Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday's random scribbly thoughts (LBE and FD)

As I mentioned a little in yesterday's post, now that I've finished the first batch of courses I'm doing more. I originally did:

Alternative Medicine: A Guided Tour
Creative Writing
Story Telling
Vegetarian Eating
Yoga Explained

And this week I signed up for:

Aromatherapy And Pregnancy (since I think if you're doing one, you might as well do the other)
Chinese Astrology: An Introduction
Freelance Writing For Magazines
One Minute Workout
Walking For Health
Yoga: An Introduction
Zen Philosophy

There are also others on the site I plan to sign up for in the future (by which I mean, when I've finished getting the lessons for those I just listed). Don't be too proud of me for getting the coursework done though, because I haven't been. I'm WAY behind. I figure though that I'll grab the information now (while I know it's available and free) and do the lessons in my own time. I'm grabbing them in batches though to make it easier to keep track of whether I've gotten all the lessons.

The One Minute Workout one has already ended, since it's only a very short course. It wasn't too bad, though I did think there would be a bit more to it than, "here's how to do different kinds of stretches, depending on whether you're sitting or standing," which is all it really seemed to be. Still, it was free, so I suppose I shouldn't really complain.


My washing machine has given up. We don't know why, but it just refuses to do a cycle. I can only assume it's an electrical thing? I could be way off though... I don't know much about how washing machines work, after all! Whatever the issue is though, we are without a working washing machine. I'm not all that surprised. I kept telling the guy who came to look at it when it wasn't spinning before that - despite his insistance it was fine - there was something not right with it. I may not know how they work, but I know how they should sound, and mine didn't sound right to me.

I'm not bothering to call the guy out again. If he didn't find the issue before, I doubt he'll find it now, and I'm not paying another £40 (roughly $80) to have him come out and tell me he thinks nothing is wrong with it again. So, for now my Mam is doing our laundry, and I'm buying her some soap powder and softener to do it with (and for her own use for her laundry, since it's only fair). Then, when I can, I'll get a new washing machine.


I had to replace the house phone on Wednesday. The one we had was a cheap standard phone we brought in October when the cordless phone we'd had for about 6 years wouldn't hold its charge any more. Well, on Wednesday that phone decided it didn't want to work any more.

What happened was that someone was trying to phone us, but every time I answered it the phone would make a funny beepy type noise, then go dead. After a few times we got sick of it and unplugged the phone. When I checked between calls there was no dial tone or anything. I knew it couldn't be the phone line though, because our modem is connected to the phone line, and I was online just fine. So, I went and brought a new phone - a red cordless one - and when I plugged that in the dial tone was back, and we've had no issues since.

I never did find out who was trying to phone me though.


The Sky box in the bedroom isn't working. It keeps saying something about a technical issue. I don't care though, because I'd already decided to stop the multiroom package with Sky and just have the one box that's in the living room. I had it set up originally because of a combination of a good offer on it and the fact we were going to be at my parents' house with them, so there would be 6 people wanting the TV, and I figured I'd beat the crowd by having one in our room. Then, when we moved back here, I kept it because I wasn't allowed to remove it until 12 months had passed with me having the same contract, and only about 5 or 6 months had passed. We don't really need it with just the two of us though. Especially with how the main box (the living room box) can record two shows at a time, or record one show while you're watching another. Plus the fact that most shows are repeated sevral times, and many channels have a +1 channel so you can watch something an hour later, anyway. So next week I'm just going to call them and tell them to stop the multiroom package. It'll save me £10 (roughly $20) a month anyway! And I can have the radio or an audiobook on in the bedroom without it costing me for more than electric (well, and the cost of any new audiobooks I'd buy, obviously).


I've been sleeping pretty good lately (hope I haven't just jinxed it). I'm sleeping at night, going to sleep soon after I start trying, and sleeping for a good few hours. OK, not solidly... I'm waking up at least once an hour for at least a couple of minutes... But I'm getting a good few hours sleep in total, and waking up feeling refreshed, ready to face the day, etc. I'm hoping it continues for a while... Makes trying to get some kind of walking and eating routine sorted so much easier when I know roughly when I'll be sleeping!


On Thursday, I finished knitting the sofa throw for my Mam, and have started work on the first of the two smaller versions for the armchairs. I'll get a photo of the throw when I can. I meant to try and take the photo Friday, but I forgot. I'll get to it though... Honest!


