Friday, February 04, 2011

Furkid Friday: Gwydion's inside cage

Hi there humans, it's Gwydion here again.

Mami mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she got me a new cage to live in now that I live inside. So, here are the photos. Sorry I didn't post these before. Our pal Iggy sorted them really quickly for us (thanks for that, Iggy) so that wasn't the reason. It's just that Kero and I wanted to get our Christmas posts done before we got too far in to the year, so we decided to leave posting these photos until after they were done.


This bowl has my dried food and treats in it. It's the bowl that I had in my old cage. I'd love for Mami to fill it completely, but she never does. She thinks this much dried food and treats with a bowl full of veggies and plenty of hay is enough for me. Personally, I disagree, but she just wont listen. Anyway, here's my dried food bowl.

The other bowl - the bowl my veggies go in - is the one that came with my new cage. It has a special slot to fit in on top of the platform above my little sleeping place. Mami thought if she made that my veggie bowl then I'd get some excercise while climbing up there for it, but I caught her out by figuring out really quickly that I could reach it just by standing on my back legs and stretching up high while stood in the entrance to my bed. When the food starts getting lower in the bowl I do have to then climb up, but at least I can grab some veggies for energy before I have to do any real work. Anyway, here's my sleeping place with the platform on top, and my bowl full of fresh veggies.

And here's a proper picture of my new cage where you can see the layout of it.

And, finally, here I am in my new cage.

I really like my new cage. I was a bit scared at first, because I'm not used to the humans being able to see me so easily, so every time anyone came within a certain distance of my cage I would panic and run for my sleeping place. I'm getting braver now though and don't run and hide as much as I did at first.

Kero likes being able to see me easier, and he runs over to check on me when I have one of my squeaking sessions, then he gets upset because when he's beside my cage he's not quite tall enough to see in to it - even if he stands on his back legs - and he doesn't seem to understand why he can't see me, nor what's actually wrong (usually that I want food).

Anyway, this will do for this week.

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

Hey Mr. Squeaker!

You have a lovely home and garden and HUGE bowls of food - I bet all you need now is access to the TV remote to be living large! :)

Pssst, we need need to get Kero a little step stool or a periscope so he can see you!

Deanna said...

Nice new digs there Gwydi! It doesn't look like there is any chance of you starving soon. Mami takes mighty good care of you!

Rita said...

What a spiffy cage! Nice big food bowls and a hiding/sleeping spot, too. Wow!

I wonder if Kero had a stool and could get up close to you if you'd gradually get more used to him like you are the humans? Of course, if Kero puts his feet up on the cage, that would be a whole 'nother story--hehe!

Love the fancy new home, Mr. Weaker. :):)

AliceKay said...

I was gonna say nice new digs, Gwydion, but Deanna beat me to it. LOL (nice new digs anyway) :p

You have a nice home there, and it looks like Mami keeps it well stocked with food and veggies for you. I bet it's much warmer inside than it would be outside right now. Enjoy!

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Thanks all!

I don't think Kero would put his paws on the cage, at least, not more than once. My cage is on a stand, and the stand has wheels, so if he was to put his paws on it the cage would move a bit, and he'd get scared. Mami does lift him up from time to time so he can see me though. And we play together - with strict human supervision - sometimes when I'm out for cuddle time. I just get a bit nervous when people come close, because... Well, you can't be too careful, can you?

Squeak soon,