Sunday, March 09, 2014

Degu buddies turn 1

It's hard to believe, but it's true... My little degu buddies are a year old today!

Seems like only yesterday I brought them home as little 12 week old babies, and now they're all grown up!

For those who haven't seen any photos of them, here they are on top of their latest house/nesting box.

The photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, and the house is the third they've had since we got them. The third because we replaced the original in January using a coupon Pets At Home gave us at Christmas time after we ordered the pets' Christmas presents, but they ate that one, so we had to buy another one again. The first was a wooden one like the one in the above photo, but the second one - the one they ate - was a grass one. We thought it would last a bit since it was designed for larger rodents than the degus, but apparently it was very tasty and we were very wrong, LOL!

We also brought them some rodent balls. Only two have arrived so far, but they seem pleased with them even though they have to share right now.

Here's Kero checking out the ball while Jasper's in it:

Anyway, this will do for now, so...

Happy 1st birthday Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to the "J-team"!!

I love that pet-in-a-ball shot! Kero looks very curious and perhaps a bit perplexed!

Rita said...

For some reason the pictures were giant sized on my computer. So huge that you couldn't really see what they were. ?? But luckily I have seen pictures already.

Anyways, happy birthday to them all! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks on behalf of "the J team" for the birthday wishes!

Kero loves chasing rodents in balls, but I think he was a bit confused by the fact the degus can make the balls go faster than the hamsters were able too, LOL!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for the degus.

I've got some other posts scheduled with photos in them for later this week. If the same thing is happening with the photos in those, let me know and I'll change the size I'm telling it to put them at when I add them in future; I might be telling it to make them too big.