Mam came to get me Friday morning. She had Emma-Jane for the day and we were going to walk to town if it was nice. It was nice... Until when we were in town (without the car, which was parked outside my place). We almost got a taxi home, but we did walk in the end, since it ended up being just a short shower... Which was quite lucky really, since we didn't have the raincover for the baby's pushchair with us.

We were both tired after doing that walk, since neither of us have walked that far in a little while. I think my Mam was glad she'd come to mine by car and could, therefore, drive back to her place instead of having to walk all the way back in to town to get the bus. There are busses that go most of the way from here to town, but they only come about once an hour, and by the time you get to the bus stop you're generally at a point where you figure, "I've come this far, I might as well walk the rest of the way," so we've never used a bus to get in to town properly from here. If it's too wet to walk, we just call a taxi (unless Mam has already offered to take us, then we wait for her to arrive).

We didn't do much in town, just ran a couple of errands and had lunch. There's a bakery in town called, "Greg's," which does a really nice sandwich called a cheese savory sandwich. It's grated cheese, onion, carrot and lettuce with a little mayo to bind it, and it's pretty much the only vegetarian sandwich they do (the only other one being egg and tomato, but not always being available). The only other option there is a vegetable pasty or cheese and onion pasty, but I'm not a huge pasty fan, so I usually go with the cheese savory sandwich. That's what I had Friday. Mam had a chicken one of some kind (chicken and mayo, I think) and Emma-Jane had a sausage roll and the buttons off a gingerbread man (should have been the whole thing, but I guess she didn't fancy it at that moment, because she ate the buttons then said, "gone," as she went to drop it over the side of the pushchair... It was only saved because Mam was actually right beside her and watching her, so Mam grabbed it in time).


There's another new magazine I like the look of that's relatively cheap and Kelly said he'll get on the computer for me to be able to read. It's called "Baked And Delicious", contains recipes from around the world (apparently), and comes with free bakeware. Mam and I picked up a copy each of the first one - for just 99p (a little under $2) with free cupcake moulds, and it seems pretty good, so we're both getting it. We would have just had one of us get it, but though we can share the recipes, it's more difficult to share the bakeware when we live in different places, so we both agreed it would be best to have seporate subscriptions to it.


For anyone who may be wondering... The scaffolding is still up, but from what we can tell the workmen have very nearly finished. I hope so! They've been pretty quiet recently, but I really want that scaffolding to go away!


Like I said, it rained a little on Friday, but not much. It rained a lot more yesterday. It's nice again today... Another of those sunny but cold days you get a lot in Spring... Memories of Winter lingering still, but a promise of Summer hinted at in the sunshine. The kind of day you think of when you think of Spring, I suppose... Well, it's the kind of day I think of when I think of Spring anyway!


I really don't get why people like some of the music they do these days. Mam was playing a song from a CD she and Wayne picked up the other day, and it started off nice enough, but... Just as I was thinking how nice it was to hear some new music that wasn't filled with rap and/or swearing... A little way in to the song a new voice took over with rap and swearing, which - in my opinion - ruined the song. Rap is bad enough in general, but I can deal with that OK. My big issue is with the swearing. It's the same with most things... Why do they have to swear? Instead of, "f****ed up," why can't they say, "messed up," or something like that? It would sound so much better, I think.


OK, on that note, I think I'll let this do for today. It's taken me a VERY long time to write this post, and I want to get the dreaded housework done out of the way so I can spend some time working on my knitting (probably while watching the TV).

Enjoy whatever's left of your weekend!


Rita said...

So nice to see a long chatty post from you!

Sorry to hear about the washer and the phone and the sky box. Seems like it is never one thing, is it? Makes you wonder if they talk to each other and decide to go together? hehe! Getting rid of the extra box will be a good thing, tho.

Sounds like you have stockpiled up another batch of interesting classes. And you've made headway on knitting the set for your mom. Don't forget pictures!

I've been sleeping at night, too, lately--knock on wood. Glad you are, too. :)

It's hard to find vegetarian things to eat sometimes. I guess I'm glad I eat at home 99% of the time. Pasty is big in northern Minnesota with all the Finlanders who live up there. But homemade pasty is better, I think.

Sounds like a good magazine. Nice that Kelly will fix it so you can read them. :)

I don't like rap or any of that type of music, either. And I really don't like music with swearing in it. Totally agree with you.

