Saturday, February 04, 2012

My thoughts on 3 recent Pagan blog prompts (FD)

As some of you may know, I follow a site called "Pagan Blog Prompts" and sometimes do the prompts they post. Well, I have some thoughts on a couple of recent ones, so I decided that they would make suitable subjects for today's post, and that the article I was going to share can wait for another day. Here are the prompts and my thoughts:

Prompt: Meditation
Posted 12/08/2011
"Do you meditate? How?

Does it help you deal with things? Or do you do it for clarification on tough issues?

Do you include any sort of meditation when working rituals?"

My thoughts:
I meditate for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes it's to clear my mind for stress relief, sometimes it's to help me sort out my thoughts and work things out, sometimes it's as part of a ritual. It all depends. I'd like to make it a daily habit to meditate - even if just for a short time - but that has so far not happened. As for the rituals; most of the rituals I do at least involve a small amount of meditation. In fact, most of the time I tend to lean towards the types of rituals where I have a few items on my altar but the main focus is on the meditation on the particular thing I'm trying to achieve. I prefer the rituals involving quiet meditation to the flashy type of ritual, if you know what I mean. This is one of the reasons that - despite his being Pagan too - Kelly and I decided that doing rituals together is not an option for us as a rule; he's never really gotten the hang of quiet meditation, and prefers an altar full of props and some words to call out to the universe, rather than the quiet meditation and visualization with very few props that I prefer.


Prompt: All in the Genes?
Posted 1/19/2012
"This may seem a bit weird, but....

Is it hereditary?

I had to think about my wording on this one... I had to leave it vague, because I wanted it to be as open to interpretation as possible.

What I'm referring to here can be magic, witchcraft, spirituality, the things you can do that others around you cannot, etc. Another way to put it might be "Do you come from a family of Witches?" but that only works if you see yourself as a witch. Get what I'm trying to say here?

What you do and who you are - did it come from your bloodline? Or is it something you discovered and nurtured on your own?"

My thoughts:
Being exposed to something as a child because your parents are involved with it can sometimes increase the chances of you being involved in it, but other times it can encourage you to shy away from that particular activity. I think the same can be said with someone's faith. I mean, some Pagan parents have children who grow up to be Pagan, others have children who grow up to follow other paths; just as parents of other paths have children who grow up to follow their path, and others have children who grow up to become Pagan. I think sometimes "gifts" (such as the ability to "see" things; by which I mean premonitions - in waking life or in dreams - etc) can be passed down through the bloodline, but I think it's the choice of the person in question whether or not they decide to nurture said gifts, and I think the decision to do so has little to do with their genes.


Prompt: Simplicity
Posted 1/26/2012
"A very common thing these days is to simplify our lives, in many different ways and for many different reasons.

Has being a pagan/wiccan/druid/etc inspired you to be simplistic? How?"

My thoughts:
Ah... A simple life; yes, I would like to - and, indeed, try to - achieve such a thing. I don't think I can be sure though how much my spirituality influences that wish. On the one hand I think it might influence it, even if just a little, and that it's my desire to live in harmony with the Earth that makes me crave the simple life. On the other hand, I can't help thinking it's just that with everyone rushing about and all the stress everyone's under these days, I just want a simple life to get away from that and be left alone. Whatever the reason, however, I do try and live as simple a life as possible; making things by hand when it's an option to do so, re-using what I can, etc. And if it was an option for me to do so, I would love to own my own bit of land where I could have chickens for eggs, goats for milk, and space to grow the other things I'd need. Unfortunately that isn't an option for me.


Rita said...

Nice answers, Tori. I had always wanted a little land and to try to be self-sufficient, too. But nowdays I couldn't function enough to do that anymore. :( Oh well.

Have a great weekend!! :)

AliceKay said...

Your answers seem to be well thought out, and I think you have the right attitude. Follow your own path when you can and always try to do what's best for you.


Connie Mitan said...

Thanks for sharing with us again at Pagan Blog Prompts. Hadn't heard from you in a while and was wondering about you...

The second one you posted, while your answer works quite well, I was actually asking to see if there is anything special in your life that you can connect with your family. Do you specifically come from a family that's witchy?

Anyhow, just wanted to stop in and say hi again!

Toriz said...

Yeah, it's lack of ability to do it - physically - that stops me. Still, we can dream, can't we? :)

Thanks! *Hugs*

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Yeah... I'd had so many things I wanted to post that I hadn't been getting to the prompts. Keep meaning to do them, then I run out of days in my week, LOL! As it is I currently have a couple of posts in draft waiting for me to get around to posting them, and a couple of posts I keep telling myself I'll write and still haven't gotten to. Anyway, I'm alright; thanks for being concerned though! :)

Family of witches? Nope, not me. I have an uncle who's Wiccan, but I never had much to do with him growing up, and I only learned he was Wiccan when I was about 18, and by then most of my family - and some of the family friends - knew what I was anyway (which, I think, is how they came to allow me to find out). But the rest of my family are either Christians of some description or Atheists. My Dad does have a fascination for magical things though, and I'm pretty sure that at least helped me move quicker down my pat, but I posted about that in the comments of your blog and wont repeat myself here.

Intense Guy said...

I lik how clear and level headed your answers are.

:) Tough topic too...

Toriz said...

Thanks Iggy. :)