Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emma-Jane's party (LBE and FD)

Since Iggy - despite being busy - very kindly got these photos sorted quickly for me, I can do the post I wanted to do about the day of Emma-Jane's 1st birthday party. So, here it is:

Saturday afternoon there was a party to celebrate Emma-Jane's first birthday. Mam picked me up about lunch time, then we went to Jane (Emma-Jane's Grandmother)'s house so I could give Emma-Jane her birthday present (and get in some cuddle time with her) before it was time for us all to go to Louise (Emma-Jane's Mother)'s place for the party.

These first few photos were taken just after I gave her the toy we'd brought her for her birthday. It's one of those toys where you push the little tiles that have pictures on them down in to slots, and then you press buttons and stuff that make them pop back up. This one has different buttons though... Most I've seen before all the buttons are the same... And the buttons and knobs on it make different noises when you use them. The toy was an instant hit with the children... From the 5 month olds, right up to the 50 year olds! ;)

Emilee (Pia's 5 year old daughter) was convinced it was magic, because the pictures on the tiles are colourful, but when they go down in to the slots they appear as just siluettes because of the film type stuff in front of the slots (if that makes sense). She couldn't get over how they magically had colour when they popped back up, so Mam explained it to her and showed her, and she thought it was fantastic. What it is to be 5! LOL!

Anyway... I don't think the toy is visible, but it's on the table beside us, and we were actually playing with it between photos (and at least one person was probably playing with it during the photos too, LOL!) OK, so here are the photos...

More photos of Emma-Jane:

When it was almost time for us to see about going to Louise's for the party, Chelsea (Jane's eldest grandaughter, who turns 13 in a couple of weeks time) took Emma-Jane on ahead, then Mam, Emile and I followed, leaving Jane and Pia (Jane's oldest daughter) to eot Ryan (Pia's 3 year old son) and baby Max (Pia's 5 month old son) ready. Then I kept an eye on Emilee, Ryan, Emma-Jane and Max while the older three played and Max sat quietly in his buggy (stroller) watching them play. And the other adults did any finishing touches that needed doing to get ready for when all the other children arrived... Which was right after I got done taking a bunch of photos of the older three playing.

Emilee, Ryan and Emma-Jane playing together:

Emilee and Emma-Jane:

Emilee spotted the baloons Louise had put in the play house for the children:

Then Emma-Jane noticed them too:

It didn't take long for Ryan to notice them as well - especially after the girls started pulling some of them out - but I never managed to get a shot of them all playing with the balloons. Besides, because all the others started arriving and I only wanted photos of Emma-Jane and Pia's three, I put the camera away for a bit (figured it was safer with about 20 kids, most of them aged 3 and under, running around). And, besides, I couldn't cuddle babies while holding a camera, and there were plenty of babies to cuddle!

I gave Mam the camera when Emma-Jane was having food so she could get a couple of photos though:

And she grabbed a photo of the birthday cake for me too:

Emilee wanted to be helpful and bring me a plate of food, so they let her. Unfortunately, they neglected to mention that she would have to say something and not just hold it out to me. She did well in that she let the plate touch my hand, but - knowing there were loads of kids with food, and assuming one of them had let their plate touch my hand as they passed (since nobody said anything) - I never took it. So she went in and asked Pia what she should do, and Mam came with her next time to tell me she had a plate of food for me so I'd take it from her. I was pleased she wanted to do that though, because last time I saw her she wouldn't come near me or speak to me. Couldn't shut her up this time, LOL! I expected more questions - once I figured out she was planning on talking to me - but she only asked me one. I have to chuckle about the conversation:

Emilee: "Can you see enough to see I have a scar?"
Me: "No, because my eyes don't work like yours do."
Emilee: "Oh, OK. Well, I do... I got it from Chicken Pox."

(She had Chicken Pox just before Christmas).

And that was all she said on the matter. Although, when I was amusing Emma-Jane by spinning the roller tip on the end of my cane and making silly noises, she did ask if the cane was making the noise, and why I had it. I told her the truth - that it was me making the noises - and then I told her the cane was "my special magic stick that helps me see where I'm going if I have to walk somewhere by myself," and she seemed to be happy with that answer, since she just said, "oh, OK," and went back to playing with the toys.

