Monday, February 28, 2011

Of photos, projects, and everything in between

I hope you enjoyed the photos over the past couple of days. I didn't want to bother Iggy - who usually sorts my photos for me - since I knew about his shoulder, so I had to try and talk Kelly through doing what I knew how to do myself - and used to do myself before - but can't do now, for obvious reasons. I hope he did a good job with the photos.


In between doing chores and stuff yesterday I spent a lot of time reading the posts on A Joyful Chaos. The blog was recommended by Deanna for anyone interested in the Amish way of life. Now, I'm not one of those people who have a fascination for the Amish as such, but I am a nosy person who likes to have a peek in to the lives of others, so I went to have a look. As I said, I spent most of yesterday reading the blog posts. I read every single post (yeah, I know, I need a life) and found them to be very interesting. I'm saying about it mainly to tell those who - like me - are nosy, both what I was up to, and that it's worth reading.


The workmen are still here. A little quieter today though, so at least I can come on here when I want to be on here. They were meant to be done by now, I think, but even with coming on Saturdays too they still aren't done. I hope they're done soon, because I'm getting fed up of not being able to go out for my walks with Kero at the times I want to.

There was a broken pipe we had to have someone come out for the other day (we think the workmen broke it, but have no evidence, and they weren't paying much attention). When the plumber came out we mentioned the water that sometimes comes in and makes it rain in our kitchen, and he thinks the reason the other plumber couldn't find a problem was because it's caused by the rain getting in through the gaps in the walls (old building and all that) and that the work the workmen are doing will stop it, because what they're doing - apparently - is closing up the cracks and putting some kind of weather proofing stuff on the walls. I hope the plumber is right, because if he is then it wont rain in our kitchen any more once the workmen are done. That doesn't make me like them being here any more than I did before we had that conversation with the plumber, but I'll be pleased if it doesn't rain indoors again, that's for sure! I mean... Who wouldn't be?


I've had a few more nights of sleeping at night and getting a decent sleep. I wake on and off - though usually only long enough to turn over, then I go back to sleep - but I end up getting a good six hours sleep in the end. That seems to be plenty for me though, since I'm actually waking up feeling like I can face the day, rather than the, "is it time to get up already?" feeling I usually had when morning arrived. It's also a lot easier to deal with the noise of the workmen when I've had a good night sleep. I hope it continues!


It looks like that could be it for our Winter. We still keep having cold winds and a lott of rain, but we're also having days where it's mostly sunny. The sun isn't warming things up that much, but it gives hope that some time soon things will start to warm up.


I'm quite a way through the throw thing for my Mam now. When it's done, I'll be making matching ones for the armchairs. They wont take me long to do though, since each one will only be about half the size of the sofa one. Well, actually, slightly smaller than that, but not by too much. If I continue at the rate I've been knitting things recently then I'll be done with all three before the end of March, and be starting my next project! I swear my knitting is getting faster... Which, I would think, is a good thing! I have a few other projects lined up to do once I'm done with the throws, and by the time I've done them it's probably going to be time to start working on Christmas presents. Too early to think about Christmas right now though, so I'm just thinking about the other things.


OK, I think that's just about all I have to say for today. Besides, this blog post has already taken longer to write than it should have (I kept getting side-tracked). So... Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)


Rita said...

The pictures turned out well.
I want to go back and read that blog, too. I am very curious about other lifestyles and cultures.
I really hope that when the workmen are done that they will have stopped the gaps and you won't have that rain coming in anymore! And I hope they get done soon!!
It is nice to get some sleep a night--especially with the annoying workmen being there during the day. ;)
Sounds like you will be working on these throws and get them done pretty quickly. They sound nice--and to have matching ones--cool!
You stay warm and safe, too!! :):)

Deanna said...

Kelly has been doing a good job sorting pictures - with your excellent help of course.

I hope you are right and that winter is behind us all. It has been a tough one.

Workmen be gone!!!!! Hope they complete the jobs right and don't have to come back.

Intense Guy said...

Kelly was a good help with the pictures!

I'm glad you are getting your sleep - maybe all that noise is helping you stay shifted into being all awake during the daylight hours?

AliceKay said...

Kelly did a good job while Iggy was "under the weather".

I hope the workmen fix the water problems you've been having. I know it can't be fun having it rain in your kitchen from time to time. Not fun at all.

Your knitting is getting faster because it's probably become an extension of your hands. Repetition is good exercise and it builds whatever you do.

I'm glad you're sleeping better and during the night, too. I think Iggy might be right in his reasoning.

We still have snow on the ground but the sun is getting warmer so it's been melting. Tonight is supposed to be cold again, tho...mid teens for us. :\

I'm a day behind reading blogs because I was super busy yesterday trying to figure out income tax laws. :\ I hope you had a good Monday. (i kept getting sidetracked while trying to read this today because i've been

Toriz said...

Thanks (about the pictures). :)

You and me both, that's why I went to read the blog. It's definately worth the read... I think so anyway!

I hope they're gone soon and have sorted the gaps properly too!

Yes, it's always nice to sleep... Especially if it's at night so that noises from the day don't disturb the sleep!

I hope I do get them done quickly... The list of projects is getting longer! ;)
I'm glad he did a good job! :)

Yes, it's been a tough Winter this year!

You and me both (about the workmen)!

I'm glad you think Kelly did good with the pictures! :)

?Yes, I think that could be at least part - if not all - of the reason why I'm sleeping at night at the moment. Hopefully they've done some good there. I suppose that's one good thing about it!

I'm glad you think Kelly did a good job! :)

Definately no fun having it rain in the kitchen!

Yes, I think you're right (about the knitting).

I think Iggy might be right too!

We never got our promised February snow. Plenty of frost though! I hope it warms up for you soon!

That's OK. I never got around to the blogs at all yesterday, anyway. Besides, the posts will be here when you can get to them! :)

It's very easy to get side-tracked... Especially when you have about a thousand things to do!