Monday, June 08, 2009

Boyzone concert

As most - if not all - of you know, last Tuesday (June 2nd 2009) Mam and I went to Cardiff to see Boyzone in concert. Boyzone are a band I followed from when they first formed (which, I think, was in 1993). They seporated for a while, but got back together near the end of last year. I've always wanted to see them, so Kelly brought tickets for me and Mam to go see them as an anniversary present to me. The tickets are pictured above.

Pictured above is the t-shirt Mam brought. Below is Mam modeling the one I brought. I had the camera, and I couldn't be bothered to get up, so I took the photos, Mam posed.

Anyway, we spent the day in Cardiff, then went to the concert. We had fantastic seats, since they moved us so I didn't have to do the steps, and we ended up riding in a lift and sitting up on the balcony beside the camera men that were filming the concert (I'm assuming they were filming it for a video to be released of the concert). And here are the photos Mam took.

And, last but not least...

Yes, we enjoyed. We were exhausted by the time we got home though, because we'd been in Cardiff all day, and only got home about 1:00 am Wednesday morning. But it was a fantastic day, and an awesome concert... Well worth the 16 year wait to see it. ;)



AliceKay said...

Awesome! I'm glad you had a great time at the concert and enjoyed yourselves. Love the t-shirts. The pics of the concert came out really good, too.

Intense Guy said...

Those t-shirts look nice! Your mom looks like she is having a blast and oooooohhh what great seats!

Did they sing your favorite Boyzone song? and what is it? :)

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like a great time!

How's the knee feeling hun?

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

WOW Tori what great photo's and to get seats where you got them must have been " the iceing on the cake ".

and you certainly seemed to have had a great time there and yes i bet it was worth the 16 years wait, :).

Celticspirit said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I like the t-shirts. What luck in getting such good seats! I've never heard of Boyzone, are they from Europe?

Deanna said...

What fun! Your mom looks like she is having a great time. Those seats look like they were some of the best in the house.

Hope your knee is healing ok. Huggsss

The Wife O Riley said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!

AliceKay said...

*whispers to Tori* I don't have any songs by Boyzone in my files. :\ (time for me to get some)

I hope your knee is feeling better.

Tori_z said...

Glad you all enjoyed the photos. :)

They're an Irish boy band from the 90s who recently got back together. Ever heard of Ronan Keating? He's their lead singer. The other four guys are Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch, Mickey Graham and Keith Duffy.

*Gasps* Really? Well, then I'll have to see about sending you some. Will sort it out when I have a chance... Maybe over the weekend?

AliceKay said...

Sounds good, Tori. Whenever you have a chance, you could send me some of your favorites. I got 6 songs by them last night. They are...

Father and Son
I Love You Anyway
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Love Me For A Reason
Picture of You

Tori_z said...

OK, will sort out at least some of the others for you this weekend. :)