Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shopping (FD)

I didn't really do anything worth mentioning yesterday (Wednesday) but today (Thursday) I went up town with my Mam to run a few errands, and get some bits of shopping I needed.

I have been getting most of our shopping online via Asda's website, but I've found the pickers don't do a very good job when picking fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, there have been times when I've been counting on something coming in the shopping only to find it hasn't, and that's resulted in one of us having to go up town for whatever it is. For now I'm still having the bulk of the shopping come from Asda, but I've asked my Mam to take me to get the fresh fruit and vegetables. I figure we can also get any items that Asda didn't have (or the pickers couldn't find) when my shopping was picked. So today I went and spent about £7 ($14) in the fruit and veg shop, then we went down to Tescos to get the non-fruit and vegetable type items we needed.

After we were done up town, Mam came back here for a cup of tea and made me an egg sandwich. Then she went home and I took Kero for a walk (since I hadn't had time to do so before going out). And after that I went and listened to some more Harry Potter.

As you can see, not a whole lot is going on around here lately, which is fine by me! ;)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day, and... Hugs and get well wishes to those in need of them! :)


P.S. Will catch up on blogs tomorrow, or over the weekend.


Celticspirit said...

I think it's really neat that you have a store that will deliver stuff from what you've picked online. Are veggies pretty cheap there? I don't think I could get much for $14. You did good. We don't have a fruit and veggie shop here either. I need to check out the farmers market but I'm usually working on Saturdays when it's open.

Intense Guy said...

A lot of the supermarkets around here have a delivery service. ACME, SuperFresh, and Wegmans for starters. There are even people that do "shopping services" for the very busy (or in the case of my neighbors, lazy) and shut-in folks.

I would think the Asda website would have a place to "suggest better service" (if you want to read that as complain go ahead, I won't tell).

I mostly glad you got to take Kero for a walk and listen to the story of the dude that lived in a cupboard.

LadyStyx said...

Sometimes that's the best kinda day...nothing but reading and spending time with the furkid.

Wendyburd1 said...

Don't worry now that the birthdays are over I am so boring again!! Are you getting any better sleep??

Deanna said...

When my MIL still lived at home, the little store in her town always delivered groceries to her. Towards the end before we moved her to a home we were calling from here and they would deliver it to her there.
There is nothing better than fresh fruit and veggies. *makes note to start going to the farmer's market again*

AliceKay said...

We have two grocery stores in our area and neither one delivers. I live in too rural of an area for that. (don't even have pizza delivery to where i live)

My dad has green peas and yellow wax beans in his garden that are ready to pick, and he's off in Wyoming and Utah on a fishing trip. (that's way across the country from Pennsylvania) I guess I'm gonna get elected to pick and freeze it all before it gets too old...again. He does this every year. I get to keep some for my trouble, but it's really rough on this neck of mine to pick things in the garden anymore. That's one reason why I haven't planted a garden for a couple of years now.

Enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies. :)

Tori_z said...

We have several that will deliver if you order online, but I only really use Asda.

Most things are reasonably priced here. That's the good thing about living in a small town in a country a lot of people don't even know about. Just go across to England and prices go up quite quickly though. It also helps that I went to one of the little local fruit and veg shops rather than a chain store. That brings the price down a bit too.

There's a shopping service thing here too, but - like with the Asda pickers - you can't always guarantee they'll pick good things.

There is a section for "suggestions" but the complaints I have are things they mention could be issues if you agree to let their pickers do your shopping:

1. No guuarantee of getting everything you ordered (you don't get charged if you don't get it though, so that does help).

2. The pickers choose what they consider to be good quality items, so if they aren't then it's just that their definition of "good quality" differs from your own.

Those are things that can happen no matter who does the shopping to be honest. Hence my request that I go and pick my own fruit and vegetables with Mam.

Yes, sometimes that is the best way to spend the day. :)

Your posts aren't boring.

I got a pretty good night sleep last night (Friday night). Slept almost 6 hours! :)

You can do that here (order from one place and have it delivered to another). Most of the little shops don't deliver though.

We're only just in the delivery area for some of the shops. We do live in a small town, but a lot of the places are in the larger towns or in the city. Where we were before most places wouldn't deliver to (which was stupid since they had to go along the main road not far from the turning to go to the village in order to get from one town to the other). But it doesn't matter to me. If they don't deliver, then I either arrange to go there, or don't have from there. Simple as that.