Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow, a realization, addictions & a Starfighter (LBE)

Today is February 2nd... Groundhog Day... Imbolc... Whatever you want to call it! Either way, it's "meant to be" the day when you can start looking for signs Spring is coming. People who - like me - follow the old Celtic calender to determine the seasons often refer to it as the first day of Spring. But when Spring is "meant to" start isn't important. People can believe what they want.

What is important is that... Only last night I was moaning to Kelly that it wasn't fair that everyone - including my Mam, who lives only a few miles away - was getting some decent snow except me. And I was the one wanting it!

So I'm sure you can imagine how pleased I was to find this waiting for me this morning when I got up. :)

I'm usually up before Kelly, but I had a bad night last night so never fell asleep until around 5:00 am. As a result of that I was still in bed - though awake - when Kelly got up to go up town. I didn't stay in bed long when he told me what was outside though. LOL!

Kero and I rushed straight outside... I didn't even stop to get dressed, I just threw my dressing gown on over my PJs and shoved my feet in my slippers with the hard bottoms that can cope with getting a bit wet. Then I grabbed my camera - giving Kelly instructions to "grab a photo or two of the snow for me" as I handed it to him - and out we went! LOL!

There's not loads of snow, but there was about half an inch or so when these pics were taken, and we've had a good half an inch more since. Like I said, not a lot compared to what most people are getting, but at least it's "real" snow!

I FINALLY got some PROPER snow!!!

And... It's started snowing a bit again... Still "proper" snow! :)


I tried to play with Kero in the snow, but he wasn't interested.

I realized something then... My little "Cubby Puppy" (one of my nicknames for him) is no longer a puppy! My little Cubby Puppy has grown up... And I either hadn't noticed it happening, or hadn't wanted to notice. *Sigh*

I don't know why it came as such a shock to me... I mean, he'll be 5 in May, and most dogs "grow up" by the time they're 3. I have to say most dogs, because Labradors often don't grow up at all... Willow (Mam's Lab who is 6 months younger than Kero) certainly doesn't seem in a hurry to grow up! LOL!


I got this award from CelticSpirit.

The rules are that you're supposed to list five addictions, then pass it on to other bloggers. So...

1. Chocolate (especially Guylians Chocolate Seashells)
2. Cups of tea... Gotta have my cups of tea!
3. Books, books and more books!
4. Writing... There may be times when I don't write much, but if I couldn't write - one way or another - I'd feel like part of me was missing.
5. Chips (as in fries)

As for the passing it on part... I'm going to cheat with that and say that if you haven't already been given it and want to join in, take it and call it a gift from me! :)


Kelly and I put my model of a Jedi Starfighter together the other day (Friday, I think).

Anyway, He took a couple of photos for me to share with anyone who is interested in seeing.

If you want to read about it then go here.


OK, I think that will do for today.

Enjoy the rest of your day! :)



Celticspirit said...

You guys did a good job on the starfighter model. How long have you been collecting that kind of stuff? It sounds like a fun hobby.

I'd totally forgotten that it was groundhog day today until I read your blog. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm glad you got some snow. Maybe soon you will get enough that you can make a snowman.

Have a good day!

Tori_z said...

I've not been collecting them for long. This particular one was one Kelly got me for Christmas. We're trying different kinds of model kits to see which ones I enjoy doing most.

LadyStyx said...

Congrats on the award...I've got a few that I really need to get posted. Then again, I've been saying that for a few days now...

ChicagoLady said...

Yayyyyyy! You got snow! I was wondering if you'd get any, since London got a few inches and everything stopped. I can't imagine a city like London not having any snowplows, but I guess when you only need them every 20 years or so, what's the point?

Congrats on your award!

Intense Guy said...

Kero is so white he blends in with the snow...

Perhaps you should make a SnowKero!

Congrats on the award! And the Starfighter came out really nice...

The Wife O Riley said...


Kaylee said...

sorry i havent been here much OMG i love that model :)

Tori_z said...

Like you said, we don't need the stuff very often, so what's the point? We can even buy snow tires here... But nobody does because we get so little snow that there's no point. And the reason everything stops is because everyone's so shocked to see the snow, and because it happens so rarely that people can't remember what to do about it.

LOL @ snow Kero!

I did make a snow castle... I don't think Kero liked it though... It was only a little one - maybe six inches high - and he trampled it flat. :(

The remains are now buried under a fresh coat of snow.

AliceKay said...

Yep, that's snow alright. LOL. Glad you finally got some to have some fun in. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

Good work on the Jedi Starfighter! It looks great.

I saw on the news about all of the snow the UK is getting. I'm glad you are enjoying it. :-)

Punkn said...

Good for you! You got snow! We got snow while I was on vacation, so I missed it and that is just a-ok with me!
Nice model. You did a good job on it.

Tori_z said...

Thanks... I guess someone finally managed to ship some over after all. ;)

I think I'm the only human around here to be glad to see so much snow though. Well, the only one not of school age. It sounds as though the kids around here are pleased to see the snow. But then, since schools are closed when we get snow here, I'm not surprised at that. LOL!

Well, because we don't get snow very often I make the most of it when it comes. So I'd have been disappointed if I found out it snowed while I was away and I missed it. But I guess if you get it at least once a year without fail - or if you have issues with dealing with cold - then it's different.