Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mam, courses, weight and vegetarian items (FD)

My Mam did do a post about what happened to make us leave the party early, so visit her blog if you want to read about it.


After my Zen Philosophy, Yoga, Chinese Astrology and Aromatherapy courses finished a week ago, I had Kelly help me sign up for another batch of courses. They were:

Cosmology And The Universe
Creative Visualization
Fiction Writing
Origins Of The Universe
Planetary Guide
Subconcious Dream World
Thirty Day Novel

Half of them I already have all the lessons for, and the other half should finish in a couple of days, then I'll be having Kelly help me sign up for another batch. As I've said before, I'm grabbing all the ones I like the look of while I know they're still free and available. I mean, why not? After all, I can do them at my own pace, so it's not like it's a big deal if I don't keep up with the work for all the lessons. Plus, some of them are information only courses.


I lost 1 and a half pounds this past week. I was surprised actually. Especially since I weigh on a Monday... Two days after the day when my meals mostly consisted of party food. I expected to have at least stayed the same if not put some back on. But, nope! 1 and a half pounds lighter! Must be all the extra walks with Kero?


Asda have always claimed to have a large selection of vegetarian meal options available, and The Vegetarian Society kept insisting that they - meaning Asda - stocked meals by Cauldron Foods. But I'd seen no evidence of this. Yes, they had loads of soups available for vegetarians, but that seemed to be it. However, I was bored this morning so decided - for reasons unknown - that it would be fun to type, "vegetarian," in to their search box on their website to see what food items would come up. Well, I'm glad I did! All the things they claimed to stock were right there in front of me... Meals by Cauldron Foods, Asda vegetarian meals, the other Linda McCartney foods (all I'd been able to find before were her sausages).

And why hadn't I found them before? Simple! When you have vegetarian sections in various departments, you expect to find the stuff in those sections... Not just some of the stuff, but all of it, right? Well, apparently that's not how Asda work since the bulk of the items were - by the look of things - actually hidden among the meat and fish items instead of being in their own section as they should have been. Idiots! Still, I know now, so I can actually have more choices for foods, and actually have the option of grabbing the ocasional microwave meal without it having to be cauliflower cheese, maccaroni cheese, or micro chips and/or microwave pizza. All of which are nice, but I get a bit fed up of having no choice but the above mentioned options all the time. And, let's face it, it's nice to actually have something because that's what you've decided to have, not have it because that's your only option. I mean, I don't plan on having microwave meals all the time, but sometimes it's easier to grab a microwave meal, and it will be nice to actually have a few options to choose from on those days!

Mind you, I'm kinda kicking myself here, because... Why didn't I think to check in the other sections? But, at the same time, why should I need to? I thought the whole idea behind a "vegetarian and meat free" section in most departments was so you could go directly to the items not containing meat or fish without having to wade through stacks of animal products to find what you're looking for. Or, is that just me? *Shrugs*


This will do for now, because my dinner is just about ready. I will check all your blogs - and respond to comments on here - after I've had dinner, walked Kero, etc.


Rita said...

I'm so glad you found out how to find the vegetarian items. I order my groceries online to be delivered and I know I have to search and search around to find vegetarian items. They don't make it easy, that's for sure. That's exciting, tho! You'll have some new things to eat--tada!

Congrats on the 1.5 pounds!! All those Kero walks probably are helping, yes. ;)

Happy spring! (At least your way--hehe!)

Toriz said...

Nope... They sure don't make the stuff easy to find. But at least now I know where to find them I can try some of them out and have some variety! :)

Hope Spring arrives with you soon too!

AliceKay said...

I was gonna say congrats on losing the 1 1/2 pounds, too. Aren't unexpected surprises just the best? :)

I hope you find the new vegetarian items to your liking. :)

Hope you're having a great Friday. We have sunshine here this morning, but it started out cold (18F) and only supposed to get into the 30sF this afternoon, But hey...that's much better than snow!!! :)

Toriz said...

Yep... Those kinds of surprises are the best! :)

It's a beautiful day here today! It was yesterday too!

Intense Guy said...

Some websites are truly horrible when it comes to finding things on them!

You are doing great - keep up with the walkies! (I like seeing the pictures!)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Yeah, some websites don't make it easy. I think it's funny though... They're making a big deal about going veggie at least once a week, eating healthy foods, etc, and yet the vegetarian and healthy food options are the hardest to find (not to mention the most expensive!)

I'm glad you enjoy the pictures... Just a shame I can't get further to get more variety in the shots!