Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The story of the cat and the squirrel, revisited

Some of you may remember that back in December I... Er, I mean Kero... Told you about the story of the cat and the squirrel. Well, we got a picture of the cat that very day, but we didn’t get one of the squirrel, and I was determined we would get a photo of it. The squirrel, of course, had other ideas.

We saw it frequently, but were never quite quick enough with the camera.

Until, finally...

That’s right, we caught the squirrel unaware while it was having its morning wash, and finally managed to get a photo of the sneaky little rodent!

It’s only taken us almost 8 months of almost daily attempts, LOL!


Parsley said...

Ah HA! Caught on camera! lol

Anonymous said...

ah ha, success! lol, 8 months , wow!!!!!

Chrislyn said...

Oh how cute! Eight months--wow! Our squirrels come right up close and practically pose for the camera! They just love to tease the dogs.
Thanks so much for entering my give away!


That corgi :) said...

he probably thought you guys gave up on trying to get his picture! Good persistence to capture him on picture Tori!


ChicagoLady said...

Iggy would be proud of your perseverance!

Toriz said...

Yeah... Finally!

Glad you liked the picture... Yeah, it took us a bit, LOL!

This one might have been easier to photograph if it wasn't for the fact the local cats chase it so it's wary of animals, and - of course - that would include dogs (which we have). I'm thinking it finally figured out that Kero isn't interested in chasing it, since it was when we had only Kero out that we finally got the photo (Willow chases anything and everything, so it's very afraid of her).

Yeah, maybe we lulled it in to a false sense of security? Or maybe it took pitty on us? LOL!

Yes, I'm sure you're right!

AliceKay said...

My first thought was that persistance wins out if you wait long enough. Good job! :)

Toriz said...

It does indeed; and thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

Smiles. Its amazing how hard it is to get some of these little rascal's photo!

8 months? pllliff! Smiles, I think I'm up to 4 years plus now....