Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday AKA Wednesday (FD)

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to my parents place just before lunch time. Mam and I both had some marmalade on toast for lunch, then we spent the afternoon with Mam's sewing machine.

Mam turned a pair of trousers I had that were too short in the leg in to a pair of shorts for me, and she made me a new t-shirt. She'll be making me another one soon. I was going to do it, but Mam offered, and I hadn't gotten around to taking up the trousers, nor to turning the fabric I'd brought in to t-shirts yet, so I decided to let Mam do it. Besides, she has a sewing machine, I have to do it by hand. That means it takes a couple of hours for her, a good few days for me. You do the math! ;)

I stayed there for dinner, and most of us had salad. I say most of us, because Wayne doesn't eat salad, so he had pasta. Mam, Dad, Nan and I had salad though.

I tried celery, and liked it. Nothing to write home about, but kinda nice. I definately didn't like the beetroot (beets) though! So all of you who like them can keep them!

Anyway, after dinner Mam and I went to take something to a friend. I'd made something for her little boy (will tell you more in next week's craft update) and wanted to give it to him myself. He seemed pleased with it, and that's all that matters. :)

The poor little one (Lucas) wasn't well, but boy can he talk. Lucas talks more than me, and that's saying something! I got a running commentry of the Batman cartoon that was on while I was there (going to have to borrow that kid for cartoon time... *Winks*... LOL!) He also showed me how several of his toys worked, told me his opinions of various superheros and cartoon characters (Iggy would have gotten on well with him... He likes SpongeBob). And so on. It was a great visit, and he's a great kid. I have seen him before, but only a couple of times. First time he was about a week old (I've got a photo of me holding him somewhere) and the last time he was about 18 months old (he's now 3, so that tells you how long ago that was). Mam's seen him a lot more, and was telling me what a sweet kid he is. I got to see yesterday how right she was.

It was around 6:00 pm I finally got home. I then spent about three hours trying to persuade e-mails to send. Outlook Express was allowing me to recieve e-mails, but the ones I wanted to send were just sitting there doing nothing. They EVENTUALLY did send though. But by the time I'd finished sorting that I was tired and didn't want to be on the laptop any more, so I went to bed and listened to a disk from the audiobook I'm listening to. It's "Stonehenge" by Bernard Cornwell. I've listened to it loads of times before, but I love the story, so I'm listening again. It's listen to one of the audiobooks I have here at home, or go to the library, and I can't be bothered to go at the moment.

So, there you go, that was my day yesterday. Not terribly exciting, but still good. And today nothing is really happening, so I wont bore you with details about today. I'll just say that I hope you're having a good day... However you're spending it! :)



Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a good day - complete with ups and down - likes and dislikes.

Sounds like you made a "little friend" with Lucas! And yes, anyone that likes SpongeBob is A-OK in my book! :)

Tori_z said...

Thought so. ;)

AliceKay said...

I love celery (unless you get a really bitter stalk then it's not so good) and I love long as they aren't pickled beets then you can just forget them.

I woulda had my mom fix my trousers, too...lots less time consuming for her. (i loved math class) *winks*

I'll be looking forward to your next craft update to find out what you made for your friend's little boy.

Hey...what's not to love about SpongeBob?

Tori_z said...

Then you can have my beets. ;)

*Covers Iggy's eyes so he doesn't see the next comment*

Kelly doesn't like SpongeBob. So maybe he can help you out with what's not to like about him?

Intense Guy said...

LOL! :)

I used my Black Manta (Man Ray) powers to see that last comment...

LadyStyx said...

Dont like beets either. As for celery, I really shouldnt eat it because it gives me heartburn. I dont much care for the texture either but it's ok cooked in a veggie soup. I do like the flavor though and have found celery seed is a wonderful substitute for flavoring and doesnt aggravate my digestion.

Wendyburd1 said...

You never had celery before??! I only like it raw, and with peanut butter or dip. Otherwise it is eehhh. Emeril says if you take the strings off with a peeler, it is better and more tender, I will have to try that one day where I don't feel lazy!!

I hate it in food, like soup or potato salad or tuna, etc. YUCK!

Tori_z said...


Thanks for that. ;)

I'd had it before, but not since I was a kid, and since there have been things I've not tried in ages that I ate and liked after not liking it when I was younger, I'm trying some of the things I haven't tried in years to see what things I still don't like now that I'm grown up and my taste buds have matured, and what things I actually like now. Does that make sense?