Friday, March 14, 2014

Luna, Cara and Tinkers

I know they're no longer with us, but since I never posted photos of them, I thought I'd show you photos of Luna and Cara, just so those of you who never saw them can see what they looked like.

This is Luna:

And this is Cara Crookeshanks:

I'm pretty sure I never posted a photo of Tinkers before either. Tinkers was the cat Kelly, his Mom and his Aunt Sue had when I went to live with them in Canada for a while. We left her with Kelly's Mom and Aunt Sue when we came back to the UK. She was a great cat, and very opinionated; but then, aren't all cats very opinionated? LOL!

Anyway, this is Tinkers:


Rita said...

There must be a photo sizing problem. The first two are super huge and fuzzy so that I can't tell what's on them, but the last one was fine. ??

Victoria Zigler said...

Must be that I'm setting them too big. Thanks for letting me know; will use a smaller size setting next time.

You have seen the first two: the one of Luna outside the cage that I sent you in the last batch of photos before she died, and the one of Cara batting a ball of paper around.

Intense Guy said...

Those were well loved pets... and I'm sure you will miss them always.

Victoria Zigler said...

*Nods at Iggy*