Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Found this on LadyStyx's blog... (FD)

I give you money and send you into the grocery store to pick up 5 items. You can only pick one thing from the following departments... what is it?

1. Produce: grapes
2. Dairy: Milk
3. Meat: Chicken breasts
4. Frozen: Frozen roast potatoes
5. Dry goods: Tea

Let’s say we’re heading out for a weekend getaway this weekend. You’re only allowed to bring 3 articles of clothing with you. So, what’s in your bag?

1. Clean underwear
2. trousers
3. t-shirt

If I was to listen in on one of your conversations throughout the day, what 3 phrases or words would I be most likely to hear?

1. "Why?"
2. I'll put the kettle on, shall I?"
3. "Because, that's why!"

So, what 3 things do you find yourself doing every single day, and if you didn’t get to do, you probably wouldn’t be in the best mood?

1. Eating
2. Sleeping
3. drinking tea

Sweet, you just scored a whole afternoon to yourself. We’re talking a 3 hour block with nobody around. What 3 activities might we find you doing?

1. Reading
2. Blogging
3. Watching a movie

We’re going to the zoo. But, it looks like it could start storming, so it’ll have to be a quick visit. What 3 exhibits do we have to get to?

1. Big Cats
2. Giraffes
3. Penguins

You just scored tickets to the taping of any show that comes on T.V. of your choice. You can pick between 3, so what are you deciding between?

1. Time team
2. Britain's Got Talent
3. American Idol
(It has to be one of those three, because they're the only ones I watch that are filmed in front of a live audience, or - as in the case of Time Team - sometimes allow the public to get close enough to see anything worthwhile happening).

You’re hungry for ice cream. I’ll give you a triple dipper ice cream cone. What 3 flavors can I pile on for ya?

1. Mint choc chip
2. Toffee fudge
3. Strawberry

Somebody stole your purse/wallet…in order to get it back, you have to name 5 things you know are inside to claim it. So, what’s in there?

1. plasters (or "bandaids")
2. Keys
3. Wallet
4. Pocket sized braille writing frame
5. Little notebooks for the writing frame

You are at a job fair, and asked what areas you are interested in pursuing a career in. Let’s pretend you have every talent and ability to be whatever you wanted, so what 3 careers would be fun for you?

1. Author
2. Child minder
3. Lion tamer


LadyStyx said...

Good answers!

MarmiteToasty said...

Great answers........ many oh so many are the same as what I would of answered :) - we must be twins seperated by 27 years LMFAO

and say NO to the childminder career..... over worked, underpaid, used by parents, house wrecked LOL


Tori_z said...

Thanks Styxie.

I'm sure it pays more than I've gotten when allowing people to drop off their kids with me so the kids can destroy my home in the past. I usually don't get paid. So, compared to that it would be good pay. LOL!

whimsical brainpan said...

Great answers!