it would make sense. The stand has wheels on it so you can move it about if you need or want to. I figured a stand would be a good idea. I mean, it gets the cage up off the floor, and puts him at a better level for us getting him out for cuddles, or getting access to his cage to feed him. The stand was actually easier to figure out how to put together than the cage. LOL! It's all put together now, and he's currently settling in to his new cage. Kelly took a couple of photos, so I'll see about sending them to Iggy to sort for me, and will post them in the not too distant future. Probably not for a couple of weeks though, because for the next two Fridays the boys are posting their Christmas photos.


The weather here has been absolutely awful the past couple of weeks! The snow melted around the new year, and we've had rain almost every day since then, with nasty winds and hail sometimes too. That's probably not helping how I've been feeling lately... Miserable weather usually does make people feel really miserable, after all!


I think that's all I was going to say. I'm going to leave this here anyway, whether it is or not, because with how I keep getting side-tracked it has so far taken me more than 2 hours to write this post. Well, actually, I originally started writing the post this morning, but I ended up just saving it to draft when Gwydion's cage came, then I went out to run some errands with my Mam, so it was only this evening I got back to continuing the post, and yet it's still taken more than 2 hours to finish writing it. Like I said, I keep getting side-tracked with doing other stuff (like checking Gwydion, taking Kero out in to the back garden, going to have a drink, etc). Anyway... I hope your day was a good one... Enjoy whatever's left of it, and stay safe and warm!


Rita said...

I would be very annoyed with them blocking my TV, too! I am soooo used to having something on--the TV or Pandora or a CD. It drowns out the tinnitis (is that how you spell it?) and I use it for company, too, like you do. Even lately when I have cut way back on the TV being on, I have on CDs or something a lot of the time. I hope they are WAAAAY faster than our roofers--ROFL!

Oh goodie! Is Mr. Weakers going to stay in the house all the time now? I would think he'd love that. More company and the frig to listen for and easier to grab for cuddles and a cage that is up higher than Kero's feet would probably feel safer, too--hehe! Nice! :)

I hope you get to feeling better and more cheery. Maybe the new pjs and the Homer slippers will help? ;) Can you hear me singing....the sun will come out tomorrow...tomorrow... :):)

Intense Guy said...

Those guys with the scafolding must be the densest, dumbest and SLOWEST lot of dudes around. And they still haven't started on the roof? What's it been about half a year now? more?

I sorted out the Gwyddy pictures - your readers are in for a treat. :)

I hope you feel better soon... this year's cold seems to be a long lasting beast doesn't it?


Toriz said...

Jaws seems to think you spelled it right, so we'll go with that. ;)

I hope they're quicker than your roofers too, but past experiences with council workers leads me to think otherwise.

Yeah, he's going to live inside now. I don't think it would be a good idea to put him outside after being inside for so long. I'd have to wait for it to be nice and warm before he could go back out, and by then he'd be too used to being inside. He seems to like being inside with us better too.

LOL! You know what's funny? That song's been in my head the past few hours... So, it was you then, was it? ;)

Toriz said...

More. They originally came about May/June, then took the scaffolding down for Eleri to move, then it took them this long to come back. They did a couple more hours work today. First dry day in ages, and they do hardly any work! *Shaking head*

Thanks for sorting the photos so quickly for me... People will have to wait to see them though. ;)

Yeah, this year's illness is one that doesn't want to go away! I'm sick of being sick!

Deanna said...

Things are bound to start looking up for you soon hun. An improvement in your weather and getting the idiot workers out of your way will be a big help to you! So many struggle with life this time of year. Does it help having Gwyd there with you?

Hang in there! And keep blogging, even if you don't think it is something we want to hear - because we want to hear it all!

Huge hugs!


Rita said...

Maybe your scaffolding guys are related to my roofer guys?! Beware! They might decide your place is a good place to store their scaffolding for the winter and just drop by once a month or so to see how their equipment is doing. LOLOL!! They don't speak Spanish, do they? ;)

Must have been me....
the sun'll come out tomorrow... :):)
We've been singing that up here, too.

AliceKay said...

I sure hope you get to feeling like your old self (but you ain't real soon. *hugs*

Those guys blocking your dish would get a piece of my mind, too. I can't believe some of the crap you have to go thru over there. :( I hope it's sorted out very soon.

The jammies sound cute. :)

I bet Gwydion is enjoying his new home now. And I bet Kero loves keeping an eye on him.

We're getting another snow storm tonight. In fact, it's already started snowing out there. We're supposed to get between 3 and 5 inches of snow by mid-morning tomorrow morning, and then the wind is supposed to rip and make the snow drift. The weekend is only supposed to get into the teens (F) for daytime highs with nighttime temps near zero (F). I hate winter!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Yeah, both my boys make me feel a bit better when I'm feeling down. They're both nuts! ;)

Don't give them ideas! No, they don't speak Spanish. LOL!

Toriz said...


Yes, it's stupid how little progress is being made with the work, repairs, etc.

Yeah, Gwydion likes his new cage, and Kero likes being able to see him better.