Sunday, January 23, 2011

I want to be a squirrel!

I finally got some decent sleep. I think all the lack of sleep must have finally caught up with me or something. I got a little over six hours sleep Friday evening (I can't really say night, because the sleep ended around midnight, so it was more evening than night) and I managed to get about 7 hours in last night (now that one actually was during the night). I haven't slept that well in ages! And it's very unusual for it to be two nights in a row! Like I said, I think the lack of sleep finally caught up with me or something.

That leak coming down the wall near the back door is back. Only it's worse this time, because it's happening in a couple of places along the area near the window. Judging by the fact that it was the only thing on, and the issue stopped when it was turned off, we're thinking it's got something to do with the pipes from upstairs' heating. When he puts his heating on, it rains in our kitchen. When he keeps it off, it doesn't. We called the council's maintenance people... They said they had enough jobs to worry about this weekend, so we should call back Monday (bearing in mind this was Saturday). I'm not impressed with that attitude. If they'd said something like, "we have a lot of jobs to get to, so we might not manage to get to you today," then I could deal with that. But they practically told us they didn't care because it wasn't a desperately urgent, life or death type situation. They're lucky it was Kelly talking to them and not me, because I definately wouldn't have been as polite to them as he was about it. And if they don't come tomorrow, then I will make sure it's me who talks to them, and I'll be telling them exactly what I think about their attitudes towards repairs, and the fact that they obviously didn't get the work done very well back in the Summer if so many repairs are needing to be done already. It's ridiculous! They claimed everything other than painting work was done completely and properly when they came in July and August. Well, it couldn't have been, could it? I mean, this is the third time we've had to call them out on a similar type of issue. Don't they realise that if they did their jobs properly to start with it would be better all round? We wouldn't have it raining in our kitchen, and they wouldn't have us phoning them all the time.

On a similar topic, there's still no sign of the other workmen - the ones who needed the scaffolding up - coming back to do any work. We had some dry, though admittedly kind of cold, days last week, yet they didn't come and do the work. This is getting beyond a joke! It takes them about six months to come back and get the scaffolding back up, then they don't even come and do the work! I'm telling you, I'm really getting sick of it!

I wish I was a squirrel! Why? Because then I could be curled up asleep right now, and not have to be dealing with things like leaks and scaffolding!


Rita said...

That is soooo frustrating!! What I don't understand is, with jobs supposedly hard to find, how do these people keep their jobs? And with money supposedly tight everywhere, why don't they care that the jobs aren't done properly and on time to save money? You have the same basic type of problem over there that we have with the roofers here. I just do not get it. Makes no logical sense.

I hope you hear something tomorrow on the leaking--and I hope the dumb scaffolding guys get back there and get everything done and get out of there. :):)

And I am so glad you've been sleeping!! Even if it is out of simple exhaustion--sleep is sleep. ;)

AliceKay said...

I would think the leaking should be a major concern for the council's maintenance people. If there is leaking on electrical wiring, there could be serious consequences. For your sake, I sure hope not. I hope they tend to it tomorrow.

I can understand why you would be sick of the nonsense with the scaffolding workers, too. You would think they would want to get the work done so they can move on to their next project. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. *shakes head*

I'm glad you're getting more sleep now. Let's hope it continues. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Yeah, you'd think that, but I guess they don't think that way. *Shrugs*

I agree... Sleep is sleep!

Yes, I agree, it could have been really dangerous. And there is wiring not too far from where the leaking keeps happening. :(

Intense Guy said...

Well... sad thing is.. the first thought in my head was "American labor is just as bad". No wonder our economies are in the toilet.

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement*