Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yule and Christmas 2010 (FD)

We're almost in to the middle of January, and I haven't even grabbed the few photos we took over the holidays off my camera yet, but I figured I'd do the holiday post today anyway.

Normally we make a big deal of the Winter Solstice/Yule, but this year we didn't. Between the fact it took until that day for Kelly to be able to get to shopping, so that's how he spent most of the day, combined with the fact that we had agreed to put aside some money rather than buying each other much... Not to mention the fact that I usually bake with my Mam on or around the date, but she was busy trying to get Carl and Rachel home... Well, our usual plans for Yule just didn't happen. I had planned to do some kind of meditation ritual or something, but I just couldn't clear my mind for it (a problem I've had a lot lately whenever I've tried to meditate... I have the same problem when I try to sleep). So, although we made a point of putting out some nice treats for the wild birds, we didn't do anything for Yule this time. I feel kind of bad about it actually, but it was just a whole load of things stacked up to make it that nothing happened, and - with the exception of the present exchange thing - it wasn't really under my control. Well, I suppose the meditation thing sort of was, but I did try... It's not exactly my fault I just couldn't clear my mind and concentrate, is it?


Christmas Eve Mam, Dad and Emma-Jane came for a visit. Actually, the reason for the visit was for me to see Emma-Jane. Originally I was to give her the elephant toy I had brought her for Christmas that day, but because of the weather - and her not being well - I'd sent it to her place while I had the oppertunity the weekend before, only to discover a few days later that it looked like the baby would make it for the visit after all. Instead I just had some cuddle time, and gave her some chocolate buttons I had. I was going to eat them myself, but I felt bad not having something to give her after all, so I gave them to her. I'm sure she appreciated that... She loves her food that one! Anyway, after she left I read some Christmas stories, then my Mam - who still had her until late afternoon - called, and I talked to her while Emma-Jane had her first try of a sweet mince pie. For anyone wondering... We're not sure if she liked it or not. She ate it, so she couldn't think it was that bad, but she kept taking it out of her mouth and saying, "yuck," before putting it back in again. Like I said, she ate it, but we aren't sure if she liked it, or just ate it because it was food. Personally, I think she liked it, but wasn't sure of the unusual spiced taste. I mean, if she didn't like it at all, I'm sure she would have spat it out, and wouldn't have wanted more of it when my Mam offered her more once she had eaten the first piece. Anyway, after that I read more Christmas stories for a while. I did then plan on watching a couple of movies that were starting on Sky Movies Premier that night, but I had a phone call just as the first was starting. I did watch the first on the plus 1 channel an hour later, but it then meant I was too tired to stay awake for the second movie. The first there will be a review of soon, the second there wont, because it was "Avatar" and - though I did watch it in the end, a different day - I've reviewed it on here before, and I don't see the point in reviewing a movie I've seen before. If you missed the review though... It's awesome! And, if you haven't already, you need to watch it!

Christmas day we were up early, which is common for me when I go to bed at a normal time (plus, Kelly is like a kid at Christmas, and keeping him in bed until even 5:00 am is hard work). We had our stockings, then our presents, then I fell asleep on the sofa and Kelly woke me up when it was time for "Terry Pratchett's Hogffather" to start a couple of hours later (I've reviewed that one, so no review to come) and while watching that I had some sweet mince pies and some date and walnut pudding. After that we watched another Terrry Pratchett movie (review to come) while sorting stuff ready for dinner, and I'm glad I put it on record on the Sky box, because I missed a lot of it while helping Kelly to sort dinner, and missed even more while we ate dinner. Dinner was fantastic (ham, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables for Kelly, nut roast, stuffing, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, sprouts and mixed vegetables for me) and there was some leftovers, so we put dinners aside for the following day. Then we had fun with some Christmas crackers, cleaned up from dinner, washed dishes, answered some phone calls, and fell asleep watching "Terry Pratchett's Going Postal" (again, I reviewed it before, so no review to come). Not a bad way to spend Christmas day, at least that's my opinion.

Boxing day morning Kelly and I sorted some food items we were putting out for when my family arrived. Then, when they did arrive, Mam sorted the bits she had cooked for the buffet. There were cheese straws, pizza pockets, sausage rolls, mini sausages, mini bacon puff things, peanuts, crisps (potato chips to those of you not in the UK), chocolate chip cookies, pickled onions, cheese cubes, and some chocolate cake. Anyway, Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne and Willow were with us for a while to exchange presents and have a bit of a buffet. They didn't stay that long though, so most of the food was left for us to try and get through. Something that would have been achieved better had I not started to get really ill that evening. As I said just after the new year, I had started coughing Christmas evening, but by Boxing day night I was feeling very ill. I wont go in to illness details in this post though. I already did a post about that before.

So, what did I have for Christmas? Money, a couple of Airborrne Apes for my Monsterpocalypse army, some bath stuff, a Practical Magic DVD (I had the video, but wanted it replaced on DVD), a couple of audiobooks, a mouse teddy, a load of chocolate, and a few other items that I took photos of, so will tell you about when I post those photos.

That's how I spent the holidays. Maybe not exciting to most of you, but it worked for me.


Rita said...

Maybe you were slowly coming down with this horrible cough before you even realized it and that is why you didn't feel like doing anything for the winter solstice? Maybe that's too many days, tho. Well, it sounds like you had a great holiday until you got sick. :( I hope you're feeling well by now?

Sounds like a grand holiday to me. :):)

Toriz said...

Actually, I wondered that myself. I mean, with the two days before that being the days where we had no heat or hot water, maybe I caught a bit of a chill and was starting to feel the effects of it a couple of days before any proper symptoms showed up? I mean, you could find my body was fighting hard against the illness, and it took a while for the illness to break through? It's not beyond the realm of possibility. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now. Still a slight cough and slight case of the sniffles, but that's it.

Aunt of 14 said...

You and Iggy! Both of you so sick with bad colds... I hope you both feel better fast!

It sounds like you had a great holiday-- no real major stress going on. Except for not feeling good.

I love that you live in the UK. I love hearing about the difference in food, the customs, etc. You're the first person to say anything about Yule. I read about it all the time, but it isn't celebrated here so that was really interesting to read.

Xmas eve, we watched A Christmas Carol (the one with Jim Carey) and man, if I watched that when I was little, I would have had nightmares for a lonnng time. Have you seen that one?

Toriz said...

Thanks! I'm mostly better now (finally) and hoping Iggy will be soon too!

Most of my family doesn't celebrate Yule, and I expect a lot of people who do keep it quiet, because celebrating the old holidays - for lack of a better term for it - isn't necessarily considered to be acceptable here. I don't care what people think of my choice of beliefs though, and will celebrate what I want to. If they don't like it... Well, that's their problem! I don't tell others what religeon they should fallow, and see no reason why they should tell me what religeon I should follow.

No, I haven't seen that version yet. I've seen several versions of "A Christmas Carol" but not that version. I don't often watch movies when they're actually out, because I tend to wait for Sky to show them, which can take a few months or longer.

Toriz said...

"should follow" even... Not sure how the a got in there instead of the o.

AliceKay said...

It sounds like you had a pretty nice Christmas to me. It doesn't matter what anyone else might think. :)

Intense Guy said...

I hope you were able to enjoy some (if not all) of that yummy sounding food. I'm sure Willow would have helped with the Buffet if someone asked her...



Toriz said...

Yes, it was a nice Christmas. :)

I was able to enjoy some of it, and eat a bit that I didn't enjoy because I was eating it more because I needed to eat and it needed to be eaten than anything.

Willow did help a bit with the buffet, and Kero helped with eating stuff too.