She was much more interested in telling me - after figuring out that I was the "lady what made Max's blanket" in telling me how he has it in his cot most nights (something I was pleased to hear... Well, the first time... Not so much the other four times though... LOL!)

Anyway... enough on that... Back to the party...

I got to cuddle an 8 week old baby who is the youngest of two children (the other is 13 months old). The reason for the mention is that their Dad is one of the lads who used to be a regular at my Dad's gaming club. Didn't get to speak to him, since he just dropped his wife and kids off and left, but I did have a nice cuddle with his youngest, and spent a lot of time talking to his wife (and having my feet stepped on by his oldest, who left some lovely sticky handprints all over my trousers... As did several other toddlers).

I also spent a lot of time looking after this little cutie:

Yes... That's Pia's Max. He's the sweetest litttle baby I've ever met! I thought Emma-Jane was a good baby, but Max even makes her look naughty! He doesn't really cry much... And when he does it's more of a whimper than a cry... Doesn't fuss, and when he's tired he just gives a little whimper, cuddles in to you, and goes to sleep... None of that crying because he's tired like every other baby I've ever met has done.

I was looking after him by choice. Pia did come and ask several times if I wanted her to take him, but I was enjoying looking after him. I enjoy looking after babies anyway, but I was especially enjoying looking after Max, because he's such an angel! Pia really got lucky with little Max, that's for sure!

Besides, having Max to look after made me feel useful, because otherwise I'd have just been sitting there joining in any conversations I could, and observing the children playing, since all the other adults had things to do, toddlers to keep an eye on, etc. So, I quite happily spent most of the party playing with, cuddling and feeding baby Max, and had just gotten him to sleep when it was time for us to leave and I had to give him back. I always hate that part... Giving them back, I mean!

Mam and I were going to be staying for Mam to help with cleaning up, but we had to leave early. I'll let her post about that... It'll give her a reason to come on her blog and post!


Anonymous said...

Awww I loved seeing all the pictures of the happy babies, looks like everyone had fun thanks so much for sharing.

Deanna said...

What fun! That cake is very cute. I would have wanted to cuddle those sweet little ones too.

I'm glad Emilee opened up to you (a lot) and satisfied her curiosity by asking a few questions. Kids are great that way. I have a granddaughter who would have sat down with you and driven you crazy with questions - and would be your best friend forever.

Great pictures of smiling faces and fun!

Rita said...

What a great party! And sooo many little ones there to share it with her--wow! That is a cool cake with her picture on it. Really beautiful handwriting on it, too.

Sounds like you got in a lot of baby cuddle time in. Always nice to have sweet baby time and Max sounds like he was especially sweet.

Glad we got to see all these pictures! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Karen said...

Glad you enjoyed sweetheart.sorry to cut the party short but it really wasn't deliberate. lol xxx

AliceKay said...

Loved seeing the pictures of everyone. It looks and sounds like everyone had a great time at the party. The birthday cake was cute with little Emma-Jane's picture on the top of it. Neat idea.

Kids grow up fast. They're fun when they're little, but you know what? They're fun when they grow up, too. :)

Intense Guy said...

:) Emma-Jane is so cute - she has the biggest brightest blue eyes and the happiest smile!

Max looks like as big an armful as Emma!

Did anyone pop a balloon?

Toriz said...

No problem... Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

Yes, everyone seemed to be having fun!

I'm glad she opened up to me too. And, I don't mind questions. I'd actually prefer that to how some people act... Meaning how some people make assumptions and come to the wrong conclusions about my abilities. Also, curiosity is a good thing... It's how you learn! :)

Glad you enjoyed the pictures! :)

The cake was professionally made. Not sure where. Emma-Jane herself picked the photo. They put a couple of photos in front of her, and she touched one. Then they removed all but that one, grabbed a few others, and put them in front of her again... She touched the exact same photo. So, that's the one they went with. Great way to pick, I think! :)

Yep... Baby cuddle time is always great! Especially with a baby who is being as sweet and well behaved as Max! :)

Yeah, I know it wasn't deliberate. LOL! x

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! Yeah, everyone seemed to be having fun! :)

I agree... I love babies, but I love spending time with older children too! :)

Yes... They're both really cute babies! I hope they stay as sweet natured when they grow up as they are now! :)

No baloons were popped to my knowledge... Though, not from lack of trying I dare say! LOL!