Monday, July 21, 2008

Post about my op

Gonna start from Thursday morning and work from there. I figure that's the best way to tell you exactly how it went.

Got up early and had a nice cup of tea. Mam and Dad arrived for me a little before they were meant to, but no big deal... I was ready anyway. Besides that gave us time to find where we needed to be in the hospital.

Spent half the morning filling out papers and such. They originally told me I'd get to go in for the op by 11:30 am, but that so didn't happen. Mam had to leave a little before that, and when 11:30 am arrived the only thing they came to me for was to draw some blood to check my iron level and a couple of other things that go along with other health issues I have. Problem was that I was getting quite dehydrated (sp?) by then, so rather than the five minutes at most it should have taken it took a good half an hour for them to get one of those little pots full. If I'm not dehydrated they can fill a couple of them in five minutes or so and the hard part is getting me to stop bleeding, but when I'm dehydrated it's like my body says, "are you kidding me? I've got hardly any fluid in here as it is, who do you think you are trying to take what little I have?" LOL!

Anyway, about 12:30 pm they came and got me and took me to see the surgeon so he could tell me again what was being done and give me a chance to ask questions or change my mind if I wanted to. Then they took me back to my bed and told me the anesetist (sp?) would be around in a few minutes. An hour later she finally showed up!

She weighed me because they needed my weight in Kilos and I only knew it in lbs. I made a point of remembering it in kilos so I could find someone who knew how to convert it and find out if I've lost any weight since April (or put any on). Turned out I lost 7 lbs since when I was weighed in April (or was it the end of March?... Well, when I registered with my new doctor anyway). So that's good. :)

Anyway, she told me it would be "about 4:00 pm" that I'd go in for my op and gave me some pills to keep my stomache settled (because of how long it had been since I'd last eaten) and wanted me put on a nebuliser for a bit to make sure there was plenty of oxygen in my lungs. I HATED the smell of that oxygen mask!

It turned out it was actually 3:00 pm they came to get me and take me in to theatre, by which time I was really hungry, really thirsty, really bored and - partly due to the other stuff, partly due to being fed up of answering the same questions over and over again - VERY irritable. When the second person in ten minutes asked me something I'd been asked several times throughout the morning I told them I'd already answered and to remind me next time I was coming in to hospital to record myself answering the questions the first time so I would be able to play back the tape instead of repeating myself every five minutes. Told you I was irritable... LOL!

They had trouble getting the thingy for the IV (I forget what it's called) in my hand because of the trouble they were having with my veins (again due to dehydration). I can still actually feel the cuts where they finally got it in (and where they "almost" got it in) and because of where it had to be (pretty much on the side of my hands... Near my wrists) using my hands was kinda painful until today. Not good for someone who NEEDS use of her hands, you think? But they're OK now. I'm just covered in cuts and bruises from things they had to do to me.


I'm glad the anasthetic (sp?) sends you in to a dreamless sleep, or I'd have probably had nightmares. I drifted off hearing a discussion about them being concerned about me because I was so dehydrated and that I shouldn't have gone so long without anything to eat or drink. I went to point out to them that since I was there in time for breakfast and they knew it would be this late before I went down for the op (they'd just said so) they could have given me something to drink at least, but I fell asleep before I had a chance. There was a conversation about the kinds of knives and such they'd need for the op too, but I was more concerned about the one involving lack of oxygen in my lungs due to dehydration and how that was concerning them.

When I woke up it was to find one of those masks on me again, but this time it was on with the elastic thing. I can't stand it on like that. For one thing I feel like I'm suffocating with the smell (reminds me of gone wrong play dough) for another the mask was pushing on the pad that was over my eye and was hurting me. So I decided I wanted it off. It was me vs about three doctors (judging by the number of hands and voices) but I won. The mask came off. They did make an attempt at sticking the tubes up my nose to give me oxygen that way, but I covered my nose and told them to, "Go away and leave me alone!" They did try to persuade me, but after I kicked one of them I think they got the message. *winks*

While this fight was going on I over heard a conversation about how my stats had dropped big time when I was under anasthetic and they'd given me something to bring them up but I must have been alergic to it or something because it had the opposite affect and made me stop breathing. I wish I could remember what they said it was so I can warn them not to give it to me again... I've tried to remember, but I really can't.. I know it started with a "b" or a "v" but that's all I can remember.

