Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday - 4:45 AM (LBE and FD)

OK, so I didn't know what to put as a title... LOL!


I finished my post yesterday with the words, "back later..." because I had planned on coming back online yesterday evening while Kelly was at a roleplaying session with my Dad and some of the guys from the gaming club. Some time around 7:45 PM I even turned the laptop on to come on here. But then I decided I just didn't feel like it. It was probably because I was tired, since a little over an hour later I fell asleep. Kero then woke me a little after 10:00 PM by standing on his back legs beside the bed, putting his front paws up on the bed, and making the, "arf, arf," noise he makes when he has to go out (I swear it sounds like he's saying, "out, out," when he does that noise). After I took him out I thought that would be it... I'd been woken now, and that was it for the night, right? Wrong! I climbed back in bed... "just in case... And was asleep within a few minutes! I did wake enough to acknowledge it was just Kelly coming home when he got home, then enough to know he'd gotten in to bed when he came to bed, but other than that - and the usual wake up, turn over, go back to sleep moments that happen all the time - I slept until a little after 3:30 AM. So, that's two good nights of sleep in a row! I can't help but wonder though... How long will it last this time?


There is one benifit to the workmen being here... I'm already quarter of the way through knitting the throw type thing for my Mam. Mind you, it's not a project that will take too long, really. I mean, I had Max's blanket knitted in under a month, and wasn't well for a lot of that month, so made slow progress with knitting it at first. Let's see... I think it was about a week ago I started Mam's throw? So, if I continue at the pace I have been, it will be done in another three weeks. Then it will be time for the next project (which I will tell you about when I decide which thing to do next).

Speaking of knitting...

There's a new magazine out called "The Art Of Knitting" which looks good. First issue is 99p (roughly $2) and comes with a DVD, some needles, a ball of wool, and a magazine filled with knitting tips and patterns. The second issue is £1.99 (roughly $4) and comes with more wool, another magazine, and something else I can't remember. And every issue after that is £2.99 (roughly $6) and they all come with wool and other stuff, plus the magazine itself (obviously). I thought it sounded good, and pretty reasonably priced. My only issue was... It's in print. Kelly has agreed to find a way to make it so I can read the patterns and such though. He's either going to scan the pages and save them as pdfs (which I can then convert to text files to make them easier to use when attempting to follow the patterns), or - if he can't figure out how to do that - sit and type the stuff out for me. I warned him that it appears to have about 120 issues, but he says that's OK. So, I've subscribed to it, because if you subscribe then you can be sure to get all the issues... Plus, they give extra free gifts if you subscribe, and even more still if you pay via a credit/debit card or direct debit. Do people use other methods of payment these days then? I mean, I thought all transactions that weren't one-offs were paid via a credit or debit card, or direct debit these days? *Shrugs* Anyway, I have a debit card so I used that and should now get the extra free gifts. The first issue should come in the next couple of weeks, then Kelly can get to work on making it so I can read the patterns and such. That way when I've finished the projects I currently have lined up, I can work on some of the projects in the magazine. I don't know all of what will be there... It just says something about "things to knit for your home and family" (or something like that). I do, however, know there will be a large throw to work on, since they give you a ball of wool and tips on different stitches each time so you can, "knit your throw, square by square," (I assume as a way to try out the new stitches?)

I've not done anything other than knit, purl or rib intentionally yet, so I'm looking forward to getting tips on how to do other stitches. And - now that I've had plenty of practice with things like blankets, scarves, hats, and simple baby toys - maybe I can tackle something a bit more complicated? I'd like to be able to make Kelly and myself knitted jumpers (sweaters) for example. I do have a knitted cardigan that's new, but I didn't make it... My Nan did. She made it a bit big for herself, so - knowing I prefer things big - she offered it to me, and I accepted it. She made it with a wool that changes colour from white to green then to yellow (possibly not in that order) and back again, so it's in stripes of green, yellow and white. Anyway, I'd like to get to a point where I can make knitted cardigans and such... So that - for example - as long as I can get hold of wool, I can make some kind of clothing for myself and my family. Perhaps not the best sort for warm days, but definately good for cold days. And also an option for if all else fails. I can sew enough to make rough items of clothing, fix holes in things, and sew together parts of knitted items to make the whole thing, so that could prove useful too. I like being able to do something useful like that. And I obviously don't do too bad of a job - with the knitting especially - since people are now requesting items. My sewing can't be too bad either. I fixed a hole in Kelly's robe more than a year ago, and it's still holding, so it can't be too badly done, can it?

OK, enough of that...

The plan I had for making sure to have plenty of small bottles, cartons and cans of stuff on hand to grrab quickly seems to be working well. I'm drinking a lot better, which is good news. I'm also getting a drink when I go to get one, rather than grabbing a snack instead, so I'm snaccking less too, which is also a good thing.

I'm also happily munching on the healthier snack options. I'm not going to even pretend that means no cakes, chocolates or crisps (potato chips). But there are definately more fruit based snacks happening. I've learned I quite like apple crisps and banana chips, and there's a "strawberry oaty chewy bar" that I'm quite fond of too. I've always liked having raisins, but tend to be put off by huge bags... "If I open the bag, I have to eat it within x amount of days, and what if I don't want to?"... So I've got all sorts of snack sized packs of raisins... Plain raisins, yogurt covered raisins, cherry infused raisins, strawberry infused raisins, raisins mixed with other fruits, raisins mixed with nuts, raisins mixed with both nuts and other fruits, and even raisins mixed with other fruits and nuts with a few chocolate drops thrown in there (great for keeping the snack relatively healthy while at the same time giving in to that chocolate craving)... I figure they're good options for snacks, but also useful for helping to keep my iron level up, since raisins are good for iron boosts, apparently.

