Monday, July 14, 2008

Trip to B&Q and Asda

I felt like a receptionist this morning. Various people kept phoning me. At one point I had one person on hold on the home phone while talking to another on my mobile phone. After over an hour of calls from various people I actually answered the phone by saying, "Hello... Reception." Much to the amusement of the caller (who turned out to be my Mam). LOL!


Mam and Kelly (not my Kelly... Mam's co-driver and friend) took me to B&Q today to get a few bits we need to sort out the flat. Stuff like a towel rail for the bathroom, a new kitchen bin and that sort of thing. We also got the garden twine type stuff we need to properly secure the fencing in the back garden between our garden and the garden next door to stop Kero sneaking out.

Dad's "hopefully" putting the towel rail and some hooks we need for things up for us on Wednesday when they come for dinner. Not sure who's sorting the fencing. Both Mam and Kelly (my hubby this time) have said they'll do it, and I don't really care who does it as long as it gets done some time soon. I figure I'll just see who gets to it first. LOL!

After we went to B&Q we went to Asda. I needed a couple of things but - as is always the case - I came out with more than I went in to get. And, of course, I forgot something I'd actually gone in there for. Isn't that how it always goes? LOL!

Of course, since I went to Asda we had pizza for dinner tonight. We almost always have pizza when I go to Asda. I've not long had mine. It was a 10 inch, filled crust, bacon, onion and mushroom pizza (with extra cheese on top, of course). And yes, I did enjoy it. I'd have brought everyone else pizza, but I couldn't remember what everyone wanted and had no way of asking. :)


My Mam is still not quite right. She keeps trying to do things and getting frustrated when she can't. I can understand that more than I think she realises. But she's doing "OK" considering. And, if I remember rightly, her scan will be on Thursday.

Anyway, that's all I have to say today. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



Intense Guy said...

"Hello... Reception?"

:) Reminds me of the time I called my Dad. He had three phone numbers where he worked, and when away from the building, would have them call-forwarded to his cell phone. One the numbers was a close match to a local pizza place so he often got people calling for pizza dialing the wrong number.

Anyway, I must of called on a "bad day" with the wrong numbers and he answered the phone, "NO! This is NOT Gino's Pizza!!!!"

LOL - hope your mom's on the mend and her scan shows nothing serious.

Tori_z said...

LOL! :)

Mentioning pizza in these situations reminds me of what my brother (Carl) did when I was visiting him back in October. I remember it from time to time because it was SO FUNNY (or we thought so) and came at a time when I really needed a chuckle. Anyway...

Like with me the phone had been ringing almost non-stop for some time so that we considered ourselves lucky to finish a sentence between calls. So, this one time when Carl answered the phone the following conversation followed:

Carl: "Hello... Norwich Kabob (sp?) And Pizza"
Caller: "Er... Is this a place of buisness?"
Carl: "Yes, it is indeed."
Caller: "Are you sure?"
Carl: "I'm afraid so."
Caller: "Oh... OK... Sorry... Bye."

They both hang up, at which point Carl says, "I hope that wasn't important!" And I try to tell him through fits of laughter that if it was they'll try again.

Carl, of course, doesn't run a kabob and pizza place in Norwich, nor does he work in one (or even one anywhere else). He says it was just the first thing that came in to his head. LOL!

LadyStyx said...


I remember days like that while growing up. On a bad day you'd hear mom answer the phone with "Grand Central Station!" or dad with the ever popular "County Mortuary, you stab 'em...we'll slab 'em". There was also "Acapulco Seaside!" for a change of pace.

Tori_z said...

LOL! :)

"Grand Central Station" is what Kelly says. Never once he's answered the phone though, he just mutters it as he's going to pick up the phone if it's been ringing a lot. I'd never heard that one until I met him. I doubt he'd ever answer the phone saying anything other than "hello" or "yes?" though. LOL!

LadyStyx said...

In the days of caller betcha I use some of those when I know it's a friend or family ;)

Tori_z said...

LOL @ LadyStyx :)