Friday, March 25, 2011

Furkid Friday: Kero's grooming photo, etc

Hi humans... This is Kero!

Gwydion didn't think to mention it, but I had my grooming appointment a week ago Monday. Of course, I always get a photo taken after my appointment... I only just make it through the door before Mami's asking me to pose! So, here's the best from the photos taken:

They did cut me shorter than they usually would have at this time of year, but it was because I had a few knots in my fur - where it had gotten wet so many times - and the humans decided it would be easier to just cut me a bit shorter than to make me sit still long enough for them to comb the knots out. So, because it's still so cold out, I have to wear my coat for some of my walkies. Sometimes it's sunny enough so I don't have to, but a lot of the time - especially when we're having our evening walkies - Mami says it's too cold for me to be out without my coat with such short fur. I prefer not to wear the coat (unless it's raining) but if it's a choice between wearing it or not getting walkies... Well, I guess I'm wearing the coat! Wouldn't you, given that choice?

And here's another couple of photos of me:

Firstt with Mami's laptop...

And then with some kind of toy...

The toy was for that little human pup they call, "Emma-Jane," who visits sometimes. She was having a birthday apparently. Personally, I don't think it's fair... Everyone else is getting their birthday now, but I have to wait until May for mine! I wanted to try and play with the human pup's toy, but beyond sniffing it I didn't get to do much, and I wouldn't even have gotten to do that much if Mami hadn't put it on the bed while she was sorting out the wrapping paper and tape to wrap it up for the human pup. I'm not even sure what a toy like that does... Mami did ttry to show me - after the photo was taken - but she did something that made something else pop up from where there had been nothing before, and that was scary, so I went away, and decided the toy was too scary to bother with after all. I hear the human pup really liked it though... She can keep it!

Those are the most exciting things that happened recently. The noisy humans are still around, but I'm getting bored of them. I don't even bother barking at them most times when they arrive now. Well, except for when one of them sometimes knocks on the door because they have to come inside to do something... Then I have to bark, because he needs to know that this is my home, and that I'm watching him closely while he's in it!

OK, so I'll let this do then. Besides, Mami sometimes takes me walkies in the afternoon as well, so I have to go and keep an eye on her... Just in case I spot her putting shoes on!

Licks and sniffs,


Furry Bottoms said...

You are looking terrific, Kero!

Intense Guy said...

You look fantabulous Kero!

(that's Fantastic and fabulous mushed together)

That human pup's toy was a real loser huh... if doesn't squeak or roll when you push it or if you can't chew on it.. what's it good for huh?

Ruffles your ears... glad you are keeping an eye out on your mam's, dad, Gwyddy's and your house.

Rita said...

You do look very handsome, for a dog. White like our snow. You are smart to stay away from scary toys that make startling noises and movements. Any toy that doesn't involve string is not worth getting up for, in my opinion.

I cannot imagine wearing a coat. What we put up with for our humans, eh? Enjoy your walks out in the scary world. I'll just watch from my chair by the window, thank you.
Love, Karma

AliceKay said...

Very handsome indeed. The groomer did a nice job taking care of those knots and still leaving you some fur. :)

The toy for Emma-Jane looked cute, but I can understand why it might startle you.

Enjoy the walks, even though you sometimes have to wear your coat. Mami is just looking out for you, just as you look out for her. :)

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you!

Thank you!

Yeah... Exactly! (About the toy)

Well, thank you! Coming from a cat that means a lot!

The cats we had used to love those string themed toys. Don't blame them - or you - for loving them! I sometimes joined in when the humans were playing with those things with the cats!

Personally I wouldn't want to miss out on my walkies. Coats are annoying, and there are loads of scary things in the world, but there are so many things to sniff out there!

Thank you! One of Mami's groomer rules is that I need to keep a slightly fluffy appearance. Says when my fur is kinda short, but I'm still looking fluffy, it reminds her of when I was a puppy and my fur hadn't fully grown in yet.

Yeah, I know she's just looking out for me... Still wish I didn't need the coat so much though!

Licks and sniffs,