Friday, July 04, 2008

Curtains and clothes

Yesterday (Thursday) Dad came and put the curtains up in the living room and spare room for us. So now all the curtains are up. :)

It was Faye (the girl from upstairs)'s birthday yesterday. Eleri (her mother) mentioned it in passing last week, so we thought it would be nice if we got her a card. She was really pleased with it and said thank you at least half a dozen times. Adding that we "didn't have to." I know we didn't have to, I just thought it would be a nice gesture. And, it's not like it costs much to buy a card.


Wayne came to stay the night with us last night. He spent the evening watching TV. I think he watched "Batman Begins" with Kelly too. I'd have watched it with them but I was really tired and sleepy, so instead I went to bed.

I think pure exhaustion caught up with me or something, because I finally managed to get a decent night's sleep. Hopefully my busy day today will make that happen again tonight. :)

Today (Friday) I went out with Mam and her friend Kelly.

We did the food shopping for this week and also went clothes shopping. I needed some new trainers and trousers, so I got a pair of trainers and a couple of pairs of trousers. And, Kelly needed a new sweater, so I got him one. I also got my clothes for the wedding. There's only a few more weeks to go, so we thought it was about time I sorted out what I was going to wear.

I had some Cornish pasties for lunch while I was out. I did buy a fresh cream scone in the shopping too, but I haven't eaten that yet. I'll probably have it later.

Asda (which is where I did the food shopping this time) does a make-your-own pizza thing. You can pick any four toppings for your pizza for just £3 (it's just under the £3, but I don't remember the exact pennies). That's about US$6. The pizzas aren't properly cooked and you have to put them in the oven to finish them off, but it's worth the trouble because they're fantastic pizzas. Anyway, while I was in Asda I picked up one each for Kelly and myself. We're having them for dinner tonight (going to be sorting them out in a bit).

That's it from me for today, so... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)

Oh yeah... Happy Independence Day to everyone in America. :)



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well so you had a good nights sleep at last then tori, thats good to hear, and as you say with what you have been up to today lets hope you have the same luck tonight, :).

those pizzas sound wonderful , but we have to travel all the way to taunton if we want one like that so i guess i wont be having one,:(.

and its good that you have your curtains up at long last a lot more private for you and looks better as well dont it.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you were able to get a decent night's sleep last night. I hope you can tonight, too. favorite food! :)

Liz said...

well it nice to have curtains at al your windows and thase pizzas sound good naughty things they are but very nice to eat. Glad you gota good nights sleep for once and yea I hope it happens again tonight.

KAYLEE said...

SO glad you got sleep!

I want my life to be better :)

LadyStyx said...

*munches on a snack while reading the entry*

Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzza...yummy. We dont buy the bigger pizzas because hubby and I dont like the same stuff on them. Top things all aff he aint fond of tomato sauce. The closest we come to having pizza at home is when I buy those smaller Boboli crusts and make each one to each of our liking. His has just a taste of tomato paste, pepperoni and cheese....mine is heavy on the sauce, mushies, sausage and cheese. mmmmm

KAYLEE said...


i'd die without pizza LOL!

KAYLEE said...

Ok, tori where the hec are you?

Intense Guy said...

Enjoys a slice of pizza now and then - it's always interesting going to the pizza place and watching them make the individual slices... tossing the triangle shape dough into the air.

Tori_z said...

*Makes mental note to "try" to remember to bring pizza home for everyone else next time*