Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knees, news and nonsense (LBE & FD)

When I spoke to my Nan the other day, she told me her leg is healing. Not as quickly as she'd like it to, but at least it's healing. Besides, injuries on people Nan's age don't tend to heal quickly. I don't know why, but that's just how it seems to work... Young people seem to heal quicker than old people, and Nan's 81, so she's definately not in the "young" catagory any more.

My knee is healing nicely. I'm still getting the odd twinge if I've been walking about for a while, but that's about it. I don't know if it will ever be perfectly fine again though, because I did the same thing to my ankle when I was about 7, and it never fully healed. Still, at least it's the same leg, so the other leg is still good. ;)

I wont bother with a MarmiteToasty update, because she did one herself the other day - as most of you will know, since most of you read her blog - and there's nothing new to say.


It is VERY HOT today. I'm extremely glad I walk Kero in the mornings, because it was hot enough doing it then. If we did afternoon walks then I don't think either of us would be able to cope with the heat today. It's not too bad indoors, because it's like being in the shade. But where we walk gets direct sunlight most of the day with just a few patches of shade from the trees close enough to the path to cast their shadows on to it. Still, we had a nice walk. Kero was definately enjoying it... As usual! ;)

During the dry days we've had we've managed to get people to cut the front garden properly. The back garden still needs work, but at least the front is sorted now. The front is most important, because when the grass gets too long it becomes impossible for me to follow the path (even with my cane). It was getting to that point, which is what prompted us to get it sorted. We wouldn't have let it get to that point normally, but since our strimmer was at my parents' place, and since our mower isn't too great (and hasn't got any blades)... Well, you get the idea. The strimmer is down with us now though, and we paid someone to come and bring a mower. We're going to get our own mower soon though.

We managed to figure out a good place for an indoor airer, so we brought one of those instead of a tumble dryer for those days when - as often happens in Wales - it's too wet to use the washing line. It's a sturdy little thing, and was a LOT cheaper than the dryer would have been. The dryer would have cost us £200 ($400) plus £20 ($40) for delivery. The airer cost £14 ($28) and could be picked up by Mam and myself while we were in town. Yep, definately cheaper! Plus, it wont cost for electric to dry the clothes, so that's an added bonus. And it's big enough to fit about two loads of washing on it without crowding the clothes, so plenty of drying space. We're going to use the money we saved on not getting a tumble dryer to buy a good lawn mower.

Actually, I used some of the money for new shoes the other day. My sandals are almost five years old and in need of replacing. They've served me well, but they're getting really tatty now. So, I brought a new pair. Their usual price is £20 ($40) but this time of year sandals are on sale, so they only ended up costing me £7 ($14)... Less than half price, and they last well. Gotta love that. I also got a pair of what we call daps. I'm not sure what they're called in the states... I think "plimsoles" or something like that? Anyway, they're to replace the shoes I got last year, which already needed replacing. Why? Because when I wear any shoes with much weight to them I tend to drag my feet a lot, which means the shoes suffer more wear and tear than they should. It's weird, but the lighter the weight of the shoe, the longer it tends to last me, because I pick my feet up properly in light shoes. That's why I prefer to wear daps (plus, no laces... LOL!) They're nice and light weight, but good enough to wear when it's too wet for sandals. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. But I'm one of those people who prefers to go barefoot. Anyway, the daps only cost me £5 ($10) so that was a good price too. Two pairs of shoes for £12 ($24) which is less than the price one pair normally is... Can't argue with that! ;)

And, speaking of new things, we got a letter from the council (who own the place we live in) saying we're going to be getting a new bathroom and kitchen fitted some time in the next two years. They didn't tell us exactly when, but wanted to warn us not to do any decorating that wasn't essential - especially in the kitchen and bathroom - until after they've done what they intend to do. Apparently they have to get the kitchens and bathrooms in their properties up to a certain standard before the end of 2011. Kelly's pleased about it, because we only have a bath at the moment (council properties here usually only come with just a bath or just a shower) but - apparently - after the work is done we'll have one of those shower bath combos that come as standard in places in most countries. I've got to say, I'm pleased about that too. I mean, I love my bath, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to just grab a quick shower. Kero and I will probably have to go and stay with my parents' while the work is being done though, because it'll probably take several days, and I expect they'll have their stuff all over the place while doing the work, which will be a problem for me. Plus, Kero likes to "help" people do work, and most people don't appreciate that. LOL!

