Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kero's Korner: February 2012 grooming photos

Hi humans, this is Kero.

You may have noticed I'm going back to using "Kero's Korner" for my post titles? Well, Mami and I agreed it was a good idea. Willow has her "Willow's World" and I have my "Kero's Korner"... Seems only fair!


A couple of weeks ago a groomer came to the house. I've never known it happen that way, but it did this time; for some reason the humans decided that was how it should happen. Not that I'm complaining, after all, that meant I could have Mami with me while I was being groomed, and didn't have to go to a strange place where either Mami doesn't come, or Mami leaves me behind for ages and ages, then I get shut in a cage!

OK, I'm getting side-tracked. So... Back to the groomer lady.

She took some time to say, "hi," to both me and Willow, then she got her stuff out and did the grooming. Mami liked her, because she was good with me (didn't yell at me when I got all panicky, showed me everything before she used it on me, etc). My only issue with her was the fact she was a groomer, and groomers have this nasty habbit of bathing me, and I hate water! (I even prefer the grooming clippers to the bath).

Here I am looking all clean and at my most handsome:

They say the grooming lady is coming back in May (I think Mami said the 15th).

Anyway, this will do for today.

Licks and sniffs,


Autumn said...

Oh Kero. You are a handsome boy. Well done to let the groomer lady do her thing.

Rita said...

OH, Kero! This groomer lady sounds like a very nice lady to come to your home and show you everything before she used it--even if you did have to get wet. You look really handsome! I think you will like this arrangement much better! :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Dearest Kero, I believe you are right, to call your feature "Kero's Korner" is only fair.

I'm happy the groomer lady was a darling and that you to go through the grooming process with your Mami around. Water can be scary. When I was little, I only like bathing in the river. I would kick and scream whenever soap was involve. Then I would be mad for hours, glaring at everybody!

But, like in your case, the results were a very cute and clean Magaly ;-)

Celticspirit said...

Hi Kero,
It sounds like you got it you don't even have to go out and get groomed. You are one lucky, and handsome dog.I like the way you posed for your pictures!

Furry Bottoms said...

I actually like this idea of a groomer that comes to your house. So both you and your human don't have to be without eachother for unbearable periods of time!

My Freddy needs to be groomed, but he is not healthy enough to go to a grooming place. I am wondering about checking into what you had... A groomer that comes to MY house?!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thanks all!

I don't blame you for all the kicking and screaming!

You should definately see about the groomer that comes to the house for Freddy.

Licks and sniffs,

AliceKay said...

You are one handsome dude, Kero. :)

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thanks AK!

Licks and sniffs,

LadyStyx said...

Time to have Mami get you a tag that says "Dry clean ONLY!"

Toriz said...

Kero said....

I agree! I mean, I wouldn't mind it so much if there wasn't any water involved.

Licks and sniffs,

Intense Guy said...

You look great all groomed Kero!! Of course, you start out looking awesome anyway!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thanks Iggy!

Licks and sniffs,