Monday, July 30, 2012

The Red Arrows' air show

So, why were Kero, Kelly and I heading to the beach on the 22nd of July?

To watch the air show, of course!

The Red Arrows were doing an air show above Hastings for the first time in - if my sources are correct - 25 years, as the grand finale for the olympic celebrations in this area.  We wanted to be there to witness it, so we made our way along the seafront, photographing pirates as we went, so as to be on the seafront near Hastings in time for the show.

It was a perfect day for it; the weather was beautiful! And it was an awesome show (even for someone who couldn't see)!

Kero was an angel, and I was so proud of him!

His ears were constantly up and down (down means he's afraid or unsure, up means he's curious or happy) but other than that he was fine.  He wasn't trembling, and his tail wasn't tucked under him, so I think he was more unsure than anything.  I kept giving him ear rubs and reassuring him the whole time though, just in case.

Anyway, while I was in charge of making sure Kero was doing OK, Kelly was in charge of the camera.  So, here are the photos he took:

A couple of times they came so low over where we were that I almost felt I could have reached out and touched them...

Near the end of the show they did the sign for the olympics in the sky...

Then a heart...

I thought afterwards I could have used my phone to get an audio clip to go with the photos, but it was too late by the time I thought about it... We were at home by then and the show was long since over!

I hope you enjoyed the photos though!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Kero sounds like quite the sensible fellow. My ears would be going up and down, too, with the noise and all the strangers around; can't be too cautious and all.

The photos are magnificent. The formations so precise and artful, and that heart? An absolute treat.

Deanna said...

Yea, after you got home might be just a tad bit late to think of tryig for audio, lol.

That air show would have been amazing to see. The pictures were great. Tell Kelly thanks.

I can just see Kero's ears popping up and down and tail wagging!

Anonymous said...

that was amazing, wow!

Deanna said...

That looks like a wonderful air show. I got to see the Blue Angels in San Francisco many years ago and it was really cool. David is into planes and would have loved this.

Rita said...

I'm glad Kero wasn't scared so you could stay for the whole show. Colored smokes from the airplanes was really cool! It makes me so nervous when they fly in formation so very close together like that. Looks like it was a gorgeous day, too! What a great time! :)

Toriz said...

Yeah, Kero's always cautious... He's much more sensible than me, LOL! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

Kelly says you're welcome, and we're both glad you enjoyed the photos.

Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

I know a few people who would have loved to be at the air show with us. This was my first ever live air show, so it was even more exciting for me since I'd been dying to go to one!

I'm glad too; I'd been worried we'd have to leave early because of him being scared or something. I think maybe feeling how much everyone around him was enjoying it helped him? Glad you enjoyed the photos!

AliceKay said...

I loved the photos. Kelly did a fantastic job capturing so many great shots. (thank you, Kelly) I love air shows. Haven't been to one in a very long time, but I love them. :)

Thanks for sharing your day with us. :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you like the pictures; Kelly says you're welcome! :)

I know you'd have loved the air show, and if it had been at all possible, I'd have invited you to come with us!

Intense Guy said...

Kelly got some great shots! It looks like it was a magnificent day! I am glad Kero likes airplanes too!

Toriz said...

Yes, it was fantastic! And I'm glad Kero likes planes too; makes it easier for me if he likes the things I do, because it's easier for me to take him to the places then (which means I get to go, YAY!) I think he was a bit unsure at times though, but he wasn't shaking or trying to hide, which is good news!