Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weather, workmen, courses, crafts, etc (kinda FD and LBE)

I had planned on posting this earlier in the day, but I didn't sleep much last night (I rarely do when I know I need to get up in the morning... Not that I sleep all that well as a general rule) so I ended up having a bit of a nap this afternoon. Anyway...

Before I start rambling on about this, that and the other, I just want to offer an apology for how much I've been slacking in the blogging department lately. Yeah, I know, I don't "have to" apologize, but I feel better for doing so.


Yesterday - as you know - was Valentine's Day. We don't tend to do much to celebrate, we just have take-away, buy cards, and buy each other a little present. This year we decided that we would give each other an IOU for something we wanted next pay day. In Kelly's case a game that comes out next month, in mine one of the audiobooks on my list of books I want (I'm thinking the final one from the set my Dad got me for Christmas... The one I mentioned last week). Of course though, eager to spoil me - as usual - Kelly came home from town with a couple of iced cupcakes and a little teddy for me. He just couldn't resist spoiling me, I guess? He helped me get a photo of the teddy, so when I can get photos sorted I'll post it on here for you to see it. It's just a little teddy, but I love it, because it was brought especially for me!


The weather has remained quite nasty... Cold, wet, and windy. No sign of the snow they said was coming though. I have to say, though I absolutely love snow, I'm pleased about that, because at least as it stands the workmen are doing the work between the heavy showers (luckily the heavier rain seems to be happening in the evenings and at night). I'm sure they'd just go home if it snowed. It makes walking Kero tricky though, because I can't take him out very easily - even with Kelly's help - when the workmen are doing their work, and he wont go out if it's raining too much (not that I blame him).

I miss our proper walks, and I feel really guilty, because the workmen have - by order of the council - removed all the fencing we put up to keep Kero in the back garden. We were told we could put it up as long as it was easily removable, but now they've decided it has to come down. This means that Kero can't go out in the garden at all without his lead on, because he will run off. We did try to trust him, but both times he ran off. The first time we had no idea where he was, and after we'd been searching everywhere for him, asking people for help to find him, etc, he eventually brought himself home, tail wagging, and proud of himself for taking himself for a walk. The second time he was met by a woman who I talk to sometimes when I'm walking him, and - knowing I never allow him loose, because he doesn't always come back, and we're too near the main road to take chances - she grabbed him, so Kelly was able to catch up with him quickly. I meant to mention it in his post Friday, but I only remembered about it after publishing the post, and I couldn't be bothered to go back in and change it afterwards. I'm annoyed, because they didn't even tell us they were removing the fence. We just noticed it was gone, and when the workmen heard us mention it they told us they'd been told to remove it. They could have at least had the decency to let us know before hand that it would be removed. What if I'd taken Kero out on my own?

On the bright side though... It hasn't rained in our kitchen again in the past couple of weeks, so I guess that's a positive thing. Perhaps whatever they're doing to the walls and roof have done something to at least stop that issue for the time being? Permanently would be better, but even temporarily would be a step in the right direction!


Almost two weeks ago our washing machine stopped working (again). And, no, it wasn't because I accidentally pushed the wrong button this time either. LOL! The drum wouldn't spin. It kept trying to, but would just make a whining noise, then stop trying. So we sent our clothes to my Mam for her to wash them for us and called someone out to look at it. We figured the brushes or belt that are involved in making the drum spin had worn down or something, but it turned out that wasn't the case. All that was wrong was that the drum had gone off balance. To cut a long story short, £40 (almost $80) later we discovered that all that it needed was for us to spin the drum a few times one way, then the other, before turning it on. Anyway, it works now, but only if you remember to do the drum spinning thing before putting the clothes in to wash.


Back in the Summer I started doing a couple of courses online. One was a Creative Writing course, another was an Alternative Medicine course, and the third was a course on Vegetarian Eating. Half the course work didn't show up, and when I contacted them and they re-sent all the lessons, I was still missing lessons. I later found out that the e-mail provider I was using often marked things not spam as spam and didn't let third party clients (Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc) know they existed. So it was possible the e-mails were delivered, but hadn't been downloaded from the server properly (I get my e-mail through Windows Live Mail). By the time I learned of this it was too late to check though, because they would have been deleted from the spam folder after that amount of time. So, I signed up for the courses again a couple of days ago. Actually, I've signed up for five different courses, since they are all ones that you get a certificate just for participating, and do in your own time, so I figured while I was getting Kelly to help me with the word verification I might as well try all the ones I wanted. So, I signed up for:

Creative Writing
Alternative Medicine: A Guided Tour
Vegetarian Eating
Story Telling
Yoga Explained

So far I've only had the first lessons of each, but I only signed up late on Sunday, and it takes about 24 hours for you to get on the system, so lesson one is all I should have so far. Anyway, lesson one was the only one I was missing from both the Alternative Medicine and Vegetarian Eating courses, and was one of the ones I was missing from the Creative Writing course, so that's a promising start, right? Fingers crossed that this time I'll get the entire course! Then I can take some time to work through each section properly, and actually feel I deserve the certificates this time (I didn't last time, because... How can I when I don't even have all the course sections?)

I think some of the Alternative Medicine coursework and Yoga coursework will probably be able to be combined, but will need to be done during some quiet time... Perhaps at night... When everyone else is asleep and I'm unable to sleep?


When I changed internet providers I changed my e-mail address. I had trouble sending with it through Windows Live Mail at first. I figured I was doing something wrong. Nope... It just wouldn't work properly until my account with them was fully activated. I didn't think that would be an issue, but apparently it was, because no matter what I did it wouldn't send, then - on the weekend - I replied to an e-mail, and suddenly it clicked with me that I'd just replied via my new address through Windows Live Mail (actually, it took a while to register with me, and a couple of e-mails had gone back and forth between me and the friend I was e-mailing before I clicked on which account I was e-mailing via). So, I sent a test e-mail to myself - making sure I was using that account, since my old one isn't fully deactivated yet, so is still on Windows Live Mail too - and it worked right away. I've had no issues with it since. So, that just goes to show that it wasn't anything I was doing wrong, which I feel good about. ;)

I'm pretty sure I sent everyone a change of e-mail notification a couple of days ago, but - if you didn't get one - then e-mail my old address and I'll give you the new one. I'm still checking my old address until the end of the month, after that the chances of a reply if you send to any old address of mine will be slim to none, so, get in there now if you want to be sure you have the right e-mail address for me.


I've done some more work on the blanket that I'm making myself, and I'm quite close to having it finished. I'm hoping to have it done in these next couple of weeks, but we'll see. Although I'd like to have it done, I don't want to try and rush it... That's the quickest way to make mistakes, drop stitches, and generally make a mess of it. So, I'll keep on knitting, and get it done when I do. Then I'll get on with my next knitting project, and - in the meantime - at least I can't say I have nothing to do. I mean, between the knitting projects, courses, and usual daily things like trying to get to take Kero for a walk, housework, etc... Yep, I definately have plenty to do! ;)


The stacks of reviews I have to post are piling up, so I've scheduled a couple each week so that they can gradually get posted. I'm really behind on posting reviews, and still have a small stack of audiobooks to listen to, so I figured I had better start getting the reviews posted. I will be coming and posting in general, or posting other stuff from time to time, but I have an average of two to four reviews a week set up for the next... I think it's about six weeks or so (and that's if I don't add more before the ones I have set up get posted). I did say there were a good few reviews to post! ;)


We got a new Hoover today... Literally, because that's the make too. LOL! We had a Dyson, but we left it with Dad because the house has stairs and we don't, and the hose of the one my parents had wont come out properly, so though it was working when we swapped, it couldn't be used for the stairs. Anyway, now it wont work properly. It is old mind. I mean, the one we swapped them with was a good five or more years old, and theirs was older than that. Anyway, we got fed up of it not picking stuff up properly, so we got a new one. It arrived today. We didn't get a chance to try it out today, but we will tomorrow. Well, actually, Kelly will, because he does that chore (it's better for him to do it, since he can see if there are big things left on the floor that might get sucked in to it, then block it up). It's a Hoover Hurricane... I'm sure Mam and Kelly said it's red, which I think is great, because I like red things almost as much as purple things. I went for a Hoover instead of the Dyson, because they're both really good makes, but the Hoover is a heck of a lot cheaper than the Dyson is.


I think that's all I wanted to say, but, before I end this, I just want to add some positive thoughts for those who need them. So, if you - or a family member - are ill, have recently had surgery, or are having some trouble(s), then consider yourself - or your family member - in my thoughts. If I know of the illness, surgery, or trouble(s), then healing energy and positive thoughts will be being sent out to those in need of them!


Rita said...

Wow! A lot to catch up on! So glad to hear from you. :)

I know what it is like to sleep poorly. My decent sleep comes and goes...and comes and goes. ;)

How nice of Kelly to show up with an unexpected Valentine's Day surprise. Nice that he likes to spoil you. Too bad the workmen don't want to spoil you and be nice. Can't even let you know when the fence is gone. They must not like dogs, either, or they'd be concerned about Kero running away and would have warned you. Argg! Glad you haven't had any more leakage down your wall--and that you got your washer fixed, at least for now--and got a new vacuum cleaner!

Your courses sound interesting, too! Wow! FIVE at once!! Whoohoo! Have a blast! I hope you'll share your creative writing with us, for sure. And your blanket when you get it done. Take your time, Lady! You are going to be very busy. :)

I hope the sun comes back for you over there. Then those workmen can get done and out of there. ;)

Toriz said...

It's just a shame the decent sleep goes more than it comes. ;)

Yes, it is nice that Kelly likes to spoil me. :)

*Nods* Yes, I would have thought if they liked dogs even just a little then they'd have at least let us know the fence was going/gone for his sake. I mean, with how he goes nuts when they arrive, and the amount of times they've seen him, they definately know he exists. Mind you, they don't even close the gates to keep Kero in the area that the council has put a wall around (there's a wall that surrounds the gardens for us, upstairs, next door, and upstairs next door, but no fences or walls to seporate each of the four gardens). Also, they're "meant to" know I can't see too, yet we only found out the scaffolding would be there because they wanted to know who a car belonged to so knocked on our door to ask, and told us while asking that they needed it moved because they needed their van to be parked close for putting the scaffolding up. I think I mentioned at the time that it was just lucky my sleep pattern was out again, or I'd have come home just right to walk in to a pile of scaffolding poles. *Sigh*

I'm only doing the five courses at once because of the fact it doesn't matter if I don't get the parts done every day. Besides, the Vegetarian Eating one is more information based than anything, the Alternative Medicine and Yoga ones can kind of be combined, and will probably compliment each other, and the Creative Writing and Story Telling ones are probably not too far apart in themes too. Anyway, I'm sure I will probably share some stuff from the courses... Creative Writing stuff especially. And I will definately share a photo of my blanket when it's done.

Sunshine and the workers being gone would be nice! :)

AliceKay said...

It sounds like you had a nice Valetine's Day. Can't wait to see the pic of your new teddy. :)

Sorry to hear the workmen had to take down that fence, but maybe if the weather cooperates, they can finish the project soon so you can get back to normal life. I'm sure Kero would like that, too.

I'm glad you figured out your email hiccup. Sometimes it takes awhile for things "to click" with me, too. :)

Good luck with the courses. I hope they all come thru when scheduled to. I know how annoying things like that can be.

The Hoover sounds great. I have two Hoovers...one upright and a little old canister. They're on the old side but still work good. *knocks on wood cuz i'm a bit superstitious*

I've had blogs I've wanted to post, but something always prevents me from getting them posted. I've deleted a lot of music video posts over the past several months...just no time to fit them in and I wonder who really wants to hear them anyway.

It's been a crazy, tiring week for me. I'm gonna lay my head down on a pillow and rest my eyes as soon as I hit send. It's been that kind of week. Thanks for the positive thoughts that may be coming my way. *hugs*

AliceKay said...

(i see i spelled Valentine's wrong...guess my eyes are more tired than i thought...lol)

Toriz said...

Yes, it was a nice day. :)

Things wont be going back to normal properly, since they don't seem to want us to be putting a fence back up. *Sigh* Still, at least if they get the work done soon Kero and I can get out for walks properly again.

So far so good with the courses... Keeping my fingers crossed that they continue coming through properly!

Our hoover is an upright. Our other one was too. Kelly seems to be pleased with how well it picks up, so that's good news!

I've had a few posts I've started then deleted too, but I know people like reviews, so I save them, only then I end up with loads of them saved. So, be prepared for a lot of reviews! ;)

I hope you get some rest... Sounds like you could use some!

Yes, definately some positive thoughts heading your way, since it seems like you could use some of those!

Ah, don't worry about it... Typing mistakes are common when you're tired! And I knew what you meant! :)

Intense Guy said...

My goodness - you've been busy as can be and will be as busy as can be with the new course work!!

That dryer sounds a tad tempermental!

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement with Iggy*