Someone said it was about 5:20 pm at that point and that my stats had been quite low but now that I was relaxed (they'd stopped trying to force masks and tubes on me) whatever was meant to be 95 or above was sticking around 96 to 97 instead of the 84 it had been. Not sure what it was, but they were pleased so I'm guessing that was a good thing. I dozed a bit after that, and only vaguely remember someone coming and wheeling me back to the ward then I remember telling a nurse who was lifting me from the trolley to the actual bed to, "be careful you don't hurt your back 'cause I'm kinda heavy." And I heard that food was being served and someone mentioned egg sandwiches so I told them they had to save me some for later. I kept on about it until they agreed they would, then let myself drift back off to sleep. LOL!

Next thing I knew it was about 6:15 pm (I heard someone say so) and people were asking each other if anyone was visiting them, and a nurse was asking me if my Mam was visiting. I told the nurse it depended on how her scan went and that Mam, Dad and Kelly were meant to be coming. I stayed awake after that, and by the time they got there (I think about an hour later) I was sitting up just fine. I was even able to walk fine when Mam took me to the bathroom and helped me change in to a pair of PJs (I'd been stuck in one of those awful hospital gowns all day).

A male nurse saw us going there and asked if I was OK. I told him I was hungry and wanted him to go see if they kept my egg sandwich, so he laughed and went off to look. By the time I got back to the bed it was waiting for me. :)

The nurses were all really impressed with how well I did. I had my egg sandwich, some bottled water and a cup of cocoa (and, yes, I kept it all down). I was in a bit of pain just before Mam, Dad and Kelly left so the nurse brought me some pain killers and I went to sleep, comfy and content in the knowledge that it was over and they'd FINALLY given me some food and drink. LOL!

Soon after 10:00 pm the night nurse woke me up to see how I was feeling. I hate when they do that, but I hate it even more when they do what she did and go away for a bit then come back a few minutes later saying, "are you still awake? because I'd like to give you some medication... But I'd hate to wake you!" I so wanted to slap her for that comment! Especially since - now that I'd been woken - I was WIDE awake and knew it would be a while before I'd fall asleep again. I was right and ended up awake half the night. Grr!

The day nurses were pretty good, but I was disgusted with the night nurses. Due to where the bathroom was I needed someone to take me there. I was told to press the buzzer and they'd come as soon as they could. After half an hour of pressing it, a young girl (I think her name was "Ffion" but I could be wrong) took me. She was only 17 and had only come back from surgery herself about ten minutes before I went down (she had her tonsils out). Two people only out of theatre a few hours should NOT be left to make their way down a corridor at 11:00 pm without a nurse or doctor in tow. But we had no choice. I had to pee, and someone had to take me because I had no idea where it was. She had attempted to locate a nurse for me, but couldn't find one. I found out later there was a confused man so they were down with him reassuring him and didn't know the buzzer had been pressed.

What I want to know is... What if it had been an emergency? There was an 84 year old woman in the bed beside me (her name was "Mary") who had to walk with a zimmaframe (sp?)... What if she'd fallen? AND according to my chart (a, I heard it mentioned, and b, Mam read it) they were "meant to be" keeping a check on me because of my breathing issues... What if I was pressing the buzzer - or someone else was pressing it for me - because I couldn't breathe?

Anyway, I had no issues over night. The night nurse did "try" to give me a nebuliser, but I didn't want it because she kept putting the elastic around my head. Eventually we comprimised and I agreed to have it if the elastic didn't go round my head so I could hold it so it wasn't quite touching me. I think I got sick of it sooner than they'd hoped though, because I got fed up of the smell after a bit and put it on the cupboard by my bed and did a bit of writing with my braille hand frame thing for a bit while munching on the chocolates Mam and Dad brought me.

Yeah, I know, I'm a stubbourn cow. LOL!

One of the night nurses commented on how well I was doing and - annoyed at having to go looking for a nurse when I had to pee again and everyone was sleeping and nobody was answering my buzzer - I replied snappily that, "I don't exactly have much choice, do I?" She muttered that I had a point and that's when she told me about the confused man, using that as the reason why buzzers were being ignored. *Shaking head* I know the man needs care too, but there were plenty of other patients and at least one of the nurses should have been keeping a check for any of them needing anything.

Friday morning some of us were talking and someone called "Elizabeth" (or "Liz" as she liked to be called) asked when I was going home. I told her "Today" and she asked if I'd seen the doctor. I said, "No, but I've decided I'm going home with or without his or her say so. I've had enough and the question isn't whether I'm going home, the question is what time!"

They don't like when you check yourself out, but if you're not hooked up to any machines and have someone at home with you then they know there's nothing they can do to stop you leaving if you really want to. As it turned out the doctor signed me out though. :)

The doctor came to see me about 9:00 am and took the pad off my eye. He said it could stay off if it didn't swell up too much, and it didn't so the pad stayed off. He also said he was really pleased with how the op had gone and I could go home as soon as the "oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye ointment" he wanted me to have were ready from the farmacy.

