Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mother-In-Laws (AE&D)

Here's another blast from the past that I think you guys will like. It carries a very valuable lesson in it... Be careful what you say to and/or in front of children. You'll understand why as you read through it.

For as long as I can remember my Mam has said that Mother-In-Laws are cows. It's just a long standing joke she never tired of. We've never seen much harm in it. I mean, sure, it's kind of insulting to her Mother-In-Law, but we all know she doesn't really mean it.


This particular day - when Shireen was about 2 & 1/2 or maybe 3 - we were driving along (there was Dad, Mam, me, Jackie and Shireen). Shireen was in the "what's that?" stage... Apparently they all are about that age.

We happened to drive past a field of cows...

Shireen: Whassat?
Mam: Mother-In-Law
Dad: No... They're cows
Shireen: No... Auntie Ka say "Mother-In-Law"
Dad: Auntie Ka is wrong
Shireen: Auntie Ka not wrong! They Mother-In-Laws... What they say Auntie Ka?
Mam (obviously still not thinking): "Nag, nag, nag"
Jackie: Karen, don't tell her that!

That was when my Mam realised what she'd done. Unfortunately, it was too late... Try as we might we could NOT persuade Shireen that those things were cows. Nor that they actually said, "moo," not "Nag!"

Fast forward about 18 months or so... Shireen is now at school...

Jackie goes to pick Shireen up from school one day...

Shireen's teacher: Did you teach your daughter that a cow is a Mother-In-Law?
Jackie: What?
Shireen's teacher: We were learning about animals, and I was trying to teach the class about cows, sheep, etc... And the noises they make. When all of a sudden a little voice - your daughter's voice - informed me that the cow picture I was holding up was in fact a Mother-In-Law, and that they say, "nag," not "Moo."

Jackie quickly points out that it was my Mam who taught Shireen what those things were called and that she'd tried and failed to correct it. So, the teacher asked to speak with my Mam.

Shireen's teacher (holding up a cow picture): Karen... What is this?
Mam: It's a cow
Shireen's teacher: And what do cows say?
Mam: "Moo!"
Shireen's teacher: So, you do know then?
Mam: Yes
Shireen's teacher: Then kindly tell Shireen so that we don't have a repeat of the other day.

It took a lot of convincing on my Mam's part, but eventually she managed to persuade Shireen that they are also called "cows" (I think Shireen is still convinced they also get called "Mother-In-Laws" sometimes though... LOL!)

And that's why you should always be careful what you say in front of children... Especially since - as my Mam found out - you're never too old to get in trouble from a teacher. LOL!



Punkn said...

Cute, cute, cute. Nag, nag, nag...

LadyStyx said...

Well...that explains the big herd outside the back of my hubby's parents' place......

ChicagoLady said...

That's a hilarious story!

Tori_z said...

LOL @ Punkn. :)

LMAO @ Styxie!

Glad you enjoyed it, Chicago.

Intense Guy said...

:) got to love it...