Let's see, what else...

I've decided I'm not cut out for growing things. My reasons are:

1. Once they get to a certain size it's hard for me to keep an eye on their progress without breaking bits of plant off.

2. I couldn't keep the planters weed free, because I couldn't tell what was plant and what wasn't.

3. It was feeling more like a chore than something enjoyable.

So, I sent those planters that could be moved up to my parents' place, and Mam is tending to them (probably Nan and Dad check on them from time to time too). And the beans - which couldn't be moved because they were nicely climbing the netting we put up for them - Mam and Kelly are keeping an eye on for me. Some of my Sunflowers are still here too, but they pretty much take care of themselves.

I tried, but I'm not a gardener, and I don't think I want to be one after all. I'll stick to taking photos of the plants and flowers, and let other people tend to them. ;)

I'm having much better luck with my knitting than with the gardening. But I'll tell you about that at the end of next week when I do my craft update for this past month. There will actually be more than just knitting updates in this month's craft update post, but you'll have to wait to find out what else will be in the update post, because I'm not telling. ;)

Let's see, what else was I going to post about... Oh yes...

We tried the environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products that Asda does, and they seem to be really good. They work as well as the types we were getting before, they smell nice, and their prices are reasonable. Plus, all their packaging is recyclable. We've now been using them for close to two months, and intend to continue doing so.

I've discovered that I like plums. I wasn't sure, so I brought one to try. Turned out it was tasty, so I brought more. I'm not saying it's up there with my favourite fruits (which are berries, cherries, grapes and rhubarb) but it's definately something I'd be willing to eat on a semi-regular basis. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to my parents' place for dinner, and we're having a salad. This will be my oppertunity to find out if I like beetroot (AKA beets) and celery. I was meant to be trying it about a month ago, but by the time everything had been done I was tired, so I never ended up going to my parents' place that day after all. So, I'll try them tomorrow.

And, last but not least... Belated happy birthday wishes to Kelly's Aunt Sue for Sunday (June 14th) and to my Mam's friend's youngest son, Nathan for yesterday (June 15th). :)

OK, I think that covers everything. ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Deanna said...

It sounds like you've been getting some really good buys. You need to hire out your shopping skills :)

I'm glad to hear you are definitely sticking with the knitting. You have done some beautiful work so far. Let someone else do that gardening! It's hot outside, anyway.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you got quite a bargain while shoe shopping. I go barefoot as often as possible because it's hard for me to find good fitting shoes. I wear a slip-on type of shoe around the house whenever I need something on my feet.

Sorry to hear your gardening didn't go as well as you had hoped. It's hard work to keep up with it all. I hope we get to see the sunflowers in bloom in the future, tho. My Asiatic Lilies are just beginning to blossom and are looking pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed your day. Karen and Ryan are here. She took him for a ride to get him to take a nap so now they are here.

Intense Guy said...

Goodness - you have been one busy little beaver! You got some excellent buys. I should get one of those indoor dryer things myself.

I hope they didn't mow the backyard, I was just getting the whole of it memorized in my head. :)

I hope your knee heals completely and the twinges go away - and that your Nan feels 100% soon too.

LadyStyx said...

I generally prefer to be barefoot but I spend most days in a pair of sneakers because I need them to ride my bike. If Im not in those then Im wearing my slippers.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

WOW Tori that was a long post love, but a very good one at that.

And the shoe's were definitely a very good bargain, so thats you ok for shoe's for a little while then, :).

Well done on keeping up the knitting i cant wait to see what my blanket looks like, :).

Tori_z said...

I would hire out my shopping skills, but I'm worried it will end with me making lots of shopping trips, and I don't like shopping.

Thanks (about the knitting).

As long as they do bloom, you will get to see them in bloom. :)

LOL! Nobody's cut the back garden yet... Someone probably will eventually though, sorry. ;)

Even when I'm on the rowing machine I go barefoot. I probably shouldn't (those foot rests aren't the most comfortable thing in the world to put a bare foot on) but... *Shrugs*

Well, I did warn people it would be a long post. ;)