About 10:00 am a male nurse came and asked about how I was getting home. I told him they needed to call my Mam but if they didn't do it soon I was sticking around until late afternoon because she had a driving lesson and I wasn't letting her cancel it to come pick me up. He came back a while later telling me she was on her way and my stuff would be ready by 11:30 am.

Mam arrived about 11:45 am, at which point I was STILL waiting for the stuff from the pharmacy and nobody had made any attempts to take me anywhere to get dressed (I wasn't getting dressed in there with doctors and nurses popping their heads round curtains every five seconds... No way!) So Mam chased down my pills and ointment and - when she had them - took me to get dressed.

I think they wanted rid of me, because when we got back I had to sit on "Ffion"'s bedside chair to put my shoes and socks on while my Mam tryed to get to pack up my stuff since the nurses were already changing the sheets on my bed ready for the next person who'd need it. *Shaking head* Talk about a hint! They did say they had people due to come in, but I've never been kicked out so fast in my life! You think they were sick of me? LOL! Never mind, I wanted to go home anyway. It just would have been nice to be done over there before they started preparing for the next patient.


Mam and Dad got me McDonalds on the way home, then - when I got home - I went for a nap. I've been doing a lot of sleeping over the past few days. Between the medication, the lingering anasthetic in my system and the fact that - believe it or not - the pain isn't as bad now as it was before the op (well, for the most part)... Well... All those things combined make sleeping very easy! :)

I'm not doing too bad. The pain's not too bad (as long as I don't move too quickly) but I'm really tired. I feel like someone's sapped my strength and then buggared off and left me to get on with it. But I'll be alright soon and at least it's over with now, which means that - since everything went so well - the pain will soon be over with.

I was in a fair bit of pain on Friday evening because they gave me stuff to keep away infection but gave no thought to pain relief, but Kelly went and got me some Paracetamol and I was OK after that.

I'll post more and check your blogs when I'm feeling up to it. As it is it's taken me more than two hours to write this, and now I'm tired and it's time for me to find some supper so I can see about having my pills and going to bed soon.

Hope everyone's doing OK. *hugs*



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

oh dear "poor-poor tori" what a bad time you had in that hospital, thank goodness that its all over for you now, and you will soon be back to the "old tori" that we know so well.

you just rest yourself love so that you will be ok for the wedding.

great big hugs from me,grandad & jayde, xxx.

Intense Guy said...

You are indeed a brave woman. I hope you feel better soon - and all the medications flush away and leave you pain-free.

The trip to the hospital sounds like it need not have been the ordeal it was, if the staff had just functioned better.

KAYLEE said...

AWWW You are so brave but i hae to say i have bene through worse! i hopw yo are well now and am so glad you are back !!!!!!

Tori_z said...

Thanks all.

I'm resting for the most part, but there are some things I have to get up and do. Will be at the wedding though... Pain killers and all. LOL! *wink*

Yeah. It would have been simple, straight forward and stress free if the staff had functioned better. Still, it's over now. :)

I bet you have. At least mine was over in a little over 24 hours. I dare say you've gone through a lot worse (and for a lot longer) with everything you've had to have done to you. *hugs*

Kaylee said...

I am just gald to have you back torui even if you are still in pain you cant be in pain that muuch longer can you??????

Kaylee said...


Tori_z said...

Thanks. :)

No, I shouldn't be in pain too much longer. A few weeks probably... Give or take. I don't really know. I suppose it varies from person to person. Shouldn't be more than a couple of months though. Plus pain killers actually help with the pain now so that's a good start in itself. They never so much as eased the pain before.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like my trip in Novemebr 2006 for my gall bladder. Was told late morning surgery so they gave me no breakfast. Then it got to be past lunch so no lunch either. The surgeon came to check on me and tell me it would be a bit was I feeling. I ripped into him. Told him they needed to hurry cuz I hadnt eaten since 530pm the night before, my blood sugar was extremely low and I was PMSing....if he wanted to leave the room in one piece he might wanna go right then. It was around 2 or 3pm when I was finally gotten for surgery. *shakes head*

AliceKay said...

Sometimes you wonder why they need to make patients wait so long when they probably could be a bit more orderly about things. I hate hospitals. :\ Glad you're home and recuperating.

Tori_z said...

Yep, that's about the gist of it... And by the sounds of it you were as impressed as I was... In other words, not impressed at all. LOL! ;)

Tori_z said...

Sorry... Didn't notice your comment when I was checking earlier. :(

There is definately room for improvement in the running of the medical services. I think most of it is due to lack of communication. Mind you, doctors and nurses taking the time to read through your notes before your consultation wouldn't hurt either.