Well, sounds like spring is arriving there. Maybe the scaffolding will be gone soon. And you can have more nice long--DRY--walks. :)

Hope you had a nice Sunday. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry to hear about your broken items, its no good when things want to quit working. Very nice of your Mam to help you. Those courses you signed up for sure sound interesting and I wish you the best of luck with them :o)

AliceKay said...

You've caught us up on a lot of things that's been going on for you lately.

The courses sound interesting. I don't blame you for wanting to get them while you can. :)

The sleeping thing is good and I hope it continues. A body needs rest if it's going to keep up. Your walks sounds nice, too.

Sorry to hear about your washer, house phone, and sky box acting up. Gadgets are wonderful when they work, but a real hassle when they don't.

There are a lot of great songs out there with some pretty awesome music, but as you said, the language thing takes over and ruins the song. There are a lot of artists who use profanity in there lyrics to make a point, but to me, that just ruins the song for me and others like yourself. One of my favorite artists is Pink, but she likes to use the F word a lot, and it ruins the song. I try to find the "clean version" of those songs if I want to buy the download, and most of the time, she will have one available.

It's late because of the time change so I guess I better stop writing in your comment box and get to bed. I hope you sleep well tonight. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Yeah, I think they do talk to each other, because there are always at least two things that go at once!

Pictures will happen... Honest!

Glad you've been sleeping at night too... Fingers crossed it keeps up for us both, eh? ;)

*Nods* Yes, it's very hard finding vegetarian things to eat out. That's why I so often just have chips (fries) when I eat out. It's bad really... I mean, vegetarians aren't exactly a minority group these days. Plus, you'd think with all the hype about eating healthier they'd have more options out there with veggies in them. I think half the issue is that they assume if you don't eat meat then you eat fish, despite that not being the case.

Yeah, I thought it sounded good, anyway... The magazine, I mean! :)

Definately seems like Spring is here... Hopefully it will stick around until it's time for Summer, and Winter wont sneak back! ;)

Thanks! :)

Nope... It's never good when things stop working!

Yeah, as I said... Grab them while they're free! After all, it's not often you get things for free these days!

I hope the sleeping thing keeps up too! Rest is always good!

Yep... Gadgets can be great, when they actually work!

All the f words in her songs are the reason I'm not a huge fan of Pink. Every time I've heard her it's been the version with the swearing in, and I automatically dislike a song when that starts!

Hope you got a good night sleep! :)

Deanna said...

Wow. You packed a lot into this post. I'm a bit behind on reading blogs.

It is a shame the repairman couldn't figure out what is wrong with your washing machine. I'm glad you were able to work something out with your mom until you can get a new one.

Your trip to town sounds enjoyable, even if it did rain a bit. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday - and now it is 51 degrees today. Crazy!

I totally agree with you about what I refer to as "rap crap".

Hope you have a great rest of the week and didn't jinx your sleeping pattern.

Intense Guy said...

Goodness - someone really needed a to talk!

I'm sorry I've been so busy to not keep up and in touch. I finally got to the point where the two-three months of work I've kind of missed being sick or hurting need to be done - so its been busy.

It sounds like the electronics in your flat are behaving like those at my customers... all breaking all at once. I've a general idea how a washer and dryer works - they are basical of two major parts - electrical-electronic and mechanical - If the electrical parts are messed up (like a circuit board) I'm helpless - if its a loose wire - I can reattach/tighten it - worn items are mechanical. Mechanically, you have a motor that spins the drum usually with a belt (and the belt often can be replaced / tightened and often a worn belt is the culprit. Other mechanical things are the actual buttons and switches - which may or may not be servicable.


I find "exhausted" batteries to be a nuisance. Too often the manufactuers use a "custom" sized one to fit the shape of their items and replacements are often expensive or just not worthwhile when they are even possible.

Keeping up with things breaking/failing means just that... keeping up with them.


Toriz said...

Yes, I'm glad we could work something out until we can get the new one too.

*Nods* Yes, it was a nice trip to town.

Yeah, that is crazy weather you're having!

That's what I usually call it too... Because that's what it is! Rap crap!

So far so good with the sleeping pattern!

Yeah... I had a lot to say! LOL! ;)

That's OK. I know if you're not around there's a valid reason... And I also know you were behind on things. *Hugs*

The belt is fine... That was one of the first things that were checked. I'm thinking it's an electrical issue... Possibly some kind of fuse issue? Or possibly water got in somewhere it shouldn't have with the kitchen getting flooded and such? *Shrugs*