Thursday, February 05, 2009

Weather, projects, brothers, food and books (LBE & FD)


By the time I went to bed last night (Wednesday night) the snow was mostly gone. Just a few heaps here and there... And no sign of Snow Dog. :(

BUT, by the time I got up this morning (Thursday) it was snowing again... We got about an inch or so throughout the morning. It stopped snowing around lunchtime though, and the sun shone brightly. So now we're back to just a few scattered piles of snow that were big enough not to melt away completely.

They're saying we "might" get some more snow tonight or tomorrow morning, but after that I think it's meant to warm up a bit and either be sunny for a bit or go back to traditional Welsh weather... Meaning rain, of course. LOL!

But that's OK. I've had my snow now... So, now Spring can come! Besides, I can't take Kero for walks in the snow, because with the snow on the ground I can't find the edge of the path with my cane... No path, no sense of direction... And there's no point Kelly trying to come with us, because he can't lead me and hold Kero (apart from anything else, the path's too narrow). So I've been "grounded" all week and unable to go further than the garden. And if I'd been tempted to try then my Mam would have killed me once she found out... She told me so. OK, not those exact words, but as good as. And Kelly was of the same opinion. I had no intension of trying though. So even if they hadn't grounded me until the snow is completely gone I would have still not been out for any walks with Kero all this week because of the snow.

Kero's not happy about it. But the snow will soon be all gone (even if - and it's a big "IF" - we getmore snow, it wont be long before it goes away and we go back to rain). So he'll just have to put up with it, since he wouldn't go with Kelly instead of me.


I ordered a sewing kit the other day. I ordered it because I went on the RNIB's website to get something I knew was on there that I'd gotten for my Nan and Grandma for Christmas and wanted it for myself for sewing. It was an automatic needle threader. More sterdy than the ones you usually find in craft shops (or, it's meant to be). Anyway, while on there I noticed that you can get an automatic needle threader, a pack of regular needle threaders, a pack of colour indicating buttons, a pack of easy to thread needles and a pack of regular needles for £5.14 (about US$10). And since the needle threader I wanted costs about £4 (about US$8) by itself I figured I'd just pay the little bit extra and get the other stuff too.

For anyone wondering... "Colour indicating buttons" are buttons in different shapes (and - I think - colours) that are designed to be used to sew on to things to help you colour co-ordinate your clothes. They're £2.95 for the size pack that came with my kit. They're cool shapes, but I doubt I'll use them for that since I honestly don't care if I'm wearing ablack pair of trousers and a green t-shirt, or a blue pair of trousers and an orange t-shirt. If I don't like a certain colour then I'll either not buy it after asking whoever I'm shopping with what colour it is, or wont buy fabric in that colour. Simple as that! They'll be nice buttons for home-made clothes though. And once the price of the two types of needle threaders was added together it was about the price of the pack, so the needles and those buttons were free. So I'm not complaining. Besides, it's nice to see something that's actually useful to people with no sight at all!

Anyway, I've got a couple of things that need their seams stitched up. I was going to ask my Mam to do them, but since I have my stuff now - and, since I need to start somewhere if I hope to one day make at least some of my own clothes - I figure I'll start with fixing them. We have some cotton, so I'm thinking I'll start work on the stitching up tomorrow. :)

Also, Kelly's hopefully getting me some knitting needles and wool tomorrow... If the shop is open! He went to today when he went to Tescos to do some shopping, but the shop was closed. We assume it was because they couldn't get there to open up because of the weather (or had decided not to bother trying because of the forecast). There was a lot of that. Anyway, if he manages to get that stuff tomorrow then I can start work over the weekend on whatever I decide to knit first... I'm thinking a nice, wooly blanket.