It doesn't seem to have done much to help with my weight as yet, but that could be at least partly due to the fact Kero and I aren't able to get out for our walks properly right now. I'm hoping that once the scaffolding is gone and we can get out for our walks properly, the combination of things will start to slowly take the weight off me.

I do know I need the weight off, but I don't want to do it with diets or anything like that. Partly because I struggle to keep to them anyway, and partly because otherwise the second I go off the diet I know the weight will pile back on. But if I can do it with gradual changes to my eating, drinking and exercising habbits... Healthier snack and drink options (while still allowing myself any "treats" I want), more - and sometimes longer - walks with Kero, and that sort of thing... Then it will become habbit rather than something I'm only doing for the weight loss, and - in theory - any weight I get off "should" stay off (at least for the most part). And there wont be a question of what will happen when I go off the diet, because it wont be one, so there wont be a diet for me to stop. It also illiminates the feelings of guilt when I have those "treats" because there's no rule about not having them or only having them on set days or whatever. Stopping yourself having things you want to be eating only leads to a vicious cycle happening in which you eat the item, feel guilty about it, then end up eating something else you aren't "meant to" be eating to make yourself feel better. But, if you have no reason to be feeling guilty, then you wont end up in that vicious cycle.

The intention is there, but now I have to get myself to a point where I do it for long enough to make it become a habbit. They say that things become habbit if you do them every day for a month, but I'm pretty good at coming up with excuses not to do things, so getting me keeping things up as I intend to for over a month is the big hurdle I need to climb. I'd also like to have some kind of rough routine, but with my sleep so irregular I'm not sure how that would work out. I'd like to try though. Not one of those where you "have to" have this done at 9:00 AM on the dot and can't be late with it or it will put you behind and you'll get stressed over it. Just a rough routine with some flexibility, yet some basic guidelines for getting things done by a certain time. Like... I'd like to be at least getting up by 8:00 AM (if I'm not up already) so I can have plenty of time to get dressed, have breakfast, wash breakfast dishes, etc, and be able to walk Kero by about 10:00 AM (ish), then have some time to do whatever needs doing around the house in the morning (when I tend to have more energy). But, if I'm done earlier than planned, why not take Kero out sooner? Then chores will get done sooner, and I can have some me time for a bit before lunch. But, also, if I don't take Kero out until a bit later because there was a phone call, or because I decided to sort the household chores first, or whatever, then that's OK too. The point is to make sure that the things that need doing in the morning get done in the morning. That way Kero can get another walk later in the day, because I'll have plenty of free time, since all of the household chores will have been done already.

I used to - even when I had three dogs to walk at once - walk them all about mid to late morning, then again in the evening. But then two things happened to make me start making excuses. One is that I lost my sight, and the other is that we moved. The walk here is shorter, so in theory I should be walking it more if anything, but I make excuses not to go, and I need to change that. I mean, with it just being quite a short walk - especially compared to the walk we used to have - there's no reason why I can't fit in a morning walk, an afternoon walk, and an evening walk... Especially on nice days. I'm sure Kero would love that, and I know it would do both of us good. I also used to walk the dogs in any kind of weather. Now, I can't do snow any more, because I can't follow the path with my cane in the snow, but there's no valid reason for other weathers being used as an excuse. That's why I know it's just lame excuses I'm making not to do things. And why, what it all boils down to, is that I've allowed myself to develop some really bad habbits over the past couple of years, and I need to break them.

OK, this will do for now. I have a birthday themed post coming up later today though.

I hope you have a good day... Stay warm and safe! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Tori, I am waving back at you and I have to leave for work now but I promise to come back and read your post, have a nice day :o)

AliceKay said...

It sounds like you're making good progress on your Mam's throw. Can't wait to see the finished project. :)

You've set a goal for yourself, and we both know goals are good things to strive for. I hope things work out well for you. I think you'll do fine because it sounds like you have your mind set, and that's the first hurdle. Good luck and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tori I sure hope you get some sleep and I love the sound of that magazine coming with all the goodies. I do not knit but I sure wish they would put out a crochet magazine like that I would so get that every month LOL Hope you have a happy weekend :o)

Toriz said...

Thanks... Yes, getting your mind set on a goal is the first hurdle, so... Fingers crossed! :)

Don't worry, there will be a photo of my Mam's throw when I'm done! :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

I've never tried to crochet, though my Nan - the person who taught me to knit and sew - can do it. I have a couple of patterns for if I wanted to try though, because they are in a book with a bunch of knitting patterns. Quite often crochet stuff is snuck in among all the knitting stuff, so there may even end up being a couple of crochet tips or patterns in this new magazine. I wont know until it comes and Kelly either makes it in to a pdf or types it up for me to be able to read it though.

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a pretty neat magazine - I wonder if you emailed them they would send you one or more or even all the articles via email or website. Many magazines have their current month's articles online (sometimes finding them is a trick!)

Hope your non-diet works out! I think you have the right idea - its the implementing it that's the hard part!

Toriz said...

Never thought of doing that.

Yes... It's the implimenting that's the hard part!