Monday, September 29, 2008

Hospital (AE&D... PTMI)

As you probably know from my Mam's comments in my previous post and her post on her blog, I did - as suspected - end up going in to hospital for my specialist to sort out my eye. I don't remember what Mam said she filled you in on, and can't be bothered to check right now, so sorry if some of this is stuff you've already been told. I'm just carrying on from Wednesday, since I did an update on Tuesday.


The coral implant they put in my eye socket was starting to become exposed. Because of this my eye was bleeding and had become infected. After one look my specialist told me he wanted me in for another op, then promptly did the reasuring thing of calling to say they had to move his op schedule around for the following afternoon because I was an emergency and if it meant canceling someone then that person would just have to understand. And if that wasn't enough to make me feel fantastic (note the sarcasm) then you can imagine how wonderful I felt upon recieving the knowledge that he wanted me on an antibiotic drip because that was the only thing strong enough to fight the infection.

So I was shipped straight up to a room on the ward. I knew I'd be in until at least Friday, so - since I had a private room near enough to the bathroom to make finding it simple - my Mam showed me where everything was, and we put my stuff where I could find it.

My Mam had to go away for a while and I was pretty much left to do my own thing other than them coming in to finish sorting paperwork. Then they came in to me about 6:30 pm to try and atatch a drip to me. Unfortunately, the best veins in my hands for that were still scarred from last time and therefore unusable. Which meant that when my Mam and Dad got back a little after 7:00 pm they were still trying to find a good vein, and insisting that - despite the fact I was struggling to hold back tears by this time because of the pain - I was fine and my Mam could wait outside. It was only when my Mam told them I wasn't fine that they looked at me properly, I know it was because it was only then they realised I wasn't as "fine" as they'd thought I was. So they decided Mam could stay after all. I think it took them until about 7:30 pm before they finally got the drip in me.

They told Mam that the slightest press of the buzzer and someone would be there. It was lucky though that my Mam had shown me the way to the bathroom. I pressed the buzzer to get someone to take me (figured it would be easier to have help since the drip was in my right hand and using the cane left handed is VERY difficult for me). An hour later - after I'd given up and taken myself - someone pokes their head around the door to ask me if I'm OK and what I wanted. So I told them they were a bit late and I'd taken myself. They said they were sorry but they hadn't noticed the buzzer had gone off until then. I decided it was best not to respond to that. Though I could have said plenty!

I spent most of Thursday morning just trying to find something even remotely interesting on TV to keep myself occupied. Then - around noon - the anesthatist came to see me and check nothing had changed since last time and that sort of thing. She told me that she was concerned about a rash I'd gotten during the last surgery so I told her it was probably from heat and/or stress and not to worry. I could tell by her, "Hmmmm" that she didn't believe me though.

After I'd seen her I saw my specialist and he told me what they were doing and went through the concent form with me.

He said they were trimming some of the implant, then using some of the flesh from the inside of my eye lid to cover up the newly sewn up areas from re covering the implant. Then - in a couple of weeks - I go in for him to see if that has worked. If not then I'll have to go back in for the implant to be removed and the flesh in there to just be sewn up without the implant in it. They prefer the implant in there because it makes for a "better cosmetic result" but the implant isn't essential.


It was only about half an hour or so before my op I finally got a hospital band and a gown given to me (good thing they had that pre-op check list they had to do, eh?) and it was around 4:00 pm they took me down to theater. So I'd been in hospital for almost 24 hours before I got the hospital band given to me.

When I was being prepped for my op they decided the thing from my drip wasn't in enough for the anasthetic to work, so started trying veins to find a good one. By the time I was being put off to sleep I was ready to punch the anesthatist and had a drip in each hand. I told her I'd need to be able to use at least one hand later, but she told me not to worry about that. She also told me that it seems I'm right about that rash, because all the stress they'd caused me finding another good vein had brought it back. So, I delighted in saying, "I told you so," then in telling her exactly when the rash would have shown up during my last op. I could tell by her tone she was shocked I knew. And that she finally believed me about the cause of the rash.

When I woke up in recovery I had a drip in each hand and one in my foot. I was relieved that the mask was being held near my face rather than strapped around my head, so I didn't try and push it away, but I did try to tell them I needed at least one of my hands and since I only needed one of "those things" in then the one in my foot could come out too. They told me it didn't matter. So I - obviously - started getting stressy over it and trying to make them understand that if I can't use my hands I can't do anything because I can't see without my hands. And all they did was hold me down so I couldn't kick out or anything.

I finally managed to make one of the nurses that was there to take me back to the ward understand, so when we got back up there she took out the one in my foot and freed up my right hand. I'd have probably been fine then, but I discovered I was in a room with other people, which wasn't right. And when I asked was told I'd been moved so they could keep an eye on me. Apparently it was the anesthatist's order. Needless to say, I panicked. I didn't know where I was, or where my stuff was. I didn't even know at this point where my cane was. And by the time Mam, Dad and Kelly arrived (about 30 mins later) I was in hell of a state. And all I could say to them at first was that, "first I couldn't use my hands and now they put me where I don't know where I am!"