I haven't made any progress with the other projects yet. No real reason for it. I just haven't gotten around to getting the required supplies yet... I guess I've just been too busy playing in the snow or something. LOL! Besides, because of the snow most places are closed., which means I probably couldn't get most of the stuff even if I sent someone out for it


This being the first Thursday of the month my brother (Wayne) was going to be spending the night here. We often have him over on the first Thursday of the month because my Nan often goes out for the evening then, which leaves my Mam and Dad to have a few hours on their own (something they don't get much with living with Nan and having Wayne still at home). But we didn't have him this month. Because of the snow my Nan's meeting or whatever it is she goes to on the first Thursday of the month was cancelled. We might have had him anyway, but with the possibility of more snow coming we might get stuck with him. I love my brother (don't tell him though, lol) but I don't want to get stuck with him for too long at one go, thank you very much! LOL!

And - speaking of my brothers - Carl and Rachel are coming down for a visit at the end of next week. They're spending about a week with Mam and Dad, and on Valentines' day Carl, Rachel, Mam, Dad, Kelly and I are going out to dinner while Wayne has Kero for the evening. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the resteraunt, but Mam's made our reservation somewhere she says is nice. LOL!

We'd have gone to watch a movie or something too, but Mam and Rachel aren't the least bit interested in the kinds of movies the guys like to watch, and vice-versa. I watch such a variety of movies that I'd sit through whatever. But either Mam and Rachel would have to watch a movie they wouldn't enjoy, or the men would have to watch one they wouldn't enjoy. So it's just not an option. So we're just going out for dinner.


I haven't been doing well with eating what I should be over the past few days. Not entirely my fault though.

The thing is that Kelly was meant to go shopping on Monday... He got up to go and everything... But with the snow - and our reputation here for everything closing if we get enough snow to make it worth mentioning - he decided not to go. I may have mentioned that Monday.

His intension was to go Tuesday. But Tuesday there was even more snow.

We "needed" a couple of things (bread, milk and dog food). So Kelly had no choice but to go and see if he could find an open shop Tuesday. He did find one. He said you'd have sworn it was the end of the world or something with how many people had braved the snow to search for an open shop. Not just because of the amount of people though... The shelves were emptying fast! But with most of the shops closed and predictions of snow until Friday in every paper, on the TV, and on the radio then I'm not surprised. In fact, even the shops that did open mostly closed around lunchtime.

Then Wednesday came and everything was icy, so since we did have stuff we could make meals out of - all be it not the healthiest of meals - he decided not to try and brave the ice. Snow is one thing, but ice is something he'd rather not be out in if he can help it.

Which meant it was today that he went shopping. He went up town to see if the shops were open. More were than had been Tuesday, but several weren't. Tescos was though, and that was most important.

But - as I was saying - until Kelly could get some shopping done we only had whatever we could throw together from stuff in the cupboards and freezer. We had a decent amount of things, but the bulk of the stuff that was left was the things that - due to my attempts at keeping their consumption to a minimum - weren't exactly healthy. Things like chips (as in fries) and sausages. So eating healthily went right out the window most of this past week.


I've finished listening to "The Beatrix Potter Collection". I don't think I need to tell you that I enjoyed the stories. And - as I mentioned when I told you about buying the collection - I don't think I need to tell you what the stories are about. I'm sure everyone knows them... Perhaps not well, but well enough to recognise the author's name, and well enough to know the theme of the stories.

I also read a book called "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. A strange story about a woman who goes mad after a few months of being confined to a room with yellow wallpaper in it after the birth of her child. I can't make up my mind what I thought of it... Other than it being a strange story, of course!

Now I'm listening to "Stonehenge" by Bernard Cornwell. There are 14 disks... I've just finished disk 3.

OK, I think that covers just about everything.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Kaylee said...

wow that is great :) did you get my emai;l?

ChicagoLady said...

Wow! More snow! I'm totally convinced about global warming now!

Curious. How do you sort your clothes, colour-wise? Or do you not? Are all your tops shoved together in a drawer, and you just randomly pick one? Or...???

What do you mean Kelly doesn't do well on ice? He's from frickin' CANADA, the Great White North. He of all people should know how to deal with snow and/or ice.

