Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Metcheck Weather Watch/Warning has been issued for parts of the UK.

"Severe Gales and Heavy Rain

Areas Affected: Northern and western districts of Britain and Ireland.

Valid: 22:00 Sunday 11th September - 18:00 Tuesday 12th September 2011

This is a Severe Weather Warning issued by Metcheck at 10:27 on Sunday 11th September 2011, replacing the Advanced Weather Warning that was issued on Friday 09th September 2011.

The remains of ex-hurricane Katia are currently tracking across the Atlantic, heading towards Britain and Ireland, and whilst she has lost hurricane status, a potentially stormy spell of weather is still expected to affect north-western parts of Britain and Ireland.

The track and intensity of this system are still subject to change even at this stage, but current indications are that northern and western Britain will see severe gales or storm force winds gusting in excess of 80mph, with gales developing quite widely elsewhere for a time. This winds may clash with high tides, bringing the risk of coastal flooding in prone areas.

Heavy and persistent rain will accomanpy the winds across western Scotland where in excess of 2 inches (50mm) of rain may fall in the above time period, bringing the risk of localised flooding.

These weather conditions will result in hazardous travelling conditions and bring the risk of some damage and disruption. Please check with the relevant local authorities if you are worried about the risk in your area.

The strong winds and rain are expected to continue into Tuesday across northern areas before gradually easing later in the day.

This Severe Weather Warning will expire on Tuesday evening, but may be superseded by further updates.

Issued by: Paul Barber for Metcheck"


Rita said...

Stay safe and dry!! I hope everyone will be okay and there isn't any damage with the storm. :)

AliceKay said...

Stay safe!! *hugs*

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you haven't been blown away!!! Stay safe and dry! Hugs!!!

Toriz said...

Thanks all! *Hugs*

Celticspirit said...

I hope all is well there!

Intense Guy said...

When it rains it pours... whatever happened to those gentle cooling mists like rains that would feel so goood against the face...

Toriz said...

Yeah... The worst of it missed us. We just had a lot of rain (normal for us, though not normal for us in September, if you know what I mean) and a LOT of wind, and the birds went away for a few days. Other than that... Nothing! I guess we were far enough East to miss out on the really nasty weather.

We had rain like that on and off through August... That's the kind of rain that's normal for Wales in September too - the kind of rain where you can just stay in your Summer clothes!