Friday, June 05, 2009

Kero's Korner: Why do they keep going?

Hello humans, Kero here.

It's been really hot lately, so I haven't done much. I'm really glad I recently had my fur cut.

I've spent a lot of time sunbathing, laying in the shade, and watching for my humans out of the living room window, because they keep going places they say I'm not allowed to go to.

Why do the humans keep going places without me? It's not fair! I like to go on outings too!

Mami went for a very long outing a few days ago. She left at breakfast time, and she didn't come home until bed time. I was SO relieved when she came home safely. I was starting to think she might not be coming back, or that she'd had to go to that place called "hospital" where she kept going last year again. But she didn't smell of that place, and she brought a teddy home with her, so it couldn't have been that place. She told me it was a place called "Cardiff" and that she was seeing someone called "Boyzone" there. I'm not sure where that is or who Boyzone is though. All I know is that she had a good time, and she says she'll sort out a post about it once Mamgu has had a chance to sort out the photos for her. She's hoping to do the post this weekend.

Speaking of photos, thank you Iggy human for helping me to sort out the photo for this post.

Licks and sniffs,


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

Well Kero you seem to have had a bit of a " lazy " what with your sunbathing and looking for humans out of the window.

i love the photo of you on the arm of the " sofa " are you keeping an eye on the ornament doggy in the window too.

You just keep whatching out the window for all them humans cos you never know one of them might come in and take you for a " walk ".

love from your human grandma,xxx

Celticspirit said...

Good Morning Kero! That is such a cute picture of you with the doggie in the window. :) You are such a good looking you have a girlfriend?
Your Mami did such a good job making that blanket it has me wondering if she is going to make you a sweater to keep you warm in the winter. You should ask her to.
Hope your weekend is a good one.

Deanna said...

Be glad those silly humans let you stay home, Kero. As you say, it is hot out there.
I'm looking forward to Mami's post about Boyzone.

P.S. You are so good looking with that short furcut.

Intense Guy said...

*Bounces in and licks and sniffs Kero*


I don't know boyzone really well but they are what they call moo-sick and I know there are different kinds of moo-sick. I think most dogs like Coon Tree moo-sick best since we can sit and go ah woo wooo wooooooooooooooo and wail along with it.

There is also Rock. I think Deanna knows Rocks really good - so you could ask her about it.

Hope you have lots of walkies this weekend!!

Lick sniffs! (and a slight slobber)


Intense Guy said...


Hey Kero, I hope your Mami's knee heals quickly and she feels better really, really soon! You keep licking her face for us ok?

LadyStyx said...

I love the new furcut. It looks so slimming as well as cool!

Hoping the Mami gets better soon. Seems like quite a few of us are falling apart lately.

Tori_z said...

Thank you. Yes, I did have a bit of a lazy week. Nobody likes to do a lot when it's hot.

I havve several girlfriends... Willow, Jayde, Daisy, Mia, and a few girls I know by smell, but not necessarily by name. There's a good looking female Westie up the road who I love to watch when she goes walkies.

I try to avoid wearing sweaters, but Mami says she'll make me a blanket in Gryffindor colours, since I enjoy the Harry Potter movies.

Thank you. And, Mami says she'll get to the post as soon as she can.

Thank you for the information... That clears things up.

I'm not getting decent walkies this weekend, because Mami's got to rest her knee, and I don't like to go with Dadi and not Mami. Besides, the rain has come back, and Dadi doesn't like going walkies in the rain.

Mami's knee is still bugging her lots, even though I tried to lick it better. But I'll keep trying to lick it better until she's OK again and we can go for our walkies properly again.

Thank you.

Licks and sniffs,