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Chicagolady's last comment. I was wondering that, too. How long has Kelly been away from Canada, Tori?

MarmiteToasty said...

I was thinking along the same lines as ChicargoLady lol Kelly is a bloody red jacketed mountie from Canada, he would be out in the snow in nuffin but his birthday suit lol......

I think we in the very south are the only people last night that missed the snow LOL..... its raining raining and bitter cold here today.......


Tori_z said...


Well, I have certain rules with my clothes... Certain things have to be light coloured, while others have to be dark coloured... That's so I know what laundry basket to put them in to get them washed. But other than that... I just put them in a drawer and grab whichever one is on top. They get put away in whatever order they come out of the dryer in, and get put back in the drawer together for the whole thing to start again.

I used to make a big deal about wearing colours that match, or colours that go well together. But I find I don't care any more. What difference does it make whether the trousers and top are both blue? Or whether the top and trousers I picked are colours that go well together? It makes no difference to whether the clothes fit and are comfy!

Chicago, AK & Toasty:
No, no, you have it wrong. It's not his abilities to deal with the ice and snow that make him reluctant to brave the ice. It's the fact that with no Winter tires on the cars, ice on the roads, gritters only bothering to clear the main roads, and narrow and winding back roads to navigate that the gritters don't bother to clear, there are always accidents when the roads are icy. So he didn't want to go out in all that thick ice then have to get in a taxi that - due to the things I've already mentioned - could crash at any moment. He can easily deal with the snow and ice... It's our vehicles that can't! And he'd need to get a taxi home with the shopping if he got more than bread and milk and that sort of thing, because one person can't carry nearly a dozen shopping bags that distance on their own.

Punkn said...

You sure have a lot going on right now, Tori.

I'll have to say you have the right attitude about the clothes. But please tell me you don't wear checks and stripes together. My 6 yr old granddaughter mixes her clothes up like that and it drives me bonkers!

Intense Guy said...

I just have to sit here and ponder about Kelly standing naked in a snowbank. You can get a very red....errr, nose doing that.

I hope things go well with your sewing - and that it leads to bigger and better projects. There is a dry cleaner here that does pant leg hemming - and she is forever busy at it - so few guys (myself included) know how and when they gotta - they take 'em to her!

Tori_z said...

I tend to steer clear of checked patterns, so there's pretty much no chance of that happening. LOL!

Yes, someone would get a very cold... Er... Nose if they were to be nakid in a snow bank. ;)

ChicagoLady said...

Not just a red...err...nose, but a blue tit as well!

Thanks for explaining it more, Tori. And btw, black trousers and a green t-shirt or blue trousers and an orange t-shirt go just fine together.

MarmiteToasty said...

What???? ya mean he didnt bring his mountie horse and red jacket with him from canada ;)

LOL@Iggy..... oh my lmfao


MarmiteToasty said...

Shhhhhhhhhhhh.......... talking of snow lol....

on my sidebar profile it says.... that...... *looking around to make sure no one is listening* - it says..... something along the lines of...... Ive always wanted to make love on a blanket in the snow with someone special LMFAO......

Dam, all our snow has gone and there aint no one special within calling distance LOL


Tori_z said...

LOL @ blue tit. ;)

No worries... I just never thought to explain before.

They wouldn't let us bring the horse on the plane, and the red jacket got lost during a move. LOL!

Maybe next year you'll have better luck with "someone special" being available when there's snow?

MarmiteToasty said...

We only get proper snow every 8 or so years LOL....... I'll be pushing up the bloody daisies by then LMFAO.....


Tori_z said...

Well, the "8 or so years" will give you time to find "someone special" and convince them it's a good idea. LOL!

MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@you - well in 8 years time I will be well past me sell by date and any bloke of that age will have shrivelled up and his bits probably fallen off by then, either that or frost bite will of set in cos of the snow and all dangly bits will be like shrunken heads LOL


Tori_z said...

Thanks for that image! LOL!