Mam went and had a word with them, and they said it was so I could be watched more closely. But the room I was in before was right by their desk, and the person in the room I'd been moved in to I later discovered had severed retinas and wouldn't have seen if anything was wrong anyway. Plus, I woke several times in the night and she wasn't even aware of that. And - again - they insisted the slightest press of the buzzer would bring someone to me. But when I pressed it when I woke up it took 45 mins to get a response. So it was lucky all I needed was a pee and that my breathing (which was what they were keeping an eye on) was fine. If my breathing had been an issue I'd have been dead before they got to me.

Apparently I never stopped breathing during the op this time (but they weren't quite as worried anyway, because I wasn't as dehydrated since I'd had breakfast). But because of my asthma and what happened last time they wanted to be sure I was fine and monitor me. How they were doing this when they weren't answering my buzzer is beyond me, but there you have it.

I saw my specialist's assistant around 8:30 am Friday morning. He said everything was looking fine so far, wrote up a prescription for me, had someone come and remove my final drip (thankfully) and told me that I was free to go home as soon as my specialist had seen me, because he wanted to see for himself how things were going before I left.

I asked someone a little before 10:00 am to call my Mam and let her know that I could leave in the afternoon. The nurse said she would, but when my Mam called to ask at 11:30 am she was told I hadn't been discharged and they didn't know if I would be or not. Around 12:30 pm (when my specialist saw me and said I was free to go now) I finally got them to call and let Mam know I could come home.

By the time she got there - around 2:00 pm - with clean clothes and my Dad (and his car, lol) I'd located and packed my stuff and was sat on the edge of my bed waiting for her.

Once I was dressed, I lingered just long enough to thank the ladies who'd come in that morning and looked after me (patients, not nurses) and for my Mam to tell the nurses she was taking me, then I was so out of there!

I've got an appointment to see my specialist next Monday afternoon. I wont really be able to tell you how the eye is healing up until then. All I know now is that it seems to have stopped bleeding, and the bit of gunk coming from it is the clear non-smelly stuff that is normal for a recovering wound. So, as far as I can tell it's so far so good.


Will catch up on comments and blog posts soon. Right now I'm tired and my hands are aching (still sore from all the being jabbed with needles) and I've already made them type until the point where they're hurting like hell to do this update. Plus I need to take another antibiotic tablet, and for a while after I take those I'm a bit muddle headed (more so than normal I mean, lol) so if I went and commented on blogs after taking that then you could end up with all sorts of rubbish in your comments sections. LOL!


P.S. In case I don't do a post tomorrow... Kati, say happy birthday to your Tey for me for tomorrow. :)


Jess said...

Oh Tori.
All that stuff is so horrible. Especially the whole needle/drip thing. Eugh. It's probably for the best you don't think about it to much - if it was me I know I would try not to!
Your hospital doesn't sound all that great, but then what can you do?
I'm very glad your eye is better for the time being. Keep resting!
Jess x

Intense Guy said...

Good grief - it sounds like you went through torture and then some - I hope you are truly on the mend now and none of this hospital trip ever gets repeated.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori love lets hope that you dont have any more problems with that eye as i think you have suffered enough with it and that blooming hospital, i know you have a way to go yet before it is heald, but we three here send you all our love and get well wishes and great big hugs from your grandma,grandad & jayde xxxxxx.

ChicagoLady said...

This trip to hospital was a nightmare! Leave it to the doctors and nurses to not realize the patient knows their own body better than anyone.

And then to put you in a strange room afterwards, without your family there, or making sure your things were there, or that you knew where things were at?

And the response when you pressed the buzzer for help? Deplorable! You should formally complain to the hospital administration!

I'm glad your eye appears to be healing now.

AliceKay said...

Wow, sure got put thru the wringer. *hugs*

Kaylee said...

i hate the hospitals i hate being sick tooo :( I am glad you are back I am not dooing well :( i need prayers and thoughts sent my way

Punkn said...

I'm so glad you are back home safe and sound. So sorry you had to go through that, though. Hopefully you will continue doing well and not have to go through any more surgeries!

Kati said...

Oh Tori!!!! Gads, it sounds like it was a horrible experience!!!! I'm so sorry the nurses and anesthesiologist treated you with such disrespect and disregard! How awful!!!! Really, REALLY makes me wanna come over there and give them a piece of my mind on your behalf. I told the Dr AND anesthesiologist last time that _I_ had lived in MY body for 27 years, and _I_ knew how _I'D_ react, and they better start listening to me! Felt kinda uppity saying that, but it helped them understand me a bit better about being unwilling to put up with their "god complexes". Those anesthesiologists esp. seem to have a problem with that.

Tay said thanks for the birthday wishes!!!