Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dentist: February 28th 2012

It took 25 minutes for her to sort my wisdom tooth, and that was mostly because of how difficult it was to get in at. As it is she slightly cut my lip where the tools were rubbing against it because of the angle they needed to be at for her to get in there. And, since I had another 20 minutes of my appointment left, she also fixed the two teeth on that side that would soon be breaking if they didn't get fillings. So now the entire right side of my mouth is numb. But, hey, at least they're done.

I have to go back on Thursday afternoon for her to sort the tooth on the other side that needs a filling, but that will be a shorter appointment, and - unless I have any issues that mean I need to call them - that "should" be it until about 6 months later.

The noise of the suction thing was getting on my nerves. Mind you, I was probably getting on their nerves with asking random questions whenever I could (as in, whenever they weren't actually doing anything to my teeth for whatever reason). Well, they were rellavent questions, like "what's the paste for the fillings made of?" and why they were doing this, that and the other. I figure if they're going to do something to me, I should know what it is, and if something's being glued to my tooth, I should know what it is and how come. Right? Besides, asking questions is the only way to learn, and learning about things is much more interesting than just sitting in the chair opening and closing your mouth on command, don't you think?


Deanna said...

Congrats on a successful appointment. I'll bet they found your questions refreshing!

Celticspirit said...

Sounds painful! Glad they got it fixed though. Asking questions is a good thing. They probably were not annoyed by it at all. I hope your next appointment goes well also. Have a good day Tori!

Rita said...

I have a small mouth to work on, too. It's really hard for them to get to my back teeth and it feels like they are stretching my mouth till it's going to rip. I'm glad you are done with that side anyways. Hurray!

I probably don't ask enough questions. ;)

I hope the next visit goes extra smoothly! :)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you were able to get those teeth tended to. It's a bit hard to reach the back teeth. No matter how careful they try to be, it usually means a cut lip or something.

I've never had good luck talking to a dentist while he's working on me. (hard to talk with fingers or sucking tools in your mouth) *winks*

Good luck at your next visit. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks all. :)

I was talking between things being in my mouth. My Dad says nothing will stop me talking; he thinks if I'm in the middle of saying something when I die, I'll come back just to finish what I was saying. LOL!

Bobby said...

As a patient, you have the right to know everything. It's okay to ask questions to your dentist. If you feel you need more information on a subject, feel free to ask your dentist. :)

Bobby Schaeffer