Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleep themed ramblings

Well... The good thing is, I got a decent sleep last night. The bad thing is, the sleep ended a little before 3:00 AM. Still, having about 6 hours sleep - despite waking for a few minutes every hour or so - is really good, even if it doesn't happen exactly when I'd like it to. And, hey, it did basically happen at night, so I suppose I can't complain really!

So... Now it's a little after 5:00 AM, I'm wide awake and ready to start my day, but everyone else is snoring happily (and will probably stay that way for at least another 3 hours... Likely longer). I've caught up on blog posts and comments, so now I think I'm going to see about some breakfast. Maybe if I have it now I can enjoy my breakfast and a nice cup of herbal tea before the workmen come and start being all noisy again?

The workmen are usually here by 8:30 AM. That will wake Kero - if I don't wake him before that so as to take him for a pee before they arrive, which I probably will - but it wont wake Kelly. He's one of those lucky people who falls asleep as soon as he tries to, gets back to sleep easily if he wakes for any reason, and sleeps through just about anything... Workmen, Kero barking, Emma-Jane crying... Lucky buggar!

Back later...


Rita said...

My son, Dagan, is like that! He is snoring five minutes or less after his head hits the pillow. Ahhh! Must be nice. ;)

I am up during the night over here in Fargo, too. Thinking I might post a blog...but I need to eat first, too. Give Kero a neck scritch for me. :)

Deanna said...

I envy people who can sleep through anything. Like you and Rita, I am not so lucky.

Hope those workmen get out of your hair SOON!

AliceKay said...

I think it's a man thing...they're able to fall to sleep quickly and sleep thru just about anything. I'm not so lucky, either. I'm glad you're able to get some sleep, Tori. We take what we can get, don't we? *hugs*

Toriz said...

Yeah... Must be nice!

Will do! :)

I envy those people too! Especially times when I've been trying to get to sleep for like an hour, Kelly comes to bed and falls right to sleep, and I'm still laying there wide awake.

I hope the workmen are gone soon too. They supposedly are only meant to be here for about four weeks, which - if they stick to that - means the end of this week they "should" be going. I've known things that are only meant to take four weeks take a lot longer though, so I'll believe it when the scaffolding is gone!

Yeah, maybe it is a man thing... It's certainly possible.

Intense Guy said...

I wonder if they make ear plugs for dogs....

One upside to having a hearing loss like me - is that banging noises don't bug me (the MESS they make and leave behind does!)

Toriz said...

They have just about everything else for dogs, so why not? ;)