Friday, April 24, 2009

Furkid Friday: Willow & "Warden"

Hello humans. It's me again, and it's time for another Furkid Friday.

I had a busy few days after my last blog post. First I had to rest from the exhausting task of watching the humans reorganize stuff. Then I had to dodge heavy rain showers in order to still get the required amount of garden inspections in to my day. Then I had to get all my toys and treats scattered around in the way I like them. The humans seem to be obsessed with putting them back in the box. I don't understand why. They're so much easier to find when they're all over the floor. Those humans don't know anything!

Anyway, if all that wasn't tiring enough, Willow came for a visit on Sunday. Willow is the dog who tries to keep the "Mamgu" and "Dadci" humans in line. She lets them get away with a lot though. She's such a softy. As long as they give her the required amount of outside time, treats, and play time, she's happy. She spoils those humans, she really does.

So, anyway, she came for a visit on Sunday, and she brought her humans with her. Willow and I managed to persuade Mamgu and Mami humans to take us for walkies together. After all, the rain I'd been dodging Friday and Saturday had gone away. We were successful, and had a really nice walk in the sunshine. Willow and I did a lot of sniffing, and I had a few spots to mark - it's required of a male dog - but, other than that, the walkies were uneventful.

After walkies I let Willow play with some of my toys in return for the Bonio the humans gave her that she didn't really want at that time. Then she took her humans home.

On Monday Mamgu and Dadci human came back without Willow, and Mamgu human took this photo of me for me to post for this week's furkid Friday.

I wasn't sure I wanted a picture taken... I was kinda busy enjoying the sunshine and watching anyone who happened to be within my range of sight. But she kept on at me, so I gave in. Besides, I'm sure you all just love seeing photos of my handsome face.

After they left another human came. I don't like this human very much. The humans call her "warden" and every time she comes she just talks to the humans for a few minutes, then she plays with the cords the humans leave around the place - despite us not having any cats to play with them any more - and a box in the hallway makes a nasty noise that hurts my ears. So I get upset when she comes. But the humans say she has to come and check on Mami. Which is stupid, because I do a great job of looking after my humans. I don't need any help. Especially from a human!

Then, on Tuesday, I found out that a human called "Styxie" gave me and Mami human an award because of the fantastic job I do on my posts. That just proves that I was right about how eager you humans are to hear about my fascinating life. Thank you Styxie human for the award (which Mami human posted on Wednesday, so you can scroll down and see it if you haven't already but want to).

OK, well, other than that my week has been the usual routine. So I wont waste valuable garden inspecting time telling you things you should already know about.

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

I love it. Great post, Kero.

And what a handsome face that is. :)

Intense Guy said...

Woof woof ahhwoooooooo!!


Hey Kero! Do you think you can talk Willow into doing a Furkids Friday thing?

You are one super handsome dog.


Your not-so-secret admirer.

MarmiteToasty said...

Kero is soooooooo precious.... but after getting a £173 ($346) bill for me cat that I had to still have put down last week, I dont think a dog is now in our future....


AliceKay said...

*sends a hug to MarmiteToasty*

I've been there and it isn't easy.

Veggie Mom said...

Kero looks like she might be related to Toto, too? Love the world from a dog's perspective!

Intense Guy said...

*Sends a great big hug to MarmiteToasty*

Tori_z said...

Kero says thank you. :)

Kero says he'll see what he can do about getting at least a monthly post from Willow. He's hopefully meeting up with her on Wednesday, so perhaps he can talk to her about it then? ;)

*Hugs* You'd think they could have given you a bit longer to grieve before they started sending bills out. :(

Glad you enjoyed the post.

LOL @ the Toto comment.

LadyStyx said...

*HUGZ* for Marmie. Been there, done that. Wont go into the details here about it.

So glad you liked your award Kero, dear. You and your Mami are very well deserving of it.

Deanna said...

Woof Woof! You be one busy guy, Kero.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

hello " my-great-grandson-furkid "
Well what a lovely time you have had with all that " sniffing & marking " while you were out for a walk, and i am sorry to be so late in leaving you a comment, big hugz from your Human gr/grandma, xxx, :).

Big hugz to " Marmite Toasty